Sony WH-CH710N Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Model Number: WHCH710N/B
Web Code: 14547097

Sony WH-CH710N Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - Black


Stay fully immersed in the music with these Sony WH-CH710N over-ear noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Using smart noise cancellation and Dual Noise Sensor technology, these wireless wonders sense external noise and keep it out for an ideal listening experience of up to 35 hours on a single charge. The built-in Google Assistant lets you use voice commands with ease.
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Stay fully immersed in the music with these Sony WH-CH710N over-ear noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. Using smart noise cancellation and Dual Noise Sensor technology, these wireless wonders sense external noise and keep it out for an ideal listening experience of up to 35 hours on a single charge. The built-in Google Assistant lets you use voice commands with ease.

An amazing wireless audio experience

  • Over-ear headphones with over-the-head band and adjustable metal sliders offer superb comfort and a precise fit for stability while you move around
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC technology offer wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-enabled and NFC-ready devices with a single touch

Superior sound

  • 30mm dome drivers gives you crystal-clear audio by reproducing every sound note in precise quality
  • Frequency response range from 7Hz to 20,000Hz takes you from the lowest bass to the highest treble

Smart features

  • Built-in Google Assistant lets you use voice commands to cue music, make calls, and much more

Active noise cancellation

  • Smart noise cancellation keeps you fully engaged with your audio
  • Dual Noise Sensor technology detects ambient noise and keeps it at bay so it won't interfere with your music

Keeping you in control

  • Convenient in-line controls give easy access to volume adjustments and allow you to answer your calls hands-free
  • Built-in mic with echo reduction makes your hands-free calls loud and clear

More features

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 35 hours of playback time when fully charged; quick-charge option also available
  • Foldable design means they're easy to take with you on the go
Headphone Style
Primary Headset Usage
Music Playing
Band Style
Sound Isolating
Noise Cancelling Type
Active Noise Cancelling
Noise Cancelling
Echo Reduction
Truly Wireless
Bluetooth 5.0
RF Wireless
NFC Ready
Wireless Talk Time
Max 35 Hours (BT NC)
Wireless Standby Time
Max 200Hours (BT : ON / Noise Canceling : OFF)
Effective Wireless Range
Line of sight approx. 30ft (10m)
Designed For Gaming
Designed for Kids
DJ Style
Inline Volume Control
iPod/iPhone Control
Built-in Mic
Android Control
Voice Assistant Built-In
Google Assistant
Works with Google Assistant
Fitness Tracking
Heart Rate Monitor
Step Tracking
Cord Length
Approx. 1.2m (supplied headphone cable)
Plug Size
Right Angled
Driver Unit Size
30mm, Dome
Power Source
DC3.7V : Built-in litium-ion rechargeable battery
Frequency Response
7 Hz - 20,000 Hz (JEITA)
72 Ohm (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on), 33 Ohm (at 1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
94dB/mW (at 1kHz)(when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned on), 100dB/mW (at 1kHz) (when connecting via the headphone cable with the unit turned off)
Colour Family
223 g
  • Connection Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card

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    Verified BuyerReviewed by gprice7135 - June 28, 2021

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY THESE!!! Thought I was getting one heck of a bargain with the MSRP being $199.99 but the build quality is terrible. Sony has absolutely awful customer service, the worst I’ve yet to come across. Immediately I got the impression that they’re so so flimsy and cheap and also that the headband extenders were way too loose and they wouldn’t stay where I adjusted them to fit my head. After 2 weeks of less than average use, the extenders sliding down my head caused the headband to crack. I called Sony immediately, baffled by how terrible these were just to be told that their limited warranty doesn’t cover anything “physical” as if they just sold me software or something. I’ve hounded them over and over, trying 6 different times to call or live chat with them just to be ultimately told all they can do for me is offer that I pay to have them shipped back to them and me pay for their repair. After 5 months sitting in their original box in my closet I tried it once more and was told the same thing.

    Review originally posted on

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • good headphones
    Verified BuyerReviewed by Johny - March 5, 2022

    high quality sound. eliminates 95% of outside sound. the battery does take a long time, I have used them and they have never run out of battery, you can use each n 3.5 cable and Bluetooth.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
    Ease of Use:

