Step One Contemporary Storage Bed - Queen - Black


  • Reinforce

    from Calgary, AB on May 4, 2017

    Reinforce the bed with extra wood at Rona... with the sale of this bed and the extra wood, it make it worth it. Yes, I wouldn't trust it on its own. Very thin and cheaply made but was a good base to then reinforce.

  • Look at the photos and think about it for a minute

    from Kitchener, ON on October 3, 2016

    This bed looks pretty nice, but only for someone who either never gets laid, or is not very adventurous in the bedroom. Just sayin.

  • Very bad

    from Mississauga, ON on June 8, 2016

    This bed is the worst bed I ever bought. The material is very bad and the bed had many things missing.

  • Fairly decent!

    from Elkford, BC on February 19, 2016

    For the price, it was a good deal. Fair warning, the instructions have no words (just frustratingly vague pictures sometimes) and when it comes to building the drawers you definitely need another person, but in general, works great and looks good! Also be warned, you need someone pretty strong on delivery day, they don't bring it in the house and I struggled on my own.

  • It ok to have

    from Montreal on January 6, 2016

    Its not bad however the board that you place the mattress on can not extra weight. the way its attached to the actual bed is not the greatest if you plan to move from one place to another. almost sure you would have to replace it.

  • piètre qualitĂŠ

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on August 10, 2015

    Piètre qualitÊ, les supports brise facilement, j'ai du le solidifier avec des 2x4... très dÊçu.

  • Love this bed

    from Dartmouth, NS on June 19, 2015

    Bed is a great price, delivery was fast and efficient and quality was surprisingly good!

  • Shiny, sleek bed. We haven't used it yet.

    from London, ON on July 18, 2014

    The bed looks great, has easy to follow instructions, and needs only a few tools to put together. It also should have TWO people to work on it. One person may break it. Possibly irreversibly. Right now we have an amazing looking bed that has a cracked and chipped screw hole in it and we're afraid to use it. I honestly don't believe it's the bed's fault, I just wish that BOTH of us were available to pop it together. Another note: Best Buy sent the bed Purolator. Purolator did not want to deliver without someone being there to receive the bed, as it was quite heavy. Happily we even had a small hand cart to receive that day. Good to know! All in all, it is a beautiful and sleek piece of furniture that is incredibly useful if assembled properly, especially with the two drawers. The instructions are easy to comprehend.

  • Bed Frame

    from Regina, SK on June 25, 2014

    I love the style and look of this frame, easy to assemble, even came with a touch-up pen which impressed me! However, it's a little long for my queen sized bed, and doesn't have handles for the drawers which is fine with me. But maybe not for others.

  • Wish there was a true queen size

    from North Vancouver on March 22, 2014

    It's nice, looks very modern and the drawers are good sized. Once it's built it feels sturdy but I have a feeling something might break when I move it. If there was a true queen size it would look better as my bed fills out the entire square so it doesn't look as good as the picture.