Theragun PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Device - Black/Blue

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Theragun PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Device - Black/Blue


Get pain relief and speed up your post-workout recovery with the Theragun PRO handheld percussive massage device. Powered by a brushless commercial-grade motor, it features QuietForce technology to ensure quiet and powerful massaging. With guided app experiences and multiple speed range settings, you can enjoy customisable relaxation.
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Get pain relief and speed up your post-workout recovery with the Theragun PRO handheld percussive massage device. Powered by a brushless commercial-grade motor, it features QuietForce technology to ensure quiet and powerful massaging. With guided app experiences and multiple speed range settings, you can enjoy customisable relaxation.

  • Portable percussive massage device gives you an effective recovery experience
  • QuietForce technology with brushless commercial-grade motor ensures premium performance and quiet operation
  • 16mm amplitude reaches into the muscles to stimulate blood circulation, generate heat, and release tension
  • Rotating arm relieves tension and reduces soreness
  • Customisable speed range between 1750PPM to 2400 PPM makes it easy to choose the optimal setting for an efficient massaging experience
  • Force meter offers up to 60lb. of no-stall force that triggers sore points and muscle twinges to accelerate relaxation
  • Therabody app provides customisable massage therapy via Bluetooth by examining your activity data
  • Three built-in app-guided preset routines let you choose the right option for optimal relaxation
  • OLED screen gives your current speed and battery level
  • Includes 2 swappable lithium-ion batteries, with each providing up to 150 minutes of operation time and a wireless charging option
  • Ergonomic triangular handle allows for comfortable operation
Massager Type
Targeted Area
Total Body
Battery Type & Quantity
2.5 Ah 4.3 V Per Battery Cell
Battery Life (Typical)
2 h
Charging Time
1.25 h
Power Source
Battery Powered


30 cm
27 cm
20 cm
4.19 kg
  • Theragun PRO Handheld Percussive Massage Device
  • Hard Case
  • 6 x Attachments
  • Attachments Pouch
  • Lithium-ion Battery Charger
  • Owner's Manual

