Samsung TV Invisible Connection Cable

Model Number: VGSOCM15ZA
Web Code: 10660340


Clean up the clutter of wires around your TV with the Samsung Invisible Cable. This 15m long optical cable pairs with the One Connect Box (sold separately), so you can connect various devices to your TV without tethering them to your TV. The thin, transparent cable offers high performance and dependable connectivity.
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  • 15m long optical cable works with the One Connect Box (sold separately) to seamlessly connect your devices to your Samsung QLED TV
  • 1.8mm diameter transparent optical cable is nearly invisible for a clean look
  • Offers high performance for fast-loading images, audio, and IR signals for lag-free entertainment
Transfer Speed
Cable Length
15 m
Cable Length (ft)
49.2 ft
27.2 cm
6.1 cm
0.98 cm
75 g
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  • My 2nd cord in 1 yr
    by Na90008

    on May 19, 2019

    I'm so upset, I recieved the 2nd one during my warranty now after one year I have to buy this or my TV will not work. I csnt fathom Samsung cant make a better cord than this. I wish I knew this before buying this tv

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  • One Connect...and one only
    by chuck e

    on November 28, 2018

    This OneConnect concept stinks (a junction box that functions like an HDMI switchboard with Arc-like smarts but regrettably functions as the TV's dedicated driver and peripheral brain connected by a proprietary fiberoptic umbilical cord with no room for cleverly extending or piggybacking to my existing prewired walls with the clever use of baluns, etc. Not to be snob but my DIY days of creatively running exposed wires along baseboards, under carpets etc, are simply over. I've moved on to a world where wires aren't exposed , even wires that they consider "invisible" wires, puh=leez. With an AV closet far from the final destination TV nooks all has been slickly prewired and, I thought , future-proofed for; many generations of TV's to come. designed to be hidden and well protected in the walls.where wires should be, now thats "invisible". With this setup, the TV can only be connected to the brain via this one cable and I aint buying their extra long $200 proprietary accessory extension cable to run all the way to the av closet. Like a college kid running a spool of 12 g speaker wire under the bed, over the doorway, behind the sofa, round the toilet, with the final unused length coiled in the plant for his first set of stereo speaker incense-god monolithic speakers, I'm getting that vibe again as I realize that I'm gonna have to just leave the brain next to the TV and have another switchboard in the av closet, and keep the ROKU after all since the smart part of the TV has to stay at the end of the chain next to the TV doing me no good for all my peripherals. . ut, I for one am not thrilled by this setup, nor did I understand the limitation when purchased One Connect....Thats and only One way to connect to this TV.

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  • Way too delicate
    by Anonymous reviewer

    on November 4, 2018

    Wish I had read some reviews before I bought my tv. Everything worked great for about 6 months then I noticed that my tv would start to flicker and eventually reset. I didn't know what the problem was for the longest time and just thought that I was sold a lemon. Did some investigating and discovered that other people were having the same problem. Turns out that this "revolutionary" cable is quite brittle. I had bought this for my xbox one x, but I cannot even enjoy that anymore since I never know when the video feed is just going to shut off completely. This cable is way too expensive to simply just replace. Now I'm stuck with a really expensive tv that doesn't work properly.

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