Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid (R001FCA) - French


  • Lasted a year and a half

    from Burnaby, BC on 15 septembre 2017

    My BB8 lasted a year and a half from when I bought it. It goes from a full charge to empty now in under a minute, I contacted the sphero support and they told me that it is not possible to replace the battery. Of course this happened right after the warranty was up. I paid quite a bit more money than what it costs now and expected this to last a few years at least. If I had known what the lifespan was I would have saved my money and bought a BB8 figurine instead, since that's what I ended up with.

  • BB-8

    from Ashern on 24 janvier 2017

    BB-8 Works great and the price paid was terrific!

  • Neat Little Toy

    from Listowel, ON on 28 décembre 2016

    Haven't had much time to try it out. Got it for my son for Christmas. Was very excited to try it out but wouldn't connect to his tablet or ipod that he has. Had to set it up to my phone which is not helpful for him to be able to use it when ever he wants.

  • I am conflicted about BB8. I am not sure what to think

    from Toronto,ON on 26 avril 2016

    I got this toy because I saw some commercial on TV and they were awesome. So here are my thoughts. Lets start with negatives. 1. BB-8 sounds comes through smartphone or tablet 2. Holographic feature is a gimmick It is all done again through the phone. 3. To operate BB-8 in any more phone app needs to be running. 4. To give BB-8 commands you need to do it through phone. 5. Carpet lint gets into wheels so its head needs frequent cleaning 6. BB-8 does not do a lot. you can either control it or it is in patrol mode 7. I think price is overkill for it imo. Now the positives 1. BB-8 is extremely cute. I mean it. it is fun to watch this little thing explore the room. Shake its head and make noises. It really feels like BB8 had its own mind. BB-8 is definitely learning. 2. Did i say BB-8 is cute... 3. Did i mention BB-8 is cute... 4. Yes BB-8 only but big advantage is that it is cute... Bottom line is that its cuteness outweighs its many disadvantages. I just wish Sphero made it more interactive by putting camera and a speaker in it. If you are looking for artificial pet like commercials would want you to believe you will probably be disappointed. Kids and animals will love BB-8.

  • Stopped Working

    from Cambridge, ON on 2 avril 2016

    Bought this at Xmas for my daughter. Worked great for a month. Now it will not connect to my phone. I contacted support. I will have to send it in to get replaced.

  • Fun Little Toy

    from Calgary, AB on 12 février 2016

    A little hard to control at first but my favorite thing is that you can put BB-8 on auto mode and watch him purposely run into the computer desk then back up and roll into the fridge. The droid seems to know that it has run into an object and backs up accordingly only to randomly roll in another direction. Good on hard floors, bad on carpets. Pretty sturdy build since it's probably made for rolling into hard objects. If your floor isn't already kinda clean like ours, make sure you clean the robot and the wheels under the head after use since stuff can get under there easily and that might effect how well his head stays on when it's running into things. When not in use, BB-8 makes a very nice desk decoration. I wished his beeping noises came from the toy itself, but perhaps in a more updated model? It's a super cool toy to have anyways!

  • The most fun you'll have!

    from Aldergrove, BC on 18 janvier 2016

    Touchy controls, but overall a lot of fun. You'll need a good flat space, though. Remember to clean it too! As fun as it is to witness your pets' reactions, this one picks up hair and dust VERY easily. Great gift for any big Star Wars fan in your life!

  • Does not work with any of my android devices

    from Woodstock, On on 16 janvier 2016

    I got this xmas day, and it arrived on the 30th, I waited to open the device until today (Jan 16th) not until then did I find I cannot install the app on any of my android devices (samsung galaxy S3, tab 2, etc) of course it is now a few days passed the return time so the item is now an expensive paperweight. I do not recommend this item. If you do buy one, try to install the app on your device from the play store BEFORE you buy it or open it.

  • This really IS the 'droid you're looking for!

    from Coquitlam, BC on 12 janvier 2016

    A wonderful little collectible! I echo what others have said: the in-box instructions are lacking and I had to go online to activate him. BB-8 has less functionality that other Sphero products, but the sounds he makes as he explores give him a personality other Sphero products lack. He’s cute, and very curious about exploring his new home. I bought him as a birthday present for my wife, and she absolutely loves him! You do need to keep your floors very clean, as he loves to go under our couches and into hard-to-clean spaces, which gunks up the rollers on his head. His head only rarely pops off. Hopefully, Sphero releases new firmware to give him a level of functionality to match their other products (I suspect Disney insisted on a degree of black-boxing). If so, I would give this a 5-star rating. As is, I rate BB-8 4/5. BB-8 is a great little toy: expressive, fun to play with, and very durable! Worth the [price] plus tax I paid for him!

  • First impression lasts

    from Calgary, AB on 8 janvier 2016

    For my first impression, I will give 5 stars because the product arrive earlier than what Ive expected and my boyfriends likes it alot.