Sony 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Android Smart TV (XBR55X900F)


  • Fabulous TV

    from Welland On on May 11, 2019

    Quite simply the picture jumps off the screen,,,fabulous . My Blu-ray DVD's have incredable detail compared to playing on my 10 year old Sharp which gace up the ghost. Did about two weeks of research and comparisons before deciding on this particular Sony model. Having a budget I was looking for a 65" screen but decided on the 55" as I did not want to compromise picture quality. Was lucky to buy this TV in a boxing Day don't realize how important the colour black is when producing the picture...adds so much depth. For the money I paid if I could give it an extra star I would.

  • Outstanding!

    from Toronto on April 26, 2019

    Love this television!... excellent color, easy to navigate and the voice control is great! The sound is decent for a flat screen but begs to be paired with a soundbar/theatre setup! I have not regretted purchasing this set!


    from Burlington, ON on March 10, 2019

    I bought the Sony XBR55X900F from Best Buy in June 2018. It worked fine until January 17. On that day, a horizontal fine line appeared, about 4 inches from the bottom of the screen, extending from side to side. I reached out to Sony which asked for pictures of the TV and of the lines. Within a few days, Sony informed me that a replacement TV was to be delivered by a logistics company. The replacement model was the same; it was reconditioned and it comes with a 2-year warranty. So far, so good. When the logistics person came, he commented that he had been involved with the return of many Sony TVs. I didn’t think much of his comment – how likely does the lightning strike twice? A few days later, my wife is watching TV when suddenly several lines appear – horizontal and vertical. I gently rub the intersection of the lines, and a starburst appears. I recontact Sony and am being told from the pictures I sent that I had damaged the unit and therefore voided the warranty. They offered a 10% rebate on a new unit, but that was it. So I contact Best Buy, as I had bought an extended warranty. “No problem, we will send a Geek Squad staff on Tuesday to get the replacement process underway. End of Tuesday comes, no Geek Squad came. I call them, only to be informed that they advised by Sony that I had damaged the unit. So I go to the unit and gently (and I mean lightly) press the screen. A whole pane goes black. It’s going to recycling. Shameful. I now have nothing to gain to pretend that I did not damage the unit but I did NOT. This is maybe the 8th TV I have bought, an have never had an issue before. I bought a Samsung, as I still have a few of these who are working without any issue. Buyer beware.

  • Not bad if not for the dead pixels

    from Vaudreuil, QC on January 13, 2019

    Took 30 seconds to find the first dead pixel smack in the middle. Some lag during certain movies, if not a descent set. Pixel fix videos did not work. Not acceptable.

  • bought 55 inch sale price is good. 4k tv prices are getting better

    from Stoney Creek, ON on January 3, 2019

    wanted to buy 65inch but that didnt drop in price much. 55inch fine for now. picture quality of Sony is the best. upscaling is awesome. Android os is slow. 4k Tv prices are finally dropping

  • best tv for best PRICE A+++

    from Hamilton, ON on December 26, 2018

    its SONY 900F premuim tv. finally price got better due to other brands lowering theirs. sony price for premuim 4k tv for 55inch were around 4 grand 3 years ago. Thanks to other brands LG and Samsung. this tv picture is good and upscaling is good. Android os is still buggy. processor is just dual core. will be solved next year with x1 ultimate in 900G very good price finally A++++++++

  • Amazing TV and Pic Quality but......

    from Mississauga on December 19, 2018

    One word to describe the design and picture quality...... Beautiful! Only reason I did not give this a 5 is because of 3 things that drive me nuts with the TV 1. The Built in casting on this TV is not the same as a chromecast dongle. You get an app that has a guest mode and you try and chromecast? Forget it you cannot cast to the TV 2. The TV play store apps are limited and lame. The only streaming app available is the Bell Fibe TV. No Sportsnet, TSN, Global, CTV, etc. 3. Can't use the volume control for my expensive and beautiful Polk Sound bar. Why? It does not have HDMI arc and not buying a new sound bar. If those things don't bother you then this is an amazing TV. Only reason I put up with the above is the picture quality is really good!

  • tv

    from Orillia, ON on November 30, 2018

    just bought this two days ago and so far so good very nice picture and having 120hz is a plus for a gamer like myself

  • Very happy

    from Toronto, ON on November 30, 2018

    Very happy with this product. My only complaint would be with the shipping service. Please stop using Purolator - they are truly awful and wonder how they are still in business. I have other orders placed during the peak Black Friday period which got delivered by Canada Post while they were on strike before Purolator delivered my TV.

  • Great TV

    from Kitchener, ON on November 26, 2018

    So i've had this TV for over 12mo now and i can say that this is a great TV. Certainly at the start it is a little sluggish with menu commands, but got better and faster as time goes on. apparently it tries to learn the things you like to do. the Android OS is a great feature, especially as it open up a lot of applications that you can use that are useful. as far as picture quality, i went from a samsung TV before this, and loved it. and at the time was the best picture for the price. When i went into BB to purchase a TV, i compared TV's within the same price bracket, and in this price bracket Samsung failed miserably, the picture was dull and left lacking. Sony has done a great job with this, and honestly the picture is incredible, and detailed. vivid and bright. i have our TV in a bright space, and i can see the picture at anytime of day. the only reason its not a 5star is that the OS is a little sluggish, but otherwise fine!