Sony A6000 Mirrorless Camera with 16-50mm Lens Kit - Open Box


  • Nice product

    from Ottawa, ON on 15 juin 2017

    Very happy with my purchase.

  • So far so good!

    from Saint-georges, QC on 26 mai 2017

    Well, I've been eyeing this camera and the newer versions for a while. Didn't want to spend double or triple the price for the a6300 / a6500 even if they sounded even better. So far, I am definitely satisfied. I wanted a versatile camera, a quick camera, but did not want to have the bulk of a SLR. Even if SLRs have the potential to be better, sometimes, debating on what you want to do with the camera, a compromise camera will do an excellent job. I do a lot of travelling and go to a lot of concerts. I was able to try it at a concert last weekend. I was first row, but still, I was able to get amazing shots. I did not have the chance to try this camera for scenery yet, but I am sure it will do a great job also. Oh, and I purchased the open box version. Was in perfect condition. So, I saved some money there.

  • Terrible

    from Mtl,qc on 22 février 2017

    I bought the camera and after one use it would no longer detect the lens!

  • Works great

    from Gatineau, QC on 5 février 2017

    One word WOW !!!

  • Open box a6000

    from Etobicoke, ON on 29 janvier 2017

    I got this camera in brand new condition. I did a shutter count check and looks like less than 400 pictures was taken. This is my first time buying opened box from Best Buy. Prior to purchasing I did take a look at the reviews on this website. I still purchased because I figured I can refund if it ends up if the camera was faulty. So far I have no problems and didn't encounter the problems people mentioned here. In terms of screen being black, I read somewhere it is due to dust on the lens sensor on the camera body.Possible clean the sensor on the camera might help with the black stuff on the screen issue some people reported earlier.


    from Tecumseh, ON on 12 janvier 2017

    The open box "Geek Squad Certified" stamp is that what you think. It does not give you "peace of mind" for purchasing an open box product. It states that the products are "thoroughly inspected" and you're getting a vitrually new product. I have purchased open box items before (not from Best Buy), and as much as I do love the Sony a6000, I do not believe this product is "like new" or has been "thoroughly inspected". My camera came with a burnt pixel which is noticeable on the LCD + viewfinder. I believe this may actually be a problem with the lens as it is not present without the lens attached. There are also 2 obvious scratches on the image sensor which of corse ends up as artifacts on every image taken. Save yourself and find the camera from another company open box/used...or just fork out the cash for a brand new camera.

  • Bad service at Best Buy

    from whitby, ON on 17 novembre 2016

    Best Buy, I was just in your store less than 10 minutes ago. I was told I had to leave the store to order this item online. Now I'm looking at it online and it's no longer available. Please remedy this for me.

  • Great

    from Vancouver, BC on 27 juillet 2016

    Works great, although battery life is not as long as dslr. Very light and compact.

  • Love it!

    from Surrey, BC on 21 juin 2016

    Great camera: small, and very user friendly!

  • Geek Squad Open Box-Doesn't focus

    from Toronto, ON on 6 avril 2016

    I purchased this camera with hopes that it'd work. It doesn't. Doesn't focus and half the time doesn't take pictures, mostly because it doesn't focus properly. Guess I'll have to return it. Hope the second one works.