State of Decay 2 (Xbox One)

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Model Number: 5DR-00002
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Immerse yourself in zombie survival fantasy in State of Decay 2 for Xbox One. Play solo or team up with 3 of your friends to explore and survive in this dynamic open world, which is packed with friendly survivors, human enemies, deadly zombies, and precious loot. The characters you recruit and the actions you take make each storyline unique.


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Open-world survival

  • Explore a large, open world filled with zombies, human enemies, nervous survivors, and gear needed for survival
  • Recruit friendly survivors and build a community of individuals, each with their own unique background traits, skills, and attitudes
  • The individuals you assemble and the actions you take ensure no 2 stories or experiences are alike -- each play through is wholly unique
  • Play as an entire community -- with no singular hero character -- and scrounge for valuable resources and gear as you collectively fight for survival

Co-op multiplayer

  • Play through the game in solo mode or team up with 3 of your friends to embark on a journey or post-apocalyptic survival together
  • Invite your friends to your solo game, or drop straight into theirs, and work together as you explore the deadly landscape and watch each other's backs
  • As you join up with friends and play through the game together, each player maintains command of their own personal community and roster of characters

RPG-like progression

  • Develop each survivor's traits and skills to improve their capabilities and strengthen your community
  • Collect resources to build and fortify your base, unlocking crucial new facilities and valuable community options along the way
  • Elevate your favorite survivors to leadership roles in your community by heeding their advice and completing their goals, and unlock new community benefits and objectives that suit your leader’s ideals
  • Manage the relationships and goals of your survivors to build a strong community that has a lasting impact on the future of your world

Power Up Your Game on Xbox One X

  • Makes the most of your ultra-high-definition set up and runs in native 4K resolution when played on the Xbox One X, delivering crystal-clear visuals for a more immersive gaming experience
  • Supports HDR when played on the Xbox One X for better contrast, greater brightness levels, and a wider colour palette so on-screen images look more realistic, enhancing your immersion in-game

Number of Players

Console Enhanced
Xbox One X Enhanced
HDR Compatible

  • Cult Following

    from Brampton, ON on May 24, 2018

    This is one of those games that has and will have a cult following. It's not a AAA title and it should not be treated as one, and yet it has the charm that none of the big games have. This is my first entry into state of decay and zombie games in general. I'm not a big fan of the zombie culture, but this game has something more than zombies. It's base building, it's RPG, resource management, scavenging and a bit of fighting and everything in between. On its own, I don't like any of these things, but all put together, there is something ...which is hard to describe and it is that thing that will keep players coming back to it even after everything has been said and done.

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