Ring Floodlight Cam - Black


  • Always disconnects

    from Ontario on April 23, 2019

    Great quality video. Offline way too often and won’t reconnect by itself. Ring needs to develop a software update so their cameras will connect to 5G.

  • Works Great with a Strong WIFI Signal more than 2 Mbit/s upload

    from Red Deer, AB on November 22, 2018

    Love this product! I have it installed in many places cottage, office, and home. You will need a very strong WIFI signal. My house has 12" wide foam block walls, and I needed to install a WIFI booster on the other side of the wall where the spotlight cam was installed. I have been using this product for over two years. Range of picking up movement is right around 25 meters. You must have a strong WIFI signal or the product does not work well. More cams you have installed the more upload speed you will need. When I run 4 cams I need a minimum of 5 Mbit/s upload speed. With only one cam 2 Mbit/s works fine. -30 degrees C the spotlight cam does not work at all, but as soon as it warms up it works again.

  • Give this a miss

    from Winnipeg on May 26, 2018

    The camera is very unreliable. Does not pickup wifi signal outside. Always disconnecting . I would not recommend this product.

  • I'm pleased

    from Mississauga, ON on May 9, 2018

    I have had my floodlight cam for 3 months at the time of this review. I have mine in the front of my house, overlooking my driveway/lawn area. I like that I can set the areas I want detected for motion via the zones that I set. I like that the camera is always recording (only hardwired ring products have this capability), and will 'rewind' 5 seconds prior to the motion setting it off. This uses far less internet usage than a nest cam does (the nest are always recording AND always backing up to their cloud) I also like that the camera is able to have a clean, hardwired setup, where most of nest's cams give you a set amount of cord, and a HUGE adapter in the middle that you somehow have to figure out where you are going to either have to hide, or drill a massive hole in your wall to run that cable through. So far, my only complaints with the camera is A) when watching live view, it has some lag. When reviewing that same footage, it is perfectly smooth. B) If speaking to people, they can hear you perfectly fine, but they have to be standing close to it for you to hear them clearly. C) Price. I was able to get mine on sale, and then a price match and have the price beat, so for me it was a very good price. I'd like another one for the back of my house, but, the cost is keeping me least until I can get it at that price again. Because of these small complaints, I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 stars. I would suggest a decent wifi router, and internet to work with this. I'm using the Google mesh router, and 40mp down and 10 mb up speed internet (up is more important with ring products). If you are looking for a clean, stealthy reliable camera, then I suggest this.

  • false 5 star

    from Surrey, BC on January 23, 2018

    read a 5 star review from Jay in Calgary wondering what would be said. The person writing this 5 star review returned the product and recommended another company's product. How can this be?

  • Not a good product for future use, app charging is not worth.

    from Brampton, ON on December 31, 2017

    I bought this light after registered started app and first reminder was No credit card linked to this account. 30 days free trial means to pay them to keep record only for 60 days. Price including tax is more then 300 CDN dollars. and paying every month for 2 years 240 and LED are not replaceable. LED gone and you are done for another unit. Sound is not clear and half of word cutting at start and during conversation. Tempering is easy to put full face mask and 1CM duct tape can stop monitoring live view no self activated alarm on vandalism. Waste of money I have returned to Best buy. I less then this price 4 camera and 1TB recording unit easily can buy. one time installation cane save money for ever. I calculated even if get Roger OR ADT camera is still cheeper and they can even react on any emergency situations. I feel sorry for myself to review with 1 star there was no option to review without it otherwise I could have given -5 Stars

  • Excellent

    from Richmond Hill, ON on October 27, 2017

    Very easy to install Good picture quality, and extremely bright lights. Customizable motion detection zones means that I can exclude my neighbours property from triggering alerts. 2 way audio, and siren, is handy. I consistently get alerts with little lag. Only issue is the app sometimes hangs when answering notifications on Android (Samsung S77 Edge). My wife's iPone has no such issue. I can always watch the live feed, but occasionally when I click the notification panel on my phone it has trouble connecting. Would buy again.

  • Not Sure

    from Toronto, ON on July 13, 2017

    So far not loving this camera, especially compared to Nest products. The Floodlight itself is fine and the app gives you options to determine the area of detection. The camera itself is a different matter - have been experiencing connectivity issues (despite a Nest cam almost directly beside it). One of its biggest problems is you need to download an app to view it on desktop. I need to play with it some more but overall it doesn't compare favourably with Nest.

  • Easy to install with a nice wide view

    from Mississauga, Ontario on July 13, 2017

    I have a Ring Pro doorbell (which I'm very happy with and highly recommend), so adding another device from Ring felt like a no-brainer. The light comes well packaged, with everything you need to install it included in the box...including quality, large sized marettes that actually hold wires together. I installed mine on siding where an existing light was - the instruction say it should be installed on a box (or call an electrician blah blah...) but it installs perfectly on siding without that. Because this is an always-on fixture (or should be), the package includes stickers that you can affix to your switch that say "Don't Turn Off" which is cute, but I just disconnected the switch and joined the wires so the fixture is always on regardless. The pairing and setup process was very easy. It takes a few minutes at the beginning because the light will download the latest firmware before starting up so just be patient. Once it's up and running, just open the Ring app on your phone and adjust the view to your liking. The camera captures movement very well, and fortunately the only masked bandits it has recorded so far is a family of raccoons. It would be nice if there was a 4K option - while the picture is very nice, when I want to zoom in on a particular area the image gets a bit grainy. All in all I highly recommend this fixture.

  • Disappointing

    from Calgary, AB on July 12, 2017

    Preordered this item with high expectations. Sadly, very poorly designed for such a pricey product, and from a company such as Ring. Pros: Installation is fairly quick and simple (one issue that will be discussed later) Bright security lights Long distance for motion detection Appearance video Quality (when it works) Alarm Cons: Overpriced Poorly designed app Network connectivity Notifications non-continuous recording Video Playback So to start of with the Pros, installation of the camera is fairly straight forward. The instructions do a good job explaining everything. That being said, the mount that is used, is designed for junction boxes ONLY. I had to do some modifying in order for it to be mounted on a mounting block (which my other security light was previously mounted on). Once that was sorted out and everything was put together, the light looked quite aesthetically pleasing, and had good motion detection (around 30 feet as indicated). I like the fact that you can manually turn the lights on/off and can set timers. The alarm function is also nice and quite loud ( not obnoxiously loud, but would more than likely scare an intruder and wake up surrounding neighbors). The video Quality/viewing angle is quite good (but only when you can actually connect to it). As for the Cons, they far out-weighed the pros in my opinion (which is why I ended up taking mine back and exchanging is for a NEST camera). The user app is very sloppy and not very user friendly. There are some areas which you would expect to find a certain setting, yet it is in a different spot. Trying to connect to live video can be very challenging. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, you have a better chance, but when trying to connect through 4G or LTE, I think I was able to connect to it once over a course of a week. Motion recognition recording did not work for me. I would have random times that the camera would record and there would be no Motion, yet when there was plenty of motion no recordings ( this included playing with the motion sensitivity, and recording schedule). Everything here indicates a very poorly designed security camera. The price tag that comes along with this product is completely unreasonable in my opinion. There are many better options in my opinion (hence why I exchanged this for my 3rd NEST camera). While it is convenient to have a light/camera built into one setup and having direct wiring so there is no need to run wires outside, the product quality is just not there. Maybe I received a defective unit and others are having great success, maybe not. Either way, consider these potential flaws if looking to purchase.