Ring Smart Motion Sensor - Black


  • Returned at last
    by billy

    on October 18, 2019

    I bought this to extend the motion alert far before any motion reaches the spotlight cam. However, after a few days of try and error + test, I decided to return this item because - The linkage configuration somehow has some issues with the motion sensor and spotlight cam. It is not promising that the spotlight cam starts to record when the motion sensor detects motions. - When the spotlight cam starts to record, it does not turn on the light at night time or even with a configurable time. - With all the issues above, even Ring cannot help me to configure properly and do as I expected. In terms of this motion sensor, somehow the distances are quite misleading. It only detects quite near and not even at 6' motion. With all that I experienced, asking for a refund is my final conclusion. Maybe it works well only with the smart lights but not with the spotlight cam ( let me know if that's the case )

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  • Works great!
    by Jeanne

    on August 25, 2019

    Bought to go with our whole ring system. Works great for our garage!

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  • Could have longer detection range
    by MrRoo

    on June 7, 2019

    The wireless motion sensor is so so. It only has a range of 15 feet which is a short distance for what I originally wanted for. It’ll be better suited for a narrow walkway or near a bedroom window to detect unwanted persons. Setting it up and installing it is easy, uses AAA batteries, and the device is small. I only bought one to test it out, I won’t buy another. Only recommended for small areas, not for large areas. It links up to other Ring devices to expand those security capabilities. Hope this helps you decide.

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  • Not really necessary
    by seanharmon1

    on May 28, 2019

    Each of the Ring Smart Lights have a motion sensor built in. You only need this if you need a motion sensor in an area without a light.

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