Sinope Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (GT125-K2) - White


  • Fantastic system for electric baseboard heating. Easy install. Easy connection. Easy programming

    from Burnaby, BC on November 4, 2018

    Previously had purchased a Dimplex Connex system and spent 2 days installing, uninstalling and re-installing then attempting to get devices to connect and program. After finally giving up I took that set back and purchased the Sinope basic set. All i can say is WOW! What a difference. It was much easier to install and what can I say it worked the very first try. Follow the instructions and you're good to go. The only thing I had difficulty with was finding my device in the web interface. Once I found that i was golden. So easy to program a schedule and to copy one day program to the rest of the week. So easy to pair. Just works like you hope it would. I highly recommend this set up. Hopefully Sinope will start selling some electric baseboard heaters that have the ability to pair built in.

  • Insufficient information

    from Haliburton, ON on January 3, 2017

    I was really looking forward to trying this product but alas the description of the product is insufficient. if you need 3000 actually means 3000 Watts 4000 means 4000 watts , since I have 4250 W in one circuit I was unable to use this device. so therefore giving it a rating one way or the other would be pretty difficult. very disappointed

  • Great web programmable Thermostat and excellent customer support.

    from Pointe-claire, QC on December 4, 2016

    I purchased the starter kit GT125 a month ago. I had an issue with the GT125 and contacted Sinope customer support. I was amazed with their quick response and follow up. They quickly sent me a replacement item. Now, it works like a charm. Very easy to connect and set-up. I like the fact that you can easily program the thermostat with a phone or a tablet connected to a WiFi. With a WiFi connection, you can view and adjust the temperature of each programmed rooms remotely. Also, once your account is set-up, you can track your heating consumption cost detailed on a graphical data. Overall, it's a great product with excellent customer support. Highly recommended!

  • Simple and effective... Great product!

    from New Hamburg, ON on November 21, 2016

    The installation and setup was so easy. User interface on the devices and on the web site are both excellent, intuitive and easy-to-use. There are two changes I'd like to see in the product: 1. The lower setpoint minimum is currently 5 degrees C. I just want to keep my cottage above freezing so a lower setpoint of 0 degrees C or even negative temperatures would be ideal for my application. 2. I was hoping to use this to automatically monitor the temperature in my cottage. There are alerts when the temperature goes below a certain temp, but it would be great if the graphing on the web interface would include thermostat temperature as well as outdoor temperature (from the web). Right now I have to manually check and it doesn't maintain any history. Add these two capabilities and the product is 5+ stars for me!

  • It changed my life

    from LaSalle, QC on October 28, 2016

    I was always so worried about the temperature of the country house. Couldn't keep it too cold or too warm. With a -25C outside I had to bring it up so the pipes wouldn't freeze. I had to go every year in the middle of the week 3 or four times just to raise the heating, hour and a half drive to get there in good whether. This product is soooo easy to install, soooo easy to operate. It took a big load off my shoulders.

  • Decent product for the price

    from Laval on October 9, 2016

    Got these at a steal when Best Buy matched and beat an on-line competitor's price. Thank you Best Buy! Pros: Wi-fi thermostats are smaller than my previous programmable non wi-fi Honeywell thermostats. Website navigation is clean and settings, scheduling and consumption reports are quick and easy to click on. Installation was a breeze. The units are back-lit which is always a plus. Cons: You can't program the thermostats from the unit itself except for setting temperature to C or F and selecting between short or long cycle for baseboard or forced fan operation. Everything is controlled thru the neviweb website. I hope the website doesn't crash often as people are buying these units for their wifi/remote access capabilities. My only real issue is that my basement baseboard heaters are not always detected by the GT125 Hub which is located on my 2nd floor. I will most probably have to move the Hub to my 1st floor or buy a 2nd GT125 unit for my basement or buy a wifi extender/repeater which means more money spent. I thought my 2nd thermostat located in my kitchen 1st floor (next to the basement) would help relay my basement signal to the hub on the 2nd floor, but like I said it's a hit and miss and not always detected. Other thoughts: The GT125 Hub was designed to stand vertically. It would have been nice if the stand was made to hold the hub horizontally as well or on it's belly. I find the Cat cable included in the box is somewhat short at approx 18". Would have preferred something longer at 24" or 36". Don't be fooled by the thermostat's design as it looks like it has a panel that can be opened to access programming doesn't. There's a lock/unlock lever underneath that helps remove the panel so you can screw it to the receptacle box in the wall... that's it. If you're looking to control your baseboard heaters remotely, this is the product to buy. It's cheaper than other competitors' products currently on the market.

  • *The* Line Voltage Thermostat to get

    from Saint-Lambert, QC on March 22, 2016

    I purchased this kit and two extra Sinope TH1120RF-3000 thermostats about a month ago and they were extremely easy to setup and configure through the web (or also on my iPhone through the mobile friendly portal - looks almost like an App, though it isn't.) I had been looking for line voltage smart thermostats for a while and until now there were no nice choices like this. These are about as good as it gets and I would recommend them. Note that you need one GT125 interface (included in the kit.) The only thing that is missing from the kit is the wall mount bracket for the GT125 (though it does come with a stand) and that's only my opinion.

  • works perfectly!

    from Montreal,Qc on January 12, 2016

    very happy with these smart thermostats.just as advertised.

  • Awsome remote Baseboard Thermostat

    from Richmond, BC on January 12, 2016

    Got it for boxing day sale price, originally one thermostat won't connect. Email customer service, got a reply the next day. Problem solved. I was expecting an IOs app but in reality, it is only web access via log in. Still an awesome product to be able to control thermostat from iphone.

  • Great product for cottages

    from Aurora, ON on January 1, 2016

    Used these to replace older manual thermostats at cottage and I think I will save enough money on hydro bills within one winter season to pay for them. Easy to install and good web interface with detailed energy use charts. Can turn heat up on drive up to cottage is extra bonus. Also having the ability to check on inside temperatures is handy. Anyone with electric heat at a cottage (that has Internet) should use this product.