Sony SRS-XB13 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black

Model Number: SRS-XB13/B
Web Code: 15519146

Sony SRS-XB13 Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black


Take music wherever you go with the Sony SRS-XB13 waterproof wireless speaker. With Bluetooth technology, it pairs with compatible devices like smartphones or tablets as well as another SRS-XB13 speaker to provide you an immersive listening experience. Additionally, the Extra Bass and Sound Diffusion Processor give a powerful boost and enhance the sound.
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Take music wherever you go with the Sony SRS-XB13 waterproof wireless speaker. With Bluetooth technology, it pairs with compatible devices like smartphones or tablets as well as another SRS-XB13 speaker to provide you an immersive listening experience. Additionally, the Extra Bass and Sound Diffusion Processor give a powerful boost and enhance the sound.

  • Compact speaker can be taken wherever you go
  • Extra Bass combines a passive radiator with a full-range speaker, so you can enjoy blood-thumping low-end beats to give you a powerful listening experience
  • Sound Diffusion Processor with DSP technology expands the sound to reach to all corners of your room and provide you an immersive experience
  • Built-in mic lets you take hands-free calls via the speaker, allowing you to multitask
  • Bluetooth technology makes it easy to wirelessly pair this speaker with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices for quick and easy connectivity
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life on a single charge lets you party all through the night without interruptions
  • IP67 rating makes this speaker waterproof up to 1.5m as well as dustproof, so you can use it near the pool as well as outdoors
  • USB Type-C port offers a convenient wired connectivity option
  • Pair with another SRS-XB13 speaker to create a stereo sound experience
  • Compact design and multiway strap ensure easy portability
Stereo Pair

Connectivity & Media

Primary Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Connectivity
Network Capable
Voice Control


Approximate Battery Life
Up to 16 hours
Device Charging

Physical Features

Dust Proof
1.5 m
7.6 cm
9.5 cm
7.6 cm
Width (Inches)
2.99 in
Height (Inches)
3.74 in
Depth (Inches)
2.99 in
0.25 kg
  • USB Cable
  • Strap

