QardioBase 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale Body Analyzer - Black


  • Inconsistent
    by jvausa

    on January 12, 2020

    This scale is inconsistent. The readings very greatly from day to day. I kept my old scale and and use it at the same time that I use this one. It does not have these inconsistent readings. I do line how it instantly updates the information to the app but what good is it if it can’t be trusted?

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  • Great smart scale

    from Ottawa, ON on January 12, 2020

    Great smart scale, it tracks many metrics when you step on and only takes a few seconds to get a reading. It then syncs wirelessly through my phone or 2.4ghz wifi network (ensuring my 5ghz network is clear of slowe traffic). It fits nicely in my condo washroom and is easy to leave and forget. Requires charging but not too often.

  • Not accurate
    by HoustonJG

    on December 25, 2019

    I tried this scale but reading was not accurate, I double-checked my weight on 2 other different scales the reading was the same on the other 2. I had to return to the store, I had better expectations from this product, I'm not sure if this one was previously returned or just had bad luck with it.

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  • The best wi-fi smart scale.

    from Hamilton on December 16, 2019

    I have had the product for a while now. Weight measurement is accurate. Not sure about the other measurements, but the trend is the key. Great looking. I got the black one and it looks great. Very sturdy when you step on the scale. I have had the Qardio Arm for a couple of years and have been very pleased. That is why I got the Qardiobase 2. Great products.

  • Great Scale
    by Reggie

    on December 13, 2019

    Love it and it's very accurate scale. It can keep both the wife and I measurements and weight. The phone app works great and has great graphs.

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  • Great Scale
    by JPMART

    on November 18, 2019

    Looks sleek and works great! The app is easy to use too.

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  • Ehhh
    by Ahmad

    on November 13, 2019

    It’s pretty complicated to set up but really good build quality

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  • Best scale ever!
    by Brian

    on October 17, 2019

    Highly recommended! Great for active lifestyle and tracking goals!

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  • Great product for monitoring weight loss - health
    by Rich

    on September 15, 2019

    Product met my expectations. Use it daily to monitor weight and to help focus on areas in need of improvement.

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  • Bought and Returned in one day

    from  on September 8, 2019

    Trying to be more health smart,I thought this scale would help me take strides to do so. This brought more frustration then anything else. The box presentation is nice,the scale is heavy but for a “smart” scale,not really surprised. The app is mediocre with glitches. I have an updated iPhone 8 Plus and the app would just sit there and load nothing,the layout is frustrating in my option,isn’t easy to navigate. The modes did not work for me. “Normal” mode should show weight with other % but only showed my weight and nothing else. I reset and still no luck. My weight fluctuated ~4 pounds of me just trying to get this scale to work which didn’t seem right either. Bottom line,I DO NOT recommend this product. Save your money and time.