Seagate 8TB Game Drive Hub for Xbox


  • Tons of space for all your Xbox One X games!
    by Clamb

    on November 8, 2019

    If you need space, look no further!!! Easy set up!

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  • Great Piece of Equipment
    by wolverine116

    on November 6, 2019

    I use this almost every day and it’s improved my game play by MILES.

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  • Great Hard Drive, Good USB Hub
    by SMWeekley

    on November 5, 2019

    This hard drive has been extensively used since I purchased it and with Game Pass it has been well worth the money. It also has acted very good as a USB hub and has allowed me to connect wireless controllers for quick charging, or even my cell phone for charging when I need it. Overall it's really been great for the extensive storage and incredibly helpful for adding more USB slots to my Xbox for what ever, when ever.

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  • A great addition
    by Jterrill

    on October 23, 2019

    Work excellent seamlessly move it over all my content from the Xbox One X

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  • Bought it for backups.
    by rughdyrngr

    on October 21, 2019

    Bought this for computer backups, just formatted it and worked great. It was cheaper than the PC or Mac models when I bought it.

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  • Great Xbox Companion
    by Buffy

    on October 20, 2019

    Lots of storage space. Looks sleek. Works great w my xbox. What more could I ask for?

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  • Great for extra space
    by Joyce

    on October 19, 2019

    Great for gamers who play alot and need the ex tra memory.

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  • Much needed space
    by Elzbieta63

    on October 18, 2019

    A must Have for Gamers who run out of space., a definite Plus

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  • It means more games!
    by VegasHorror

    on October 10, 2019

    Had a 2TB but upgrade to the 8TB and love the extra room. Gave my kids the 2TB and love it. More games more games more games!

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  • Lifesaver
    by Justin

    on October 5, 2019

    Got this on a deal of the day. I didn't even know they made something like this until then. Family kept deleting things to make more space. Great investment for Xbox One

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