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  • Affordable Portable Speaker with Extra Bass
    Reviewed by TechGuru - May 24, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Sony SRS-XB13 portable rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is filled with impressive bass for its size. It’s all due to the passive radiator that work with speaker to enhance the low-end tones for its extra bass. What’s in the box: Sony XB13 speaker, USB Type C short cable, Quick start guide Sony XB13 measures approx. 76mm diameter and 95mm tall. Weighs approx. 255grams. Setup is very simple. Charge it for few minutes with the included USB C cable. No power brick included, so use your phone charger if you have latest android fast charger for quick charging. Turn on the power button and discover devices on your mobile devices. If you own an android device, simply turn the device on, and your phone will prompt you to connect as this device has fast pair technology that requires no pin or complex pairing. For iOS devices, just go to settings and Bluetooth option and select this device to complete pairing. This uses Bluetooth 4.2 and has max range of approximately 33 feet. Comes in 4 different colors (Blue, Black, Cream and orange). I got the blue color and it’s so cool that matches my backpack. All the buttons (power, Bluetooth, play/pause, volume + -) and charging port are at the back. Skip option is supported by tapping the play/pause button twice and back option by three times when hearing music. Same play/pause button is using to answer the phone call for handsfree function. Battery is advertised at 16 hours but it depends on the volume that it is set. If the volume is set at 100% then on our testing it was around 8.5 hours of continuous use. 16 hours may be around 45- 50% volume level. But this little speaker sounds great and has the punch at 60%. Takes 4 hours to fully charge from 0%. Speaker comes with a multiway cool strap (not cheap lanyard) that comes handy to attach it to backpack during travel and makes carrying around very easy due to its small size. Base of speaker is rubberized and sticks well on glass table and does not move on high volume settings. Speaker is IP67 rated for both water and dust and can be used in the shower room or in swimming pool. This speaker can withstand up to 3.2feet of water depth so if you accidentally drop the speaker in pool, nothing to worry as long as the charging ports are sealed and is not left for more than 30 minutes. It does float when dropped in water so you can immediately pick it up and wipe off. Sound quality is great for the small portable speaker. Its due to its downwards facing speaker and sound diffusion processor with DSP Technology. Also, supports hands free calling so if you receive a call while listening to music just answer the phone with its inbuilt microphone. Call quality is clear and both parties can hear loud and clear with no issues during testing. If you need stereo sound for parties this model supports multi speaker connection/ Stereo Pairing. Just add another XB13 speaker for stereo sound. To add, just hold down the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds on one speaker and stereo pair light will go on. Just go to the other speaker do the same thing, add it to the phone and both will be paired to stereo pair mode. Pros: +Affordable portable speaker +Extra bass +Great Battery life +Stereo Pairing/Multi speaker connection +IP67 water and dust proof +Smart home compatible with Cons: -Missing sleep mode or automatic power off mode Overall, great little portable Bluetooth speaker with extra bass that won’t disappoint anyone.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Good for Multimedia watching
    Reviewed by SirGalahad - May 31, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] PROS: Excellent build quality, aesthetics, portable design, controls, battery life, multiway strap, and audio is crisp and clear for multimedia watching as you can easily hear what people are saying even at 2x speed. Music is also solid, which is a step above good, but below great. CONS: Despite the marketing boasting about EXTRA BASS it is very poor. Especially, if you are a bass head. It does better when placed on a hard object over a soft one. Sound quality for music is solid but can come across slightly tinny. But that is also what I expect for something this size and is still better than you’d get from your tablet or phone. Also, when in a loud environment it doesn’t do as well as the max volume does get loud but you lose out on some of clearness of the vocals. But it isn’t peaking or anything like that. SOUND QUALITY: The sound comes across as open and fills the room nice. We can thank the DSP for that. It is relatively well balanced. Voices are forefront, then instruments, and I would say that mids are the most pronounced followed closely by highs and bass being about equal. But in general, everything sounds about equal. Which is good. Bass itself isn’t going to blow your socks off. Especially, if you are a bass head. I wouldn’t classify it as poor, but closer to adequate. Bass is semi-accurate and is enough to add to the music without detracting from it. But don’t believe the EXTRA BASS marketing. Mids and highs sound great and comes across as quite accurate with good texture and depth. Which was very surprising to me and why I think it does so well with multimedia. I noticed a very mild amount of bloat but no congestion, muddiness, or brightness. Things at times could sound a bit tinny. I found putting it on a hard surface did better than when it was on a soft surface due to the way it emits sound. All sounds were very crisp, but especially spoken content which again makes it great for vocal centric songs and multimedia. Imaging was minimal. Where I could pull out vocals and instruments. But I couldn’t tell their locations. For the most part sounds were natural but slightly processed, especially instruments. Soundstage was small. My first impressions weren’t great. But after putting it through the paces I found it did a good job. I found that for multimedia use that it did better than for music. I could hear people talking, even when a lot is going on, and pull apart individual people. Which usually just blends in. But I would miss out on some of the nuances of sound. I’d rate the overall sound as a 7.5/10. CONTROLS: As mentioned, before they are located on the back of the device. Starting with the Power Button. When you first power it on, by just tapping the power button, the LED light above the power button will turn green, and then it will automatically go into pairing mode denoted by flashing blue LED’s over the Bluetooth button. Then you just go into your Bluetooth settings and select the XB13 and it will give a small chime telling you you’re connected. It’s extremely easy. If you press the power button it will turn off without a chime. If you power, it on after it is connected to a device you will see the power LED illuminate, the bluetooth button will flash, and then you will hear a chime when it is connected. This process takes about 6 seconds on an iPhone. It does support fast pair but that is for Android only. And I don’t own an Android so I can’t test that. Next is the Bluetooth button. If you quick press it will go into pairing mode denoted by flashing blue LED’s. If you hold it will go into ST pairing (stereo pairing) so you can connect it to a second device by doing the same thing. Pretty simple stuff. Third is the play/pause button. If you press it once it will play/pause. If you double press it will skip forward. If you triple press, it will go backward. If you have a call coming in and press it once it will answer