Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer - Black


  • Great Sub!!

    from Barrie, On. on September 24, 2018

    I have this sub paired with a beam and 2 play 1's. It is awesome. Very easy to set up! Would definitely recommend this product.

  • Boosted

    from Prince George, BC on January 17, 2018

    This is an excellent sub. The guy named "Steve" you need to save your whining for a different area of the website. This is a place to review the product not your bad experience at a store. Go vent elsewhere, you're creating an inaccurate product rating due to your ignorance. Now back to the product which is what this area is for, if you have the play bar this is a no brainier. Look up reviews on Google and you will find it delivers on everything that it promises. 5 stars.

  • How not to sell a SONOS SUB

    from Toronto, ON on June 16, 2017

    Attended Sherway Best Buy to purchase a SONOS SUB, Spent 10-15 minutes at the SONOS display - at least 6 staff saw me yet none approached me. No SUBS were out on the floor so I couldn't just grab one and go. 4 staff members 30ft away continued to talk to each other - 2 other staff members approached the SONOS display counter approx. 15ft. away and decided to monkey about and have a good laugh with the iPad display that wasn't working when I was at it. Still no one approached me - they must be paid to talk to each other and no, it is not incumbent on me to chase the sales staff. So I walked out of the store, passing the 6 staff and the one at the door- wouldn't want to interrupt their 'work'. I proceeded to 2001 AUDIO VIDEO on Dundas St in MIssissauga. Only 2 staff present - one opened the door for me, ACKNOWLEDGED my presence and asked it i required help. Yes, I want a SONOS SUB. He went and got it - I paid for it - SAME PRICE AS BESTR BUY - and then they helped me take it to my truck! THAT IS SERVICE. - THANKS for NOTHING Best Buy.....Wondering why sales are down?? Was going to go back to Best Buy but why waste more of my time? Didn't care before, why care after the fact?...........

  • Sceptical at first

    from Duncan, BC on March 6, 2017

    Didn't perform well in the store demo. Bought it on spec based on reviews with the proviso Best Buy allows returns if it didnt work out. I've had soundbars before, and their subs are a joke. This one fills in ever so slightly at low volumes and works great at higher volumes. Not boxy or 'boomy' and by that it doesnt resonate at one annoying frequency and has a loudness peak that diives you crazy. Bought the soundbar and sub to downsize from a very expensive and complicated setup. Equipment and speaker took over the room. This sub replaced a B&W 200w powered 10" sub that was the best I had owned till that time. Disappointed I couldnt use the B&W with the soundbar, but this Sonos sub is quite musical, and can produce great effects during movies. I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth performance of this unit. New Sonos setup is easy to use (big plus), and sounds just as good as te system it replaced. Its a keeper.