Samsung 7.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Steam Dryer (DVE45M5500P) - Platinum


  • stop working after 2 years!!!!!!!!!!

    from Saint Catharines, ON on October 2, 2018

    got it from last house owner, she bought it in September 2016 and it stopped working a few days ago. STOP WASTING YOUR ONEY HERE!

  • Buyer Beware

    from Tecumseh, ON on September 27, 2018

    Yikes! If you’re in the market for a dryer, I’d unfortunately think twice about Samsung. Had thought their quality was better than we’re experiencing with our dryer that's pretty much the same as this one. And the customer service is definitely a ‘corporate’ feel. Pretty soon we’ll have put enough money into our unit repairing it as it would cost brand new on it’s own...and it’s less than two years old. Buyers beware.

  • Major Flaws

    from LaSalle, QC on August 27, 2018

    Although this dryer has a multitude of settings to help dry clothing, bedding and everything else in between, this unit has two major flaws that were not present on my previous Samsung dryer. 1. Since the tumbler only turns in one direction, sheets, blankets and "bedding" tend to tangle up into one ball of material, which drys the outside of the bundle, but keeps the inside damp and at times wet. I have tried all available settings (Bedding, Anti-Static) along with every laundry trick (untangle sheets, blankets from the washer before placing them in the dryer), but nothing works - one tight ball of bedding every time at the end of the cycle. Samsung does give a warning in the owners manual - "May require repositioning in the drum to ensure even drying", but even that doesn't work. 2. The lint filter has been upgraded in this model to a sealed "lint trap". One side of the filter opens to remove the lint. Unfortunately, instead of using a push-button release, Samsung forces customers to pry open the latch with finger pressure. You have to exert a tremendous amount of pressure to get that latch to disengage and then fumble with the door to fully open the filter. This constant battle is frustrating compared to the relative ease of cleaning out the filter in my older model. In spite of these two problems, I appreciate the range of drying choices that this unit offers to meet most of my needs.

  • If you get this - buy the extended warranty!

    from Toronto, ON on May 29, 2018

    We bought this dryer as part of a set in June 2016. We've had it less than 2 years - worked fine up till now but started making squeaking noises a day or 2 ago. Today, it just stopped. The display shows that a cycle is running but the drum doesn't move. I contacted Samsung and unfortunately discovered that they do not stand behind their products - all they could offer was the number for a service person. Um, thanks. Our last washer/dryer set was 10+ years old and still going strong when we replaced them with the Samsung set...regretting that decision now!