Seagate Game Pass 4TB Game Drive for Xbox (STEA4000407)


  • Stores all the games.
    by MrsBryant

    on 17 octobre 2019

    I ran out of space on my XBOX One and bought this. No set up needed. I just plugged it in and downloaded my games directly to it.

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  • Expensive but does job
    by Sushi

    on 17 octobre 2019

    Officially licensed by Microsoft and easy to use. It’s a bit more expensive then third party but it’s easy to use for your Microsoft product

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  • Dead but at least I got a HDD case

    from  on 16 octobre 2019

    This drive failed 7 months out of warranty. Avoid it. On the plus side the case came apart easily and I install a new drive in the case. Back in business with a different makers drive.

  • Dead

    from  on 15 octobre 2019

    died 3 months out of warranty

  • Nice
    by Anonymous reviewer

    on 27 septembre 2019

    Very easy to install. Small enough to not get in the way. All plug and play.

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  • Licensed Xbox External HDD
    by Batwomanfl

    on 2 septembre 2019

    I didn’t even think this was a thing! Licensed by Xbox and I’m using it on my Xbox One 10! This small portable External HDD is great and I recommend it to everyone that have Xbox or if you’re using a PC that running Xbox streaming service! 4TB is a lot of storage for Xbox! When I went through A+ and Network+ training in the early 2000s, a TB was considered a lot. However, these days 4TB and above is needed especially for gamers. I’ve checked out other HHD Manufacturers and this company Seagate is by far is the best for the Money and it cost less than a lot of the other manufacturers.

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  • Great Storage amount
    by Dray

    on 25 août 2019

    Great for Gamers! Now I don't have to worry if I have enough memory to hold all my games

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    by Johny

    on 22 août 2019

    Don't cheap out on a drive for your xbox. I did. The Toshiba drive I had lasted about a year and now has all kinds of issues. I already own another seagate drive and it's work flawlessly for years. Seagate is the way to go.

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  • Great expansion
    by RudeBoy

    on 16 août 2019

    The 4tb HD is great to carry with you to other players houses for direct plug & play

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  • Worth the money

    from Winnipeg mb on 8 juillet 2019

    Seagate makes great hard drives. Never have a issue with them. They stand by there name.