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Subnautica: Below Zero (Switch) - Digital Download

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After your sister goes missing, you must return to planet 4546B in Subnautica: Below Zero for Nintendo Switch. Dive into the frigid waters to explore abandoned research stations and scavenge for resources to aid you in your quest. Along the way, you’ll encounter bizarre alien creatures and dangerously harsh environments.

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Subnautica: Below Zero

  • Underwater adventure game takes you back to planet 4546B for an all-new sub-zero expedition
  • Discover the truths of a mysterious incident as you explore abandoned research stations
  • Make your way through frozen biomes including the Crystal Caverns, Glacial Basin, and Twisty Bridges
  • Scavenge for resources to create protective habitats and powerful vehicles
  • Encounter strange alien creatures like Titan Holefish, the Shadow Leviathan, and adorable Pengwings
  • Explore the aquatic and terrain biomes to unlock materials and discover the answers you seek
  • Build bases to protect yourself from the harsh environment and the dangerous wildlife
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Animated Blood;#Fantasy Violence;#Mild Language
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Nintendo Switch

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