Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts (PS4)

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You are the Ghost Warrior as you take down targets in Sniper Ghost Warrier: Contracts for PlayStation 4. But beware, a rival may challenge you. You take the role of a deadly assassin for hire, a nameless mercenary clandestinely working for the secret fraternity of the private mercenaries who fulfill the contracts ordered by an unknown client.

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  • Game is composed of a set of single contracts
  • Each contract provides one condensed and unique story, consisting of eliminating one or two high-value targets
  • All contracts contain extra conditions called sub-contracts and their execution may facilitate the course of the main contracts
  • The state of independent Siberia has been already established and the region is divided into supporters and opponents
  • Military troops hired by the "group-in-power" are occupying strategic locations
  • The USA and Russia want to maintain their status-quo ante bellum and retrieve their areas of influence by not allowing Independent Siberia to gain power
  • Both are operating together in order to liquidate Russian Oligarchs taking control over the region
  • Realistic sniper game combining tactical sniping mechanics with strategic stealth choices while offering multiple ways to take down your targets.
  • Engaging game mechanic focuses on high level targets as Contracts with unique story missions and rewards
  • Sandbox maps set in Siberia offer full freedom of choice, multiple re-playability options, and high-reward for stealth-focused sniping gameplay
  • Online team deathmatch across unique maps and environments for fun with gamers from all over
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