Roku Express Media Streamer with Remote


  • Didn't work

    from Guelph, ON on August 28, 2018

    I I couldn'tget this to set up. I'd get halfway through and the unit would shut off. Tried different cables and chargers but no luck

  • Works like a charm.

    from Burlington, ON on April 14, 2018

    I bought one of these and had it up and operating within 15 minutes of opening the box. I found it very straightforward to set up, and the furnished instructions told me everything I need to know. I'm particularly pleased that the box includes all of the cables needed to set up the device (including the HDMI cable). One note -- you need to have a Roku account to set up one of these. *In theory*, you have to provide a credit card number to do this. However, there *is* a way to do this without using a credit card -- look it up on Google. I haven't used it for any pay services yet, but it works perfectly on Youtube