the call and if you hold it when a call is coming in it will decline the call. Fourth and fifth, you have your volume down and volume up buttons. Hopefully no explanation is needed there. Last, you have the little rubber port to access the USB C charging. It creates a good seal and has a rubber string, so it should be breaking easily. The battery is rated for 16 hours and total charge time is 4.5 hours, as per their spec sheet. I didn’t have enough time to fully test how accurate this was. On your smartphone you can see how much battery is left. Which is a nice feature. When I tried, I could NOT connect it to the Sony Music App. I thought it was supposed to be supported. Which means A. I was wrong and it isn’t supported. B. I tried before the app was updated to support it. Or the longstanding C. I wasn’t smart enough to add it. I’ll let you decide which. All I know is that my Sony SRS-SB43 can connect to the Sony App which gives you greater customizability and adjustable EQ but costs like a lot more and just figured with this being the SRS-SB13 that it would also work the same? Overall, controls are very intuitive and work every time. The only “issue” and I use that term lightly here is that sometimes there is some mild delay between pressing a button it and fully registering on my phone. That is usually a side effect of Bluetooth in general. I can’t think of anything they could add to make it better outside of an adjustable EQ since people go crazy for those things. Personally, if it doesn’t sound good stock to me then it just doesn’t sound good. I shouldn’t have to adjust the EQ. I find this sounds good and that isn’t needed. So I’d give the controls a 10/10.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Tiny Compact Speaker with Large Sound
    Reviewed by MarkyMark - July 12, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This speaker is a very small and relatively light but solid feeling, finished in black. Not with the usual Sony design flair. It weighs just 270g and measures 9.5cm high and 7.5cm in diameter. It came attached to a nice strap emphasising it’s go anywhere portability. It is IP67 waterproof and also dust proof. The initial charge up time took just 2 hours with the supplied but short 30cm USB-C cable. It took just 2-3 seconds to link up by Bluetooth to my iPhone. (Blue light stays on). In fact connection and disconnection to my phone was very quick and seamless. This small speaker gives a typical warm Sony sound with excellent mids for vocals. I found I had to turn the volume up to maximum to give a fairly room filling sound. This will affect battery life which Sony quote as up to 16 hours. I found the treble quite harsh and thin which may make it tiring to listen to for long periods. The base was not that impressive but as expected for such a small speaker. The bass effect can be altered by careful placement of the speaker. You get more base by placing it in the corner of a shelf or a windows sill for example. The sound would definitely be more impressive if it was paired with another XB13 and Sony makes this easy to do. Not sure if it can be purchased as a 2 speaker kit. As they are wireless you can then place the speakers where you want in the room to improve the sound. The Bluetooth range is excellent. I could even walk out the front door of my house with my phone and my wife said that it was still playing the music upstairs without dropping out. Telephone call quality is ok. Perfectly audible but had a typical nasal quality with a bit of crackle. Nice to have but the XB13 is far better suited as a speaker for music.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Portable and still powerful!
    Reviewed by crump5911 - July 15, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Portable, compact, sleek yet powerful …. An accurate description of the SRS-XB13 Wireless speaker. Firstly, the box is well packaged, sturdy, offering ample protection with minimal packaging and I especially loved how there was no unnecessary plastic inside the box! Great move by Sony as all packaging is recyclable. The speaker is smooth to the touch, with a sturdy strap securely connected to the device to support either holding the speaker in hand which is especially useful when travelling or safely attaching to a secure object (think hanging from a shelf, or the inside of a tent). I found the strap very beneficial as this is a portable device, it allows for confidence in its use knowing that it will not be damaged by accidentally falling or being knocked over. The bottom of the speaker is rubberised, making it sturdy to freely stand. There are easy to read control buttons on the speaker which include power, Bluetooth and volume with the power & Bluetooth having their own lights to confirm they are active / in use – great simple visual aid. The Bluetooth connects easily to your phone, I had no issues with the ease of this and the device was very responsive. When I changed soundtracks there was no delay from the speaker, it was prompt, clear and free from interruption. The sound quality is clear, the bass is not the deepest and it is not the loudest speaker either however I fully appreciate that for the size and portability of this speaker both the volume and the bass are more than impressive and necessary. Realistically, I see the purpose of the speaker being for personal use or for intimate gatherings where the sound quality would be more than adequate, if you required more power, I believe you naturally would be looking at an entirely different style of speaker. The speaker is waterproof, I found this handy when trialling the device. I had used whilst it is having a couple of drinks outside in the garden while the kids splashed in their pool, obviously a few splashes headed my way and I completely forgot all about the speaker. When clearing away at the end of the evening, the speaking had been splashed, it had water around it too, yet it was playing away as it had done all evening – the fun had continued without panic or concern! So, to me, it’s a family friendly device as well. You can take calls through this speaker; they were crystal clear and again responsive with a great call quality. Your phone shows you the battery level of the speaker, so you do not need to guess the power left. The battery level for me was great, I had it playing away from afternoon to evening and had no issues at all. To recharge it is a simple case of USB charging, so again simple and straightforward. To summarise and conclude, the device is portable, sturdy and produces impressive sound quality for its size. It is user friendly with its power indicator and waterproof feature. Would I recommend? Yes, if you want ease of use, if you want to pick up your speaker and take the great quality sound with you. If you want a powerful bass to blast out at a party then look for a different product, but this will be great at a beach, in your garden or off camping etc, just think of this as your own private intimate speaker!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great sound
    Reviewed by Madjim1 - July 4, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Perfect portable Bluetooth speaker classy design Easily pairs via Bluetooth to both Android and iOS Not too loud to annoy the neighbors but definitely good enough for in the garden and bathroom/ bedroom excellent sound quality An exact same speaker can be added to it to give the user stereo sound pretty cool feature But can not be added to a chain of speakers Overall a great small travel speaker with easy usb charge cable included and 12 hours playback

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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