Sony HTCT290 300-Watt 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Open Box


  • Good price good product

    from  on 18 octobre 2019

    Pretty good for an open box item the price was great as it was one third the price of brand new. I got geek squad just in case to be safe. Sound quality is good as Sony overall a good product for the price.

  • Not bad sound

    from  on 3 octobre 2019

    Not bad at all for the price clean sound and loud enough for my basement

  • Waste of money

    from  on 22 septembre 2019

    This is one of the worst set of sound subwoofer died after a year Don’t waste your money on Sony products anymore

  • don't but

    from  on 21 septembre 2019

    before bought this item,many reviewers said the subwoofer broken very fast. I thought maybe not for me. Sadly,mine stop working after 3 month. It definitely Sony's problem. Very bad quality!

  • Avoid at all costs

    from Toronto on 28 juin 2019

    Subwoofer died after the 1 year warranty and the repair cost is not worth it. This is common problem with this model, just google the part number. Also when I called the sony service centre they gave me the wrong number of a repair centre. This repair centre gave me the phone number of another repair centre all the way in Whitby!

  • Stopped working in four months and experienced challenges with warranty

    from Ottawa on 21 mai 2019

    I bought this in December and barely 4months later the subwoofer stopped worker. Considering we did not use it alot, it was obvious that it was a manufacturing defect. Since it was still under warranty, we called sony and opened a ticked to have it checked. Even though the soundbar was working, they asked that we send the whole equipment. Unfortunately the soundbar got damaged during transportation despite the wrapping we had put around it and Doney called to inform is and noted that they were not responsible for the damage. It was then pointless to ship it to them because one problem was resolved but another one was created. Overall, the product was good and the sound was okay except that you get walhat you pay for sometimes. I wonder if it would be more efficient to get local repair services rather than having to send them across the continent for repair.

  • Great sound bar

    from Ottawa, ON on 25 mars 2019

    beats my old sound bar, this is QUITE good!

  • work fine

    from Peterborough, ON on 23 octobre 2018

    easy hook up

  • System failed twice. Customer support treated me like an idiot. Very unhappy

    from Calgary, AB on 6 octobre 2018

    Bought this system last summer. It worked good. I liked the bluetooth connectivity. However, after only 6 or 7 months the subwoofer just went dead. No power indicator at all. Best Buy would not handle the issue and deferred me to Sony as I had not purchased any in store extensions. Sony customer service reps had me go through a series of pointless steps, having clearly not listened to me when I said that there was no LED indicator at all. They further insulted my intelligence by asking if the wall outlet was working fine. after wasting much of my time, ultimately linked me to a service centre and I had to explain the situation to yet another person. I had to ship the product to the other side of the country and wait 3 weeks. It was repaired, returned with a dent in the metal screen and worked again for another 7 or 8 months and is now once again not powering on. Was put through the same irritating and insulting dance with Sony service. Not bothering to repair this again. Will ultimately be less frustrating to save my money and buy a better product from another company. Very disappointed with the product and the whole experience.