Sony Cyber-shot H300 20.1MP 35x Optical Zoom Digital Camera - Black


  • really good

    from Richmond, BC on January 15, 2019

    in the budget but still good working

  • good camera

    from oliver,BC on August 21, 2017

    I find this camera to be good for making videos it has good quality and works good the only thing I don't like is how long it lasts before it dies

  • Poor camera. Exchanged for a Nikon

    from Timmins, ON on December 27, 2016

    This camera does not work well. When shooting video the camera focused then would become blurry even on a tripod. The photo quality is subpar and it's a shame to the Sony brand. I returned it and spent the extra money to get a Nikon. Would not recommend to purchase, do yourself a favour and buy a higher end Camera. This Sony is not worth the price tag. And I own a lot of Sony products including a Sony tv. Sony Xperia phone and a couple of playstation 3 and playstation 4.

  • doesn't last

    from Scarborough, ON on August 31, 2016

    I had two of these. The #1 concern is if people are cheap with batteries and go out and buy the cheapest things that resemble AA batteries like the blue panasonic batteries the camera isn't going to last. Like 10 photos tops. This didn't bother me it still went above and beyond my expectations I needed it for my online store I sell collectables and so forth. I could get fine details and small writing on the back of say watches and all or capture every small scratch done right. However.. even though I was changing batteries every 50-100 shots. When Sony gave me back the replacement camera which took them 30 days mind you to milk the warranty away. They ended up giving me a brand new one and the lens cap didn't fit as I've had the same issue with both cameras. I can count how many times on two hands how many times this camera left the house a year mind you so weather to negligence isn't the issue. Put it this way they are so local I can take a bus to get there. But I've had the same issue where it says turn the camera off and turn it on again. One camera lasted me 9 months and one lasted me 2 and a half years. No matter what I did the camera won't work. With this camera it keeps going into easy mode when I would turn it on .Easy mode is completely useless. The colors never look right and it's just insulting as I've got a background in graphic design. If I was to re-do this camera I would eliminate a lot of the bells and whistles. Just have program auto, manual with the option to do panorama shots and video mode as that rotary knob CAN be useful on the top but even if you shot the entire day in say auto mode you are going to sneak back into easy mode even if the dial isn't on easy/ As far as photos though to get great shots I got the best results in auto mode adjusting the white balance or using color pop or toy mode. With flouresent electric guitars and all it made them look larger than life. When I take the shots the MOST I would do in photoshop backdrop or not is just hit "auto levels" in photoshop CS6 and the photos would look professional enough for an "echo bay" store. This lasted me 1000 photos give or take and I'm done with Sony. The microphone was very good on it too actually. I almost forgot and the zoom is amazing. Not that digital junk like cellphones. But the video camera mode is a bit of a "gas guzzler" so it's not like we're going to do more than a small video of a birthday party even using 720P mode which I think was the lowest quality. But if the batteries die and you got some photos locked on your SD card you're not in luck unless you have a card reader. When I got my first one i didn't and it was like bailing a friend out of jail on monday morning. the good an amazing zoom the microphone is great versatile has some photo filters for people who dont know photoshop great for close up photos (for its price) the bad you got to have the camera on to detect the SD card if you buy cheap batteries you'll be lucky to get in the double digits of photos the camera doesn't last the camera loved easy mode too much no wifi to pick up photos

  • Terrible Terrible Camera.

    from Scarborough, ON on June 20, 2016

    I've posted in here it was good before, But now i just find it to be a terrible terrible camera. The quality of the images have lowered and its so glitchy with its lens getting stuck out. I really recommend to not buy this camera, go with something else.

  • Great looks...poor IQ :-)

    from Montréal, QC on May 5, 2016

    Just as I said...looks great, feels solid. But picture quality is poor. Images are fuzzy and not sharp (looks out of focus most of the time). Noise is present even at low ISO settings.... the blue sky on a clear day looks speckled at best. Worst of all, camera loses focus during video shooting. Returned it and got a Canon instead.

  • Frustrated

    from Langley, BC on March 11, 2016

    I am a hobbyist with other prosumer SLR and mirrorless cameras by Nikon and Sony. I bought this model to let my grandchildren use. I received it today and after setting it up and taking less than 10 pictures it froze with the lens in the extended position. I tried the online suggestions from Sony forums and put new batteries in it to no avail. It's hooped and I will return it first thing tomorrow. I love my Sony Alpha series cameras but this unit is useless.

  • do not buy

    from Chambly, QC on November 21, 2015

    I am a real estate broker and my camera is essential for me, had it for 3 months and it died on me, push the start button, it shut off right away or teh lenses stay outside no way to get it in. I had multiple caemra but will never buy this one again or recommand it

  • Assault & Battery

    from Scarborough, ON on August 21, 2015

    The battery set up using 4 AA's & how fast they get used up. You need to carry 12 batteries & a charger.

  • Nine, ease to use, great

    from London, ON on July 29, 2015

    Thanks Sony l love so much no wiki in it OK