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  • Best Massage Device Ever!!
    Reviewed by BLK3WLD - May 5, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] To start, I received this product and was amazed at the quality of packaging, I love the feel of the travel case as well as the build quality and feel of everything else included. I love that it has two swappable batteries which supposedly can last 300 minutes total, and the extra attachments feel excellent. The device build quality and feel are way better than other massage guns I've used in the past, the weight of the device isn't bad and super comfortable to hold onto and grip. The attachments are able to be cleaned easily and just I can't get over how amazing and comfortable they feel. This device can be customized for different speed settings which is really just 5 speeds but the only thing I would want is maybe for it to go slower but the speeds are perfect. I love the OLED screen that also tells you how much pressure you're applying to your body. The other thing this device has that no other massage gun I have used before is an app that you can use alongside with it, you can do firmware updates and select different routines to use and store up to three different presets so you don't have to use your phone if you don't want to. It took me awhile to finally be able to log into the app and it definitely needs work to get all the bugs out but overall I am very happy with this product, it already has gotten a knot out of my shoulder which has been there for a week. The one other downside is the NOISE, I have never owned a Theragun before but have used the older Pro model at a Chiropractor and to me the noise level may have improved compared to that model but to me it definitely is louder than an electric toothbrush like the advertisements say online. While the noise isn't too bad it doesn't bother me, I feel like it is an improvement and I am happy with the loudness it has. I did a video to show how loud it can be but it won't let me upload videos. I did a comparison to another massage device and they both sounded the same when they both were on the highest setting however, in the low setting of the other device it was noticeably much quieter compared to this Theragun. I used the product for quite some time on my body and I never noticed any overheating or smells so I would say the components of the motor are well built. I love the battery gauge on the OLED screen and how quickly the batteries charged when I first charged them from receiving the product. The price of the product is pretty high compared to others but what you're getting with the quality of build, components, and technology this thing will last a very long time, I highly recommend this product to anyone who has thought about getting one, it works well for massages for friends and loved ones too.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Professional Percussive Massager that works.
    Reviewed by SenorM - May 12, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The new Theragun Pro 4 is the latest percussive massage device from the Therabody company. Retails $599 usd. This flagship model weighs about 3 lbs. but around 4 lbs. in the carrying case including the 2 rechargeable batteries. The Theragun has a nice sturdy feel to it. It has an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to grip. The arm can be adjusted to 4 different positions to help you to reduce any strain to your arms, wrists, and hands. There are 5 different built in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400 percussions per minute) which can be controlled in the app via Bluetooth. What’s in the Box: - Theragun Pro - Protective Carrying Case (designed to carry only the massager and 2 batteries) - 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries (approx. 2.5 hrs life; 75 min. charge time) - 6 Attachment Heads. 5 made with non-porous closed-cell foam (Dampener, Standard ball, Wedge, Thumb, Cone) and 1 Supersoft - Travel Pouch for the Attachments (which is separate from the carrying case) - Lithium-ion Battery Charger and Battery Cradle - 2 Year Limited Warranty The good: Super easy to use. The various intensity speeds are there to treat several different tolerances. There is a central button to turn on/off and directional buttons to navigate the intensity. The OLED screen has a good contrast to easily see the setting selected. The noise is bearable and not too loud. about 50% quieter than the previous gen. (a little bit louder than an electric toothbrush). The machine feels very sturdy and professional in the hands and it’s not too heavy. Its portable and not cumbersome via carrying case. The not so good from my own personal experience: This machine is strictly battery operated. The battery recharge time from dead is about 75 min. So no quick charge and go. Good thing you have 2 batteries and you can purchase more on their website. The attachment heads have their own carrying pouch. I wish they would have designed the main carrying case to also carry them AND the battery charger and cables. I was not able to connect to the app via Bluetooth. For some reason, the device is not discoverable. I did try to reach out to the company in search for help but I haven’t heard back from them being several days later. So I wasn’t able to try the app. Lastly, the price $599 usd retail. For that price I would have expected the wireless charging stand to come with it. As advertised on their website, Its not much more of a cost. Other than those gripes, this machine is fantastic. After using the machine for a couple of days, targeting areas with muscle ache or pain, I haven’t felt this kind of relief in months to even years. I can sleep more restful now, exercise with no pain, and I feel more flexible . As a former college athlete, yet still active, this is a must for muscle care, recovery, and mobility.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

