Rocketfish 1.2m (4 ft.) HDMI Cable (RF-HG04501-C) - Only at Best Buy


  • Short

    from  on September 9, 2019

    high quality HDMI cable really made the difference!,I was having W10 disappearing screen problem - which is all gone now.

  • you're all sheep.....

    from Edmonton, AB on December 30, 2016

    One HDMI (with the exception of one's that don't do ARC/ethernet) cable is the same as the next. They process digital signals. This means you get the same quality picture as you would if you bought a HDMI cable at a Dollar Store. They are trying to rip you off. Don't buy HDMI's from big retail stores.

  • excellent

    from brampton on May 1, 2016

    amazing for my iptv box

  • The best HDMI

    from Scarborough on January 13, 2016

    I bought this cable during boxing week, 50% off. I have connected to my LG Blu-ray player and removed the old type twin cable. it's giving amazing crisp clear video like my Sony Blu-ray player which is already with HDMI. I'm very happy with this purchase from best buy along with the wallmount. both are Rocketfish....

  • As good as it gets

    from Winnipeg, MB on January 12, 2016

    These Rocketfish HDMI cables are as good as the Monster Platinum HDMI cables that I recently bought. You really can't tell the difference between the two, other than the price. I did a comparison with Star Trek Nemesis on Blu-ray between the Rocketfish hooked up to a PS3 and the Monster to a Sony Blu-ray player playing Star Trek First Contact on Blu-ray to my flat screen and they both consistently matched each other's performance numbers(near 29 Gbs/s for both), picture and sound quality. Overall, the Rocketfish HDMI cables are everybit as good as the Monster Cable Platinum HDMI cables and even better is the price.

  • worth every penny

    from Winnipeg, MB on December 21, 2015

    You can see an amazing difference in picture quality when using these cables. Well worth it!

  • Great cable

    from Ottawa, ON on November 26, 2015

    This is the 2nd best cable for every need. The best would be a monster 22.5 gbps but this one at 18 gbps is plenty and more for any usage. It is also a 2.0 so no messing around.