ReTrak Utopia 360 VR Immersive Experience Bundle

  • Model #: EUVRCB
  • Web Code: 10481823
  • Release Date: 10-19-2016


Discover the magic of stepping into an endless series of spine tingling virtual reality experiences with the ReTrack Utopia 360 VR headset. It's compatible with just about all of the latest smartphones, and lets you experience immersive 360-degree content. This bundle also includes a Bluetooth controller and Bluetooth earbuds.

More Information

  • Ultra-compatible: This headset is compatible with most of the latest smartphones from any manufacturer, provided the phone has a screen measuring between 4.5" and 6" in size.
  • 360 degree immersion: Experience seamless virtual reality up, down, and all around. No matter where you look, you're in the thick of the action.
  • Easy on the eyes: Watch VR videos and play VR games with reduced levels of glare and eye strain, thanks to an innovative LucidView lens system.
  • Comfy fit: This headset is lightweight, portable, and equipped with a form-fit cushion. Take it anywhere with ease and wear it for hours in comfort.
  • Apps galore: Have an iPhone or Android smartphone? You'll find hundreds and hundreds of compatible VR apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Bluetooth controller: You also get a Bluetooth-enabled controller, which makes it easy and intuitive to play games and enjoy other content with wireless freedom.
  • Bluetooth earbuds: No more getting tangled up in wires. The included Bluetooth-enabled earbuds equal hassle-free wireless freedom when you're enjoying immersive VR experiences.

What's in the Box?

  • VR Headset
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)
  • FOV (Field of view)
    95 °
  • Type
  • Maximum Phone Screen Size
    6 in
  • Minimum Phone Screen Size
    4.5 in
  • Built-In Headphones 
  • Device Required
  • Controller Connectivity
  • Controller Included
  • Adjustable Viewer/Focus
  • Native App
  • Camera Pass Through
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Width
    8.62 cm
  • Height
    6.18 cm
  • Depth
    4.41 cm
  • Weight
    608.1 g
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Moncton, NB


Doesn't work for nothin.

  • from Brampton, ON

Decent Headset

Ok so within 2 days of purchase. And I'm already considering to return it. The Remote controller is a bluetooth device that doesn't connect to all smartphones. Furthermore the Mobile VR App market on both iOS and Google PlayStore, finding a good functioning VR app is scarce, meaning most of the VR apps on mobile app store is either in workable stage, or have dropped development entirely. If you want a proper VR Headset, the Samsung Gear VR or Daydream would work best, but if you can go a little higher, then Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets or PlayStation VR would give you a lot more satisfaction because not only are there functioning VR applications, there's alot more of development support on the Windows PC platform then on Mobile VR. Coming back to this product, VR is not a gimmick or waste of money, if you understand the nature of Virtual Reality. This VR Headset works fine, but if you're looking for longevity, you will not find it in Mobile VR Headsets.

  • from Port Coquitlam, BC

Not impressed but !! 49.99 right.

not impressed at all !! but for the price .my kids will enjoy it , I guess , and also couple of things missing in the box but just couldn't be bothered going to the process of claiming it etc.... hence the price....

  • from London, ON

ReTrak Utopia 360 VR Immersive Experience Bundle

Good price. But remote never worked at all, even after buying two new different battery brand.

  • from Scarborough, ON

More Cons Than Pros

If you can get this on sale and you're okay with the flaws then go for it, otherwise there are other VR viewers on the market around the same price point that might be better suited. The viewer itself has a well built plastic finish with a good amount of cushion where it touches your face. It does have a bit of weight to it so when you wear it you do feel it pressing against the top of your nose and below your eyes. It is painful after a while, but the padding prevents any marks from being made. The straps do feel a bit cheap and even though I have them adjusted, I feel like they might snap off and the unit will fall while wearing (this hasn't happened yet though). The clips to hold your phone are very poorly designed. I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and the clips press all my side buttons (power, vol up and down). Whenever my phone is in it all the buttons are pressed at once for the entire time. Luckily for me, my phone confirms to shut off before actually shutting down, so I just tap in the background to dismiss that screen and readjust the volume. It does have space for your charging cable or wired headphones to be attached to your phone while using. The front of the viewer also slides to expose a hole to your phone's camera so you can play AR games. In the viewer, you can adjust the lens separation and the screen depth which is great since not all games are focused properly by default. When using it you can see the insides of the units which reduces the experience slightly. For some games I could also see the white line in the middle that separates the split image. You ignore it after a while, but it's there for this viewer and not there for others. The wireless bluetooth headphones at first I thought were amazing. The sound quality for them are excellent (bass was really good) and fit was designed so well they wouldn't fall out if you put them in properly. The battery lasts about 2 hours on a single charge. After about a week of use the right ear bud stopped working, not sure if mine was defective or it was just cheap. Buttons did work properly. Wish the headphones came with a case. Headphones also came with a retractable micro-USB to USB cord which is great. Small and compact, very easy to carry. I haven't tried the included controller. It requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included. Another reviewer mentioned they didn't get instructions, but I did.