    Reviewed by Hmirza - May 6, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] First of all Theragun makes a really good and good quality percussive massagers. I had the opportunity to try out their new Theragun Pro and I must say its a really good product but for the price tag its not that great. Now this is their high-end model so I was expecting something a bit more unique and different. So, the Theragun Pro comes with two rechargeable batteries, 6 different heads, carrying case and charger. So we own an off brand percussive massager already so comparing these two the attachments for the Theragun are so much better and just have an overall better feel to them. The battery life on the Theragun with the two rechargeable batteries on the Theragun are better and take the win in that section as well. Thergun Pro also weighs less than other massager plus the adjustable massaging head and unique design really made giving yourself a massage just so much easier. Now this model is supposed be equipped with "Quietforce technology" but honestly it sounds about the same my off brand, meaning its not loud but not really that quiet either. I haven't used a Theragun before so I'm am unsure of if they have improved upon the sound of the massager but its not really a turn off. So in conclusion let's sum up some of the pros and cons on this product. PROS: WEIGHT ERGONOMIC DESIGN POWERFUL MASSAGE HEADS / ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE HEAD CONS: ***PRICE*** NOISE I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who can afford it.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Worthy UPGRADE to G3PRO!
    Reviewed by nkpstudios - May 9, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] FINALLY it is HERE!!!!! The 4th Gen Theragun PRO, a.k.a. the G4PRO for all the Theragun fans our there. In short, with the addition of the OLED screen, Bluetooth, quieter motor, and battery upgrade, you get a familiar gun with industry leading specs and improvements. The OLED shows the variable speed, force meter to show how hard you're pressing, and battery life. Battery life is doubled per "mag" up from 75mins on the G3PRO. The upgraded motor is more powerful, NOTICEABLY quieter, and professional grade to handle heavy use. The Bluetooth capability adds connectivity to the Therabody app for the SUPREME experience. Through the app, there are preset app guided routines that show you how to use the gun (even the correct amount of pressure on the screen with interactive feedback) and it times your own personal PT session. Now with 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) and app-controlled customizable speed range (any speed between 1750-2400 percussions per minute). All of this AWESOMENESS fits inside a high-quality semi-hard shelled travel case and attachment bag to make it the ultimate travel companion! If you are a serious athletic or just train hard, you know the value of taking care of your body and this is an investment in YOU. What’s in the Box? • Theragun PRO • Protective Carrying Case • 6 Attachments with Travel Pouch • SuperSoft • Dampener • Standard Ball • Wedge • Thumb • Cone • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries • Lithium-ion Battery Charger My talking points -Battery Life is rated at 150mins per battery which this kit provides two. They charged in a little over an hour or so after arriving almost completely dead… not unusual but wanted to note it for someone who wants to use it IMMEDIATELY for something that ales them. -Love the travel case! It is roomy and spacious for everything needed. It is a semi-hard shell case with places for two batteries and storage in the pocket. -6 Attachments to choose from to tackle knots, lumps, and sore muscles. -Therabody App is excellent! It teaches you the proper level of pressure to apply and where to use the Theragun on specific muscle groups. This provides guidance to otherwise clueless users to get targeted and effective results. Using Bluetooth, the app can control the gun turning it on and off for your timed routines. Try the "Sleep" Routine is my favorite to use everyday. It is 6mins of muscle loosening just before bed. -Motor is SUPER QUIET compared to other devices I have used; especially compared to the Gen3 PRO. On its highest setting, this Gen4 it is quieter than previous generations. At the 1750 setting (low) it is noticeably quieter and usable in most environments. My wife says she couldn't even hear it in the next room. It seems most of the noise is coming from the actual attachment while the motor itself is fairly quiet.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Professional Quality SMART Percussive Massager
    Reviewed by TechGuru - May 6, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Theragun PRO is the flagship latest model which retails for $599 and is targeted for athlete, body builders or anyone who is looking to help reduce muscle soreness, improve motion and flexibility, muscle recovery from workouts. Featuring the same triangle ergonomic multi grip handle this latest PRO device has a display OLED screen with force meter, improved/doubled battery life of 150 minutes compared to the 75 minutes on previous generation (G3 PRO) which is a great notable improvement. It does come with 2 rechargeable batteries in the box that totals 300 minutes. This model also has Bluetooth connectivity for smart app integration and has customizable speed range; 5 built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2400 percussions per minute) compared to only 2 settings on previous generation (G3 PRO). You can also customize the speed from the app on your mobile which is a great cool feature for more personalization which is a SMART feature. This PRO model is much quieter (55%) than the previous generation and uses a quiet force technology for a professional grade power to treat muscle soreness. Weighs around 2.9 lbs. (0.2 lbs. lesser than G3 PRO) and measures 10 in x 7.1 in x 3 in compared to 10.4 in x 7.8 in x 2.75 in on G3 PRO. Also, this model replaces the large ball attachment of G3 PRO to a new Supersoft attachment that is made of foam for sensitive areas. In the box: Theragun PRO, Carrying case, Travel Pouch with 6 attachments, 2 16 V Lithium-ion batteries, Charger, Manual booklet with Theragun Sticker. Packaging: Very high end packaging like apple products which gives a premium feel when unboxing this unit (see pictures of the box). Once you open the box, sturdy carrying zippered case of great quality with THERAGUN printed which houses the device, 2 batteries and manuals in separate embedded compartments for travel protection. Included batteries have little juice and would need charging. There is an indicator (white strip) on the cradle that slowly blink/flash when it’s charging and changes to solid white when charging is 100% complete. Setup is very easy. You just insert the battery into the battery space at the bottom until it clicks and just click the button on the handle to ON/OFF the device. Short press on the button boots the unit with welcome T logo on the display screen with the battery indicator (displays battery icon like mobile phone) and you can increase or decrease the speeds by pressing the up or down arrow. Layout of buttons is similar to TV remotes for selection