T-Fal Easy Fry Prestige XL Air Fryer - 1kg


  • Had a terrible experience with product technology
    by Usman

    on February 11, 2020

    Although the name is very big but this is the only positive comment i can give. I have my third air fryer replaced in a span of 12 months. This is too bad for a brand like T-fal.

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    by Lor59

    on January 30, 2020

    Love it BUT the ventilation slat holes that are located around the entire insert basket, do not allow you to drain any oil or juices that may have got trapped at the bottom. Is there a trick to this? There's no safe way to drain the oil/juices out! T-fal what's up with that? I ended up using paper towel to soak it up, others suggested a piece of bread inserted before cooking. Would I recommend it? There's no 'MAYBE' (Maybe if they corrected this!) DESIGN FLAW!

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  • Works great!

    from Canada on January 2, 2020

    I used it a lot over the Christmas holidays, and so far it appears to be the best purchase I made in year 2019!

  • Confused by website description
    by Marge

    on December 20, 2019

    Delicious fried dishes in little to no oil*! The * before the exclamation point means what exactly? It's mentioned twice in the description, yet nowhere on the web page does it explain what this means...

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  • Now the most used appliance in my home
    by Raychellb88

    on December 3, 2019

    I have never used an air fryer prior to receiving the T-Fal Easy Fry Prestige XL Air Fryer, but after cooking my first batch of breaded chicken breast I was hooked. I have used this fryer to make chicken wings, strips, breasts, roasted an entire chicken, fries, onion rings, potato wedges, and apple chips. Every different recipe cooked to perfection, nothing was dried out or burnt (I did need to ensure that things were flipped within a good time period for equal air frying exposure, I had forgotten to turn the chicken breasts midway which resulted in a darker and crispier side, but it was still delicious. My only complaint would be that although it is considered an XL it did not have enough space to cook meals for more than four people (perhaps the cuts of chicken I was using were too large but if my children were older this wouldn’t work to prepare our dinner. It was also super easy to clean, and the removable plate was excellent for keeping the meats out of the grease/juices that dripped out. Since I do not have to use excessive amounts of oil to get that deep fried texture and taste, it is a healthier alternative to using a deep fryer and I feel better feeding my family foods cooked in my T-Fal. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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  • Amazing

    from Edmonton, ab on December 3, 2019

    It doesn't dry out your food and it cooks everything inside out pretty quickly. The only thing I hate is our timer failed after the first 2 months

  • Healthy Eating

    from Oakville, Ontario on November 29, 2019

    I bought this fryer a few months ago at Best Buy, used often, couldn't be happier. It's nice looking in my new kitchen. I cooked chicken wings, drumsticks, samon, french frys, bacon etc. all turned out great, very tasty, you need to turn the food halfway, easy, simple, no oil needed for meat, brush a little oil for samon, very healthy. The best part I love this fryer is the cleaning, I just let it cool down while I enjoy my meal, then wash it using hot water, all clean as the basket is no stick, so much easier than cleaning an oven. In fact, now I only use the oven for baking, I recommended to a couple friends already, I wish that I bought it earlier.

  • Easy fry as its name
    by jayseamtl

    on October 11, 2019

    Really satisfied by this product, We had an oil fryer, it was always a mess and food was greasy, nos with this one, its easy, non mess and healthier food. Nothing will make us back with oil (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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  • Great results!
    by eivemey

    on October 11, 2019

    Simple to assemble, and easy to follow instructions. The food came out perfectly, although for fresh cut fries I had to adjust cooking time and temperature a few times before they were cooked properly. The fries needed to be stirred around several times during cooking, otherwise they burned around the outside and raw towards the middle of the pan. I think it works better for frozen fries rather than fresh. There is a "cooking grid" inside the main pan which is removable. The printed instructions named this part, but did not refer to it again throughout the rest of the instructions. I couldn't find out the purpose of the cooking grid, or if it needed to be removed / left in for different types of cooking or food. I tried searching on the internet for more info, but could not find any other reference to this part. Otherwise it's a good appliance for those who want to move away from deep fried foods. It holds a lot, so also good for larger families. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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  • Perfection to a T
    by BBQmaster

    on October 11, 2019

    Upon receiving the T fal xl easy fry prestige Xl air fryer it look kinda of like a space craft. This device is perfect for anybody. From the single man/women to the average size family. I myself and a long haul truck driver with a family including 4 kids. I've used this product to prepare the family dinner as well as took it on the road. Is compact yet still able to cook a full size chicken in less then 1 hour 1/2. Juicy with crispy skin and no part left unused. Far better roasted chicken then any conventional oven could produce. I would highly suggest this product. If your sceptical of it size. Don't let that fool you. Still impressed with the results this product provides time and time again. Get creative the skys the limit with what u can cook in the machine. Even better it cleans up in a flash. If your looking to eliminate fat this is the fryer you should invest in (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

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