  • from Vancouver, BC

good value bundle

I got this on sale while browsing the Best Buy website looking for another item to include with my purchase. I found something similar from another vendor but did not include the wireless BT earbuds (but at the same price) - so this was obviously the better alternative Don't expect this to be a real VR headset. This is a Google Cardboard compatible model and it works pretty well at that. For the price, it incudes the actual headset, the wireless BT controller and Wireless BT earbuds (both of which are able to pair simultaneously on my iOS device) It does not come with any software or games but a quick online search yields a lot of choices. The controller works for music as well and as for the earbuds themselves - they are already worth the price of the entire bundle. Overall this is a good bundle for an excellent (sale) price.

  • from Cambridge, ON

Missing Bluetooth Earbuds = Christmas morning fail

I purchased this item for my daughter for Christmas. For convenience, I purchased online and picked up in-store. I picked it up and took it home and wrapped it right away. Big mistake. Should have opened the box at the store before leaving. When my daughter opened it on Christmas, she was thrilled and immediately took out the instructions to get started, only to discover that one of the first steps is to charge the Bluetooth Earbuds....only there weren't any. She used the headset it was the only "fun" gift. I tried to get the earbuds on Boxing Day, but the store refused to look after it on their busiest day and told me to come back, which I did the next day, only to find they were now sold out in store and online. The staff even questioned whether or not they were supposed to be included (it shows it on the box, in the instructions and in the online description). If I return them and get credit, then I lose out on the 50% off deal when I re-purchase later if they get more in.

  • from Vancouver, BC

good value bundle

Just a clarification, this is a "Google-cardboard" compatible VR-style headset so don't expect it to be similar or comparable to actual pc-based headsets costing 10x more I bought this during boxing day sale for about half of retail price. It does come with a joystick style controller and a wireless earbud both of which pair simultaneously with your device. I tried it on both an iOS (iphone SE) and an Android LG phone. Both work well except apps are slightly limited for iOS. It has settings for moving the phone farther or closer from the lenses as well as a dial that allows you to adjust the width / distance between the lenses. The headset itself is fairly comfortable (if not a bit front heavy with a big phone @ the front). Depending on the apps and tasks you are doing, the handheld joystick actually becomes pretty useful. If you're watching a movie or multiple videos on your device, the joystick controller allows you to play, pause, skip, etc. without needing physical interaction with your phone. The wireless earbuds have decent sound quality. It also comes with a retractable micro usb to usb charging cable. Assuming they last for at least a year or so, those earbuds alone are worth the (retail) price of the entire VR bundle. Again, I bought this as a toy. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but I was actually pleasantly surprised at what came included in the box. Features are app and OS dependent so your "mileage" may vary Final note: The are several versions of this ReTrak Utopia. One bundle only has the headset and controller; another bundle has the headset and earbuds while this one from best buy had both the BT controller and wireless earbuds

  • from North York, ON


They sent us a used toy we are not happy after waiting two weeks and this was a Christmas gift! Very embarrassing

  • from Edmonton

Good for checking out VR

The headset is good quality, easy to use, and comfortable but won't fit glasses. Using a Galaxy S7 I am able to enjoy VR for about twenty minutes at a time. Most apps experience drift so your center or forward position tends to shift as you look around. The headsets with their own accelerometer may resolve that but cost much more than this. That's why this product is a good introductory to VR. However there are very few quality apps and I feel eye strain and slight headache after extended use. For apps that are 3D, there is a true sense of full depth unlike 3D at the movie theatre or TV. It makes the experience more enjoyable. I'm happy with this product and got a buy one get one free deal at best buy. The box included adjustment pads to support your phone to keep it level. There is an action button that must be pressed firmly to touch the screen for apps that require touch input like selecting a button.

  • from Calgary

Its good for its price

It is a nice economical piece of hardware. It does the job, its comfortable to use and with the remote pretty easy to navigate. It does have an issue with orientation once in a while but thats mostly phone sensors. I use a note 4 on it and it fits great. The product overall is great for its price and a nice entry VR set.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Decent VR

Not the best but not the worst VR set, you get what you pay for, just a few apps work well in this VR set. I recommend this 100%

  • from Kamloops, BC

Will not work with any phones that have buttons along the sides

The brackets that hold the phone are long and cover the entire sides of the phone, so if your power or volume buttons are there, it will push down on them and nothing will work. No instructions for the remote either. Terrible.

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