The C64 Mini Console


  • Get a keyboard
    by James

    on December 22, 2018

    To get the most out of this get a keyboard, preferably a mini. The joystick will not be enough to enjoy

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  • Cute but incomplete
    by MacTodd

    on December 21, 2018

    I knew the keyboard didn't work, and it was just cosmetic, but I had thought it was a basic PC that I could use for simple tasks. Really just a retro box. Better off with Raspberry Pi and cute case.

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  • Meh
    by Aceking1212

    on December 13, 2018

    Bought this looking forward to experiencing the Commodore 64 again, returned it the next day. The controller that’s included is terrible, the joystick is so stiff I could barely use it. The games have 0 manuals with them, just a place to go to their website on your phone to see them and some of these games are impossible to play without reading the manual. Overall I feel the game selection was poor, the controller was poor, and having the game manuals not easily accessible was poor. I read online that a few of the included games actually required a usb keyboard to play (which would explain the issues I had in some games) but it doesn’t say it anywhere on any of the game descriptions whether or not it requires a keyboard. Overall I was disappointed.

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  • Not even a love for all things C64 can save this.
    by beatlebrent

    on December 10, 2018

    First off, no the keyboard doesn't work. I knew that going in to this purchase, and was fine with it. But, if you're looking to expand the game library like I was, you'll quickly find out how important a keyboard is for other downloaded ROMS. You'll also find out that this unit is a horrible emulator. I'd say after downloading almost 200 ROMS from various sources, and trying them out on this unit, only about 10% were responsive to the joystick. The ROM would load fine on my other emulators, but remained unresponsive on this unit. Oh, and be aware, with only 2 USB ports, if you want to have two players on two separate joysticks, you'll need to use a USB hub to play downloaded content, since all game expansion is done using a USB drive. If the included games were better, or the built-in emulator was more robust and could handle ROMS more efficiently, it would be a fun little unit. But it's not. Youll need to keep the online user manuals handy for most of the games, as their gameplay isn't easy to figure out. Plain a simple, we were bored after about 15 minutes of stuggling with the included library of games. The most commonly heard phrase in our group was, "What am I supposed to do?" as we tried to figure out the point of each poorly designed game.

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