Sharp 43" 4K UHD HDR LED Roku Smart TV (LC-43LBU591C) - Only at Best Buy


  • Excellent Product

    from Ontario on 24 juillet 2019

    Has exceeded expectations.

  • Sika

    from Whitby on 18 juillet 2019

    I love sharp product. Hands down best t.v brand in the world I love what sharp company is doing. Keep on putting great and only best product in the world. Love you sharp, my family admires you. My score is 10 out of 10 hands down. I only trust in sharp thank you sharp.

  • Do not buy

    from Toronto on 18 juillet 2019

    Purchased. Had a crack in screen. They wouldn’t return or refund it.

  • 2 years and still awesome

    from Toronto on 16 juillet 2019

    Been using it since 2 years and its a good size smart tv for a 1bed condo living room

  • Sound sucks

    from Quebec on 12 juillet 2019

    Worsted sound ever....image not great ....

  • Trash do not buy because it’s cheap

    from Canada on 9 juillet 2019

    This tv is pure trash and I advise you not to buy it I got for my birthday hoping for a decent priced 4K tv,well that wasn’t the case at was easy to set up but the graphics were 240p I’d say this tv wasn’t even close to 4K graphics don’t buy this tv!

  • Worst experience I have ever had.

    from Victoria, BC on 9 juillet 2019

    I had this TV for three months and it had a number of strange issues (remote wouldn't register, strange glitches). Eventually, when I rearranged my room I moved my desk closer to the TV and noticed there was a faint, continuous ticking coming from the back of the TV. I went to the local BestBuy and they asked me if I bought an extended warranty and I said no, and they said I would have to call the manufacturer because they couldn't do anything (they didn't tell me the warranty number was on the receipt). I phoned Sharp's office from their main website who told me they couldn't do anything, I would have to call Best Buy as it's a BestBuy TV.... They gave me the number for BestBuy who I phoned and they said I hard to call Sharp (sounds fun eh?). I explained the situation and he finally said I have to call BestBuy in Canada, who said I have to call Geek Squad (even though I didn't purchase a GeekSquad Warranty and the original sales person said that wasn't an option), who phoned a third party company to come to look at the TV. After three weeks of waiting for a response, they phone to say they can't get the part and BestBuy will be in touch, a week later a BestBuy rep phone stating they can finally replace my TV. This was the WORST experience I have ever had replacing a defective item. I don't even want the replacement TV as the repair company said they've seen lots of these recently - there is another review further down from a customer with similar frustrations. There is no accountability from the manufacturer or BestBuy because this model is somewhere "in between" it's a BestBuy TV with Sharp on the front of it - neither will accept accountability. Madness. I will never shop at BestBuy again, but I also do not recommend this TV!

  • Credit Card REQUIRED

    from Edmonton on 8 juillet 2019

    You cannot use this tv without first setting up an account which REQUIRES a credit card. Absolute BS... there are better options for in around the same price.

  • I love this tv.

    from Halifax on 7 juillet 2019

    We had great customer service at the store in Bayer’s Lake.The tv has such a clear picture and the added options like Netflix are great. Great deal!

  • TV stopped working. Best Buy customer service was horribly slow at resolution

    from Mississauga on 5 juillet 2019

    Got this TV for Black Friday. This TV stopped working all of a sudden, not even 8 months in. I was watching random youtube clips and poof. the display turns off. Then it goes on an endless bootloop with "Sharp Roku TV logo" coming on and off. I call customer service to get an exchange. They say they have to send a technician, which is fine. They take a whole week to outsource that to some third party. Then a week later, no updates. I call them to see if i can just bring the TV in to get an exchange and still NO. Completely unsatisfied with the service and the TV that stops working before even 1 year of use.