  • A decent pair of headphones for the price range
    Reviewed by bTobin - May 27, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve been using my sony WH-CH710N’s now for about a week and overall I am happy with the performance but that said, there are a few things to point out that may or may not affect your decision to purchase your own pair. The one thought that constantly came to mind while I was testing these headphones was “I guess some corners had to be cut for the price range.” That’s not always a good thing, but these headphones are in an interesting position of not being the better, flagship sony XM3’s but also not being cheap 50 dollar or less headphones. It’s a tight line that I think, to be fair, Sony has walked well for the most part. So what are these corners cut and do they matter to you? FIRST THOUGHTS: Right out of the box, and probably the biggest complaint found on most reviews, is that there is no carrying bag/case/etc. This is one of those little things that can really upset some people or not bug you at all. Personally I didn’t think it would bother me that much but after handling the headphones and seeing how loose the swivel on the earcups are, I do wish there was some kind of protection bag, but luckily that’s a pretty easy and cheap fix if it does bother you. If you’re going to be taking these headphones with you when you travel, or in your bag to work or backpack to school you will want to get some kind of carrying and protection bag because they will pick up dirt and dust and can easily get pinched and maybe break if you leave them loosely floating around in a bag. So along those lines, the build is another one of those corners that feels cut. They are not cheap feeling by any means, but they are plastic and like I said, the swivel of the ear cups is pretty loose, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does make them feel a little fragile. AUDIO QUALITY: Now that said, the main thing you want from your headphones is good, clean audio. I have not personally used the Sony XM3 headphones, but they are commonly referred to as the high end Sony noise cancelling headphones and set the bar in many ways. Without actually listening to XM3’s, I can see why some reviewers have complained about the 710N’s not being as good but remember, the price is also much less. What I can say is that the 710N’s are not bad by any means. They have a pretty clean and relatively full sound. The lows are definitely lacking if you’re into pushing bass and sacrificing overall sound, but otherwise the mix is pretty solid. The lows are present, the highs are still crisp but the mids suffer the most with a slight emptiness feeling in those mid ranges. Not enough to complain about, but it is slightly noticeable. Along with that, the overall volume is not great. I wish there was just a little more power in the volume even if I’m not going to push it “all the way to 11”. In some situations I found myself pushing the volume up to almost full and still not hitting that “too loud” point. Obviously listening at high volumes for long periods of time is not healthy for your ears but sometimes that one song comes on and you go to turn it up a bit and in those moments you may notice it doesn’t give you as much volume as you wish. One other thing to note is there is not currently support for the Sony app that their other headphones use and is unclear if that support is coming soon or will not be available at any time. Personally I use my phone's EQ control to adjust the sound but I would like to have the option to use sony’s app and I feel that is an oversight that doesn’t seem smart to not include at launch. FEATURES: Now what about those extra features; noise cancelling, ambient noise, and assistant control? Well, for that I have to unfortunately go with the aforementioned phrase, “some corners had to be cut.” These are not the XM3’s, we know that. These don’t cost as much as the XM3’s, we know that too. But they should still be good for the 200 dollar price tag. I’m not sure I can say they match that price in my opinion but that doesn’t mean they’re not good either. The noise canceling is decent, it’s not amazing, but it does some canceling. I was using the headphones while vacuuming and it removed most of the noise from the motor and when music is also playing you pretty much can’t hear the vacuum at all. I assume for things like airplane engines, trains, or even road noise it would be a similar situation where it isn’t canceled noise as much as reduced noise. Personally that’s fine, I didn’t buy them for the noise canceling but I know a lot of people do and those people will probably be disappointed and want to save a little more to get the better headphones. But for the average person, the 710N’s will be good enough. The same can be said about the ambient noise feature. I was actually a little more unhappy with this feature than the noise cancelling. I was hoping it would allow me to have a conversation with someone in front of me (for example if I was in public and needed to hear someone on the sidewalk next to me or traffic etc and be able to safely hear my surroundings) and unfortunately I didn’t feel they were able to do that well enough to trust it to keep me fully aware of my surroundings. If there is no music playing, sure I can hear pretty well and the system works decently, but as soon as I played any audio, even at a low volume, I struggled to hear my wife talking right in front of me and she said she was talking “pretty loud”. Essentially, in the end I realized the only way to really hear around me is to pull one cup slightly off my ear. But hey, the comfort level is very good for me. I have a pretty small head and am still able to wear the headphones comfortably for long periods of time without any pressure or pain in my ears. That’s saying something because my ears almost always get sore with most headphones and I had no issues with these. I have an android phone (samsung S9) and found the NFC to work perfect every time, as well as a really strong bluetooth connection even standing in a different room, and the voice assistant feature worked fine the few times I tested it. There’s an included headphone “aux” cable that allows you to connect directly to a headphone jack which is really a nice feature that most new headphones don’t bother with. The best part about this is if your battery dies, you can still use the headphones (without noise cancelling or ambient etc) with a connected device and in a pinch, may be a very useful feature. BATTERY LIFE: I wanted to touch quickly on battery life. After a few days of decently heavy use, the battery still says “full battery”. That’s awesome and says a lot about the overall battery life. Sony says about 35 hours of playback and I would have to say that’s probably pretty accurate. Obviously volume and use of noise cancelling or not will affect those times as well. The time to fully charge when I first opened them did seem pretty long and showed there definitely is not any fast charging going on but Sony claims you can get 1 hour of listening with a quick 10 min charge. Something I wasn’t able to test because I still have not been able to drain the battery completely, which I see as a positive note. FINAL THOUGHTS: So what's the overall review for me? I like them. I’m not unhappy with my purchase but that’s also knowing the shortcomings before purchasing. I wasn’t expecting amazing noise cancelling and I wasn’t expecting high quality audio playback. I wanted a decent pair of wireless headphones that were not in-ear style that I could take with me when I travel and could block out some noise and provide clean audio in a comfortable way for long periods of time. And with the 710N’s I got exactly that. I am happy with my choice and have always enjoyed Sony equipment. If you want to get the best of the best I would say go for the XM3’s but if you want some lower cost, get the job done headphones that you can trust to deliver your music with long battery life and some bonus features then get these 710Ns. You won’t be disappointed. TL;DR I like these headphones overall. They are not as good as high end, more expensive models like the XM3 but they are as good or better than other headphones in their price range. Noise cancelling is more like noise reducing and ambient mode is just ok but the NFC feature, the bluetooth connection strength, and the voice assistant all work great and add some features for those that want them. And for the old school users you can still hardwire your cans to your phone (if your phone has the headphone jack) and can then be used with a dead battery (without NC or Ambient mode obviously). The quality is decent and in line with other headphones in the price range. If you are looking for the best of the best, save some money and buy a better pair (I’d suggest Sony’s XM3) but if you are not an audiophile or just want a decent pair of cans then these will work perfect for you. PROS: - Good clean sound - Bluetooth connection is very strong and works great (with samsung s9+) - NFC creates quick easy connection - Voice assistant available - Battery level check with one tap of power button - Extremely long battery life - Decent noise reduction - Long term wear comfort - Option to use headphone aux cable to hardwire connect - Mostly plastic build but still strong sturdy feel CONS: - No high quality audio support - No app support currently (possibly added in update) - NC is just ok. Not full cancelling - Ambient mode doesn’t allow as much noise in as I would prefer - Max volume is lacking - No Carrying bag - Button layout is slightly difficult to use and navigate - Slight learning curve to remember what buttons do what with which push combination (ie push play button 3 times to skip back, 2 times to skip forward 1 time to pause etc etc)

