Sony XB41 EXTRA BASS Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Black - Only at Best Buy



    from Lethbridge on September 1, 2019

    This Sony speaker has an AMAZING colour display that will go with the music and slows down for slower songs (less flashy and quick) whereas cheap speakers I find the lights don't go with the music as good. The sound is super, because it is medium sized it shouldn't maybe go too loud but it sounds great when at low to medium volumes. That is not to say it loses clarity at higher volumes. I am VERY HAPPY about purchasing this awesome portable speaker!!!!!!!!!

  • Not enough Sound quality

    from Victoriaville,Québec,Canada! on August 8, 2019

    The sound is not hall as good as a Bose système would be!!

  • Battery 🔋

    from Toronto on July 24, 2019

    Battery doesn’t last as long as they say

  • Uuu

    from Yyy on July 16, 2019


  • Good quality sounds

    from Niagara Falls on July 2, 2019

    I bought this on VIP sale at Best Buy. All the features are great except the battery life. I took this to camping fully charged and the battery only last for about 5 hours although it says 24 hours battery life. Also the next day I charged the battery 50% and it lasted only for an hour. I would say it’s good for backyard music when there is a power back up but not so great when no power option. I regretfully returned this back to Best Buy.

  • Sweet Sony Sound...

    from Nanaimo, BC on December 28, 2018

    Picked up two of these Sony XB41 bluetooth speakers on boxing day and they are absolutely fantastic.. the light show is awesome and they sound great. no problems linking them up to my bluetooth turntable, love them

  • XB41

    from Stoney Creek, ON on November 3, 2018

    I've spent the past two months trying different portable speakers like the UE Megaboom, the Doss Soundbox XL, Harmon Kardon Studio 4 and then this, the XB41. Every speaker has positives and negatives - the Megaboom has a very soft bottom end but clean highs, the Soundbox XL lacks crisp definition and sounded cheap to my ears but had slightly more bass, the Studio 4 was just too awkward looking but had the best sound of the bunch and then the XB41 which sounds a bit muddy (needs tweeters) at times but has a decent amount of bass. If the JBL Xtreme2 was priced lower I would have spent more time looking into that unit. The reality is that at this price point there is no speaker that can deliver in all areas: sound quality across treble, mid and bass ranges, small size, long battery life, water proof, ability to chain multiple speakers together, sub 50 hertz bass response and loud. I'm looking for the same sound as a full theatre system with bass that can shake my walls and clean treble definition that sparkles - it's just not possible in this range. To that end, the XB41 fits what I was looking for in my price range as best as the current lot of speakers can. As an aside, I would love it if Sony offered a bass sub that could link with this speaker from home. There really isn't anything else in the market that offers both portability and a full-range experience - seems like an opportunity to enhance the listening experience.

  • Great, feature-filled speaker

    from Vancouver, BC on October 31, 2018

    Sony nailed it with this wireless speaker. The sound, size, features, and battery life should really appeal to most people who are looking for an all-around great wireless speaker. Specifically the lights, Live Sound, and other sound effects make for a truly unique listening experience. Good on Sony to allow such a premium-priced speaker to have some fun!