Secur 1300mAh Mini Phone Carabiner Charger


  • Charges by itself... EASY to use!!!!!

    from Best Buy US on 3 novembre 2017

    Presentation/Availability: Product was well packaged with no broken/opened box. Employee helped us order it online since it wasn’t available at store (not a common product). Performance/Gameplay: Is not heavy and easy to carry everywhere. You can even attach a hook to it and attach it to a backpack (what we did). It charges on itself. Just make sure is pointing directly to the sun for better and even charging of plaques. Very easy to use to charge my mobile phone and other low power consuming electronics. Customer service: Very good customer service. I was greeted by an employee as soon as I walked through the door.

  • Wish there was an option for less than one star!

    from Winnipeg, MB on 5 avril 2017

    This was such a terrible item. I had received this item by mistake when I had ordered a different one since the reviews I'd read about this item were not very good to begin with. Even at a full charge (light goes green once it's fully charged) it only charged my phone up maybe 10%. I had hoped since I didn't have the time to get the one I had originally ordered that this one would have been ok but it would have been better to just go without a solar charger of any kind since this one after the initial charge didn't do anything.

  • Good size for a battery charger

    from Best Buy US on 30 septembre 2016

    Does not work as well as I thought it would. Not sure I like much.

  • Effectiveness concern

    from Maple, ON on 27 mai 2016

    This was a gift I gave, and we had a laugh over how long it would take to fully recharge a phone , solely using solar power with this device. so it is likely best as an emergency back up.

  • RUNNING OUT IN 30 MInutes.

    from Best Buy US on 20 mai 2015

    Look beautiful, but after full charge, only works for minutes,

  • Only Works In Full Sunlight

    from Best Buy US on 17 avril 2015

    Works only when there's sun, no clouds or else it doesn't work, I love the concept of charging my phone on the go using solar, but this product doesn't fulfill my needs.