Sensei Photo Hidden Spy Camera & Phone Charger


  • Good plug camera - decent image quality

    from Ontario, Canada on 19 novembre 2019

    Arrived really fast, good packaging! Product is really good, not so difficult to use. Image quality can be improved but for the price is very decent Can record audio too (others models don't) Really like the action mode feature Multilingual customer support

  • Tiny camera inside a phone charger

    from Ontario, Canada on 4 novembre 2019

    Works as promised, no complaints. Easy to use, no crazy setup. You can make it record only if there is any action around. Good seller!

  • Perfect nanny cam for quick setup

    from  on 18 octobre 2019

    Got this spy cam recently on BestBuy Canada. Purchase process and shipping is fast and intuitive. The product is very good. The instructions are easy to read and replicate. I would give 5 stars if offering this model with a European plug. Good experience!

  • Plug and Play Spy Camera: no issues at all

    from  on 18 octobre 2019

    Easy to connect and start recording. Just plug in and it will start filming. When connected to your computer you can customize many functions. Good deal!

  • Works well

    from  on 6 octobre 2019

    good price!,Honestly,I couldn't find a better price on any canadian website. Video quality is good,no issues so far.

  • Tiny spy camera hidden inside a phone charger

    from  on 17 septembre 2019

    It doesn't get any better. I bought one,used many times and nobody has noticed it. The motion detection function is probably my favorite. The spy cam will start working only when someone enters the room. Cool gadget,recommended!

  • High Quality Video Resolution for such a tiny plug camera / charger

    from  on 9 septembre 2019

    1080p is more than enough for this type of cameras,4K will consume way too much memory card. This plug spy camera has great response,audio and video are very good. Shipping is very fast with Canada Post. Good purchase!

  • Nice small hidden camera

    from Scarborough, Ontario on 30 août 2019

    Very cool gadget, quite simple to make it work. Shipping was super fast. 32 GB is good enough to record for a long time. Yes, I can charge my phone, for real!

  • Work as described

    from Mississauga on 9 juillet 2019

    Image quality is very good. Really Plug and Play, hard to believe but true. You can customize the time, video quality, motion activated if you follow the instructions. Great product for a fair price

  • Very good product!!!

    from Toronto, Ontario on 13 juin 2019

    The camera charger works very well. This one includes a 32 Gb memory which is more than enough to record for long periods when activating the motion sensor. I changed the video quality because I need to record even more time before downloading my videos to the computer and cleaning the internal flash card.