QNAP Turbo NAS TS-451+ NAS Server


  • fast, easy to use, powerful
    by elbaton

    on June 24, 2018

    replaced a Synology NAS, which had a super slow processor. With this, transfers and transcoding are quick. I bought it to allow chromecasting, but this is not always available for some reason. It's quiet, but it does have a clicking noise that sometimes wakes me when I sleep in that room. I'm not sure why it's powering up in the middle of the night. I haven't used all the features yet, such as surveillance cameras and remote storage, but plan to.

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  • Upgrade from Intel NAS
    by hangtown

    on March 21, 2018

    Had been looking for a more robust NAS to upgrade from an older Intel NAS. Read about the QNAP series and didn't need the display so went with this one. You do need to read the setup directions, but once it is running you don't need to do much else. Works flawlessly and is fast. Installed 4 8tb WD NAS drives so won't run out of room anytime soon.

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  • Great home NAS/cloud solution
    by Tmonstertechie

    on July 23, 2017

    Sudden price drop announced in a 24 hr sale so I had to get it. I've been looking to implement my own cheaper solution but the learning curve involved was off-putting. QNAP has many great products and this one is a great combination of ease, versatility, and expandability. Granted, you have to buy your own drives, but it's modular and unless you want full mirroring right away, you only need to get one at a time. Running Plex media server on this and it has really been great. I also upgraded the onboard RAM after purchase with third party soDIMMs, just check the compatibilities at QNAP's website. This replaced a 4GB external WD MyBook.

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  • Good Performance for the Price
    by LikeStuff

    on July 6, 2017

    This replaced an aging TheCus NAS and it's a big improvement. The interface, while not perfect, works very well, a good number of apps are available and is fairly quiet. Since I'm using this to transcode, I did upgrade the RAM to 8gb, which was fairly easy to do and lots of guides on the web. I am running four 4TB Seagate Ironwolf drives and they installed with no issues. The setup was a little confusing and the process could use some improvement to simply the steps. I use my QNAP as a Plex Server, for recording security camera footage and general storing of files and backing up of PCs. As a Plex Server, works fairly well, though it has difficulties with transcoding certain 1080P videos. Only complaint on security camera recording is that it only comes with two licenses, and is pricey to add additional cameras. It also has a built in iTunes server, but for playback via the QNAP app, it does not support the iTunes file format, thus part of collection is not accessible for playback outside of iTunes. This model does have an HDMI out port and I have it connected to a projector. It has a few apps including Plex, YouTube, media player, photo viewer and you can also load Kodi (though it's no longer available directly via the QNAP app store). It's a nice feature, but unfortunately, the included remote control didn't initially work. After contacting customer support, they had me downgrade the firmware, which fixed the remote problem. It does have dual gigabit ethernet ports, which can be linked and it has a number of USB ports, which comes in handy for adding an external drive for backups and for connecting to a UPS battery backup device.

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    by namyzzo1

    on July 2, 2017

    Purchased the 451+ 2gig model. Upped the ram to max & used (3) 3TB WD (red) from the beginning. I've waited several months before posting the main review. I have always been frustrated with the need for SO many video players on a PC to play / decode the various file formats out there (.MP4, .AVI, .FLV....etc).. The 451+ and PLEX Media Server has played probably 98% of the VIDEO files I have loaded into it ( over 4TB of data.!).. Only a few issues with my old .WMV files... The freedom to watch ALL of my movies in the house using Chromecast & ROKU as well as externally on my cellphone using PLEX = HAS MADE ME A BELIEVER - TECHNOLOGY CAN WORK - and doesn't have to be frustrating..!!! I also use this device and the included Surveillance Station software to constantly record (2) D-link 5030L IP style cameras to the 4th WD 3TB (RED) hard drive. Included CLAM Anti-Virus has worked & quarantined 1 virus to date. So far QNAP has put out an update every month - which I think shows dedication to their product.. This thing has SO much software and capabilities (DHCP server, VPN support, Virtual Machines, built in software for VIDEO / media serving and more = (most of which I have not needed OR tried due to my household needs & my use of PLEX as the media server).. BACKUP station software works (I backup to an external WD 8TB "MYBOOK" USB drive.) Supports many file systems Natively (FAT,NTFS,EXT4) - however ?exFAT? I think is a separate purchase.. Remote admin "health & system check" works great using my Android / Samsung 7. Built in software for downloading torrents. >>This thing is pretty awesome.. I'm a little "nerdy" and have my certs (A+, MCP, Networking Essentials, Apple AST and more) - but Average+ to moderate users should have no problems using this device.. GO FOR IT..

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  • Great NAS but needs a little work setting up
    by hangtown

    on June 21, 2017

    It can be a little noisy (disk activity) but read the QNAP forum discussion on how to quiet the TS-453A (same procedure). Purchase a 250GB SSD for the system drive and the rest can be standard NAS disks (I prefer WD Red).

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  • WOW!
    by jgg204

    on May 20, 2017

    bought this on sale, and it is an awesome NAS server for the money! great features!

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  • Quick to setup
    by JQUEST2

    on May 6, 2017

    I ordered extra ram memory and 2 8TB drives. Found a good video on youtube and did everything myself. The interface is ok. Does the job but It could be more user friendly. I'm spoiled with simple drag and drop like windows and even creating new folders. Its not very intuitive but I guess I need to brush up on the basics.

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  • Packed with features
    by KChen2015

    on March 31, 2017

    Used the 2-bay one at work and loved it. As my personal ReadyNAS failed, decided to buy this one as a replacement. Loving it.

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