Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5" 128GB Android 9.0 Tablet With 8-Core Processor - Black


  • Great tab

    from Langley B.C. on October 6, 2019

    great sound with the 4 speakers, it is easy to use right out of the box. Only thing I don't like is the number on notifications that keep showing up on the homepage icons. When open the app nothing shows up. Then next day the number or numbers go away. Seeing as it is only 1 week old maybe all the new updates will take care of this.

  • Green

    from Guelph on July 11, 2019

    I love the new tablet. Excellent screen and the sound is amazing.

  • Awesome

    from Canada  on May 26, 2019

    Awesome tablet and earphones very happy with both

  • Amazing tablet

    from NB on May 11, 2019

    HAve had this for a week...this thing flies for a tablet and has an amazing camera..Definitly need a case for this...its very thin and light..

  • Good purchase

    from Welland, ON on May 11, 2019

    Tablet is light and the included software made transfer of data and apps from my old tablet painless and easy. Wifi issues that have been reported exist, but can be alleviated by avoiding holding the tablet on the top left corner. Speed increase is very noticeable.

  • This Galaxy Tab S5e is amazing.

    from Kitchener, ON on April 29, 2019

    I pre ordered the 6/128GB version, and it arrived on Friday. This tablet is so smooth, light and unbelievably slim. The camera is great for a tablet. I had the Galaxy Tab pro SM-T900 rooted 12.2 tablet, and compared to this that one, my S5e is like lightning.