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Quality multipurpose wireless headphones
    Reviewed by ETP1 - May 27, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones: Listen to music and make phone calls at the same time. The ambient microphone for sound disable/enable allows the degree of privacy you want in a phone call or listening to music. Upfront rating: Another quality Sony Product Link to correct full manual below: 122+ pages Test equipment: HP 590 (BT4.2), Surface Pro X (BT 5.0), Apple SE 2020 (BT 5.0), Sony 65Z9F(BT4.2), Sony 559G (BT 4.2), Kids Fire (BT 4.1), BT 5.0 transceiver with an optical splitter for TV sound on more than one device First look and more to follow. 1. BT 5.0 2. Auto Pair 3. Touch pair 4. Auto re-connect with music pause (Tested with Joe Cockers Greatest hits at 0200AM) 5. Operational Testing range with an iPhone SE 2020 AX, BT5.0, WIFI 6 = minimum of 200 feet clear path and 100 feet through two concrete walls. Using a Velop WIFI 6 AX mesh multi node system. 6. Bass is just the correct amount. Not under or overdone. Some deep subtle bass was there which most headphones are missing. Highs are there and not muted. 7. Buttons are difficult to initially feel and locate but easier with time. 8. Made in Vietnam which is where most audio electronics are made for Japanese companies. No issue with quality as I have several Denon, Sony, Marantz, etc. made in this country. 9. Padding was just the correct amount. Not too much or too little. 10. Head bands fully adjustable for large heads 11. Over the ear cups that fit most ears. If you have Clark Gable or Dumbo ears you will have to wear them on ear. Average size cups. 12. Phone calls- answering with iPhone menu or with middle right headphone button works fine. People on the other end say the call is perfect. Tried the noise button and ambient settings and they all work as advertised without affecting the voice quality for the phone connection.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great Sound
    Reviewed by TayTay - May 30, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Growing up as a musician, I love trying out different types of headphones. I use to assist my dad in the recording studio and love quality headphones. When testing out the Sony headphones, I decided to sync them with my cellphone first. I listened to a variety of genres of music. I listened to Orchestra, Rock n Roll, Jazz, African drum beats, R &B, to name a few. I loved the surround sound feel as I watched a few movies. There are buttons on the side where you have the ability to press pause what you are listening too, adjust the sound to ambient or noise cancelling, and the headphones notify you when they need to be charged. There is a wide sound range coming from these noise cancelling headphones. I like the metal expanding headband that is reinforced by what looks to be durable plastic at the bottom side of the metal. The thick plastic seems to reinforce the metal band securely. In addition, the metal band slides into a thick ABS plastic housing for adjusting the band for comfortable sizing. The rotation hinge on the band housing looks to be connected with a possible pin mechanism for rotation of the speakers. It is difficult to review the durability of this design as it is located within/embedded inside the connection. However; and in my professional opinion, Sony has always had a great reputation for a wide range of frequency in their speakers (highs and lows), and the speakers in this headset could be counted among them. Time will tell concerning the overall-wearing durability of the rotation mechanism. WHAT I LOVE: It syncs with my cellphone Am able to clean the house while wearing them (I did have to make a few adjustments on the headphones, to keep from accidentally touching the buttons on the side of the headphones) Great quality sound when talking on the phone. (I called many family members to test them out!) Ability to plug the headphones into your computer, laptop, or cellphone or use the Bluetooth instead. :) The headphones charge fast too. CONS: These headphones were not designed to overemphasize bass. However, that is not a deal-breaker for me. Overall, I would recommend these.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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