Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor - Silver


  • Very nice smart watch

    from Mississauga on 5 août 2019

    Really good watch, love the size for my small wrist. Very clear screen, lots of apps to choose from. Easy to set up.

  • Tap Samsung Pay

    from Ontario on 21 juillet 2019

    I just purchased this a week ago. Still deciding if I will be returning it. I have been looking for the perfect watch for my lifestyle. I went with the Samsung as I only have Samsung products like my phone and tablet..I narrowed my decision down to the top of the line Fitbit and this one Samsung Active. They reason for my choice was the features and tap. I am actually waiting for a call back from Scotiabank because I was extremely disappointed when I couldn't add my Scotia debit card. I did add my Scotia Visa which I did not want to add. Scotia is not sure why my debit card is not supported. And on top of that, Best Buy could not tell me what cards were supported BEFORE I purchased this product nor could they show me a demo.. All they wanted to do was sell me the watch.. Thank God I did my own research!! I wanted to also add my Matercard which is excepted everywhere. Turns out that Samsung Active would not take any of my Mastercards. I found this odd as it would except American Express or Amex!! I do not have either of them. So when Scotiabank gets back to me about my Scotia debit card, this very well might make me return it just because I can not add it. This would be very disappointing! I have 2 weeks to return it. Other than that.. I love love the watch for all other features. Very some to use as it is just a mini version of my cell phone.

  • Excellent smart watch

    from Kitchener on 5 juin 2019

    This watch is truly amazing and super budget friendly in comparison to other smart watches. The design is beautiful and can be worn as casual or when dressing up to go out. I purchased the silver watch and love the colour and look. There are tons of watch faces you can choose from to customize. You receive notifications for calls, messenger, text and so much more. I owned a Fitbit before this watch and I am so so pleased with how many more features this Galaxy Active Watch has. I wear the watch to bed every night and do not find it uncomfortable. It has many different features such as weather, tracking your exercise, tracking your sleep, heart rate, timer, alarms, contacts, messages and so much more. The only thing that can be improved on this watch is the battery, it definitely needs to be charged every day to day and half so keep your charger near by. Also this watch does not have a speaker so you can not answer calls. The watch will notify you of a call coming in but you need to answer on your handset. I 100% recommend this watch even though it does come up short in regards to the batterie life

  • Very good. I really like it.

    from Alberta on 26 avril 2019

    Firstly, I wanted to buy the Galaxy watch 42mm. I have very small wrists and the size of it was monstrous. This watch actually looks great. The strap and fit are ultra comfortable (even for sleeping with for the sleep tracker). I bought the sea green one and it looks beautiful. The touch screen is very responsive and sharp and beautiful. It looks like the glass is saphire glass. It is actually gorilla glass and after 2 weeks of wear, not a ding or scratch (fingers crossed for the future. Also the variety of watch faces, which look great )are available free and also for pay), keep the watch looking new and fresh. It connects nicely with Samsung health, which is a nice app if you are looking to get more active and start towards a healthier lifestyle. I have worn it swimming for 60 mins plus and as for the lap tracking, it is not exact. Sometimes it errs on the side of generosity by 2 - 4 laps in an hour. I usually just pause it and complete the extra lengths. It tracks the distance and time and heart rate in the pool and has a water lock feature that prevents the watch from flashing on and off due to accidental water touches etc. It also tracks a generous amount of exercises. I haven't tested the auto detect feature yet. You need your phone to be able to send and receive messages on it. It has canned responses that you can change in the app as well as a sketch pad you can scrawl a short word or two. Battery life for me is very good and I can get at min. Two days use out of it if not using GPS often. I like that it can sync with My Fitness Pal. Expect a bit of delay for the input to sync though. (maybe a couple of hours). Basically, I use this to track my steps, track my swims, flights of stairs and tell the time. It has tonnes of additional features like Spotify etc that I have not used yet. If you want a simple, gorgeous fitness tracker this is it. You can also store a small amount of music on the device and use with wireless ear buds (aprx 1.5 GB if you don't overload with apps) What I am not so sure about: I am not sure if the heart rate monitor is accurate, this might be important if you are looking to use heart rate to determine weight loss during a work out. I don't have any other devices to compare it to. I would rely on other online reviews to determine whether you want to buy this. The stair tracking and step counter only kicks in after 10 stairs/steps so although I go up my stairs at home, it doesn't often count these. It doesn't bother me that much though. As far as GPS and work out tracking, if you want to go hard, get a Garmin, this is what they do and they do it well. I am sure it completely and accurately monitors heart rate, GPS and work outs. If you want an all around fitness tracker and smart watch this is a great start point with a good price. As far as sleep tracking goes, it triggers by motion, it cannot accurately determine your REM, deep and light sleep, only professional equipment can do this. On occasion while sitting still for a long period of time (reading) it will log those hours as sleep, you can merely remove it in the sleep app. It does generally do well at indicating your sleep at night when it measures your active movement etc, just don't forget to engage the night time mode to prevent blinding flashes in the night. I love this watch so far and hope it endures daily wear and tear for at least a year or so. My first fitness tracker from Samsung (free with a phone) was garbage. There is much improvement with this watch. Summary: if you want a reasonably priced smart watch/fitness tracker (no LTE or stand alone phone calls) this is your watch. If you are a serious fitness buff, go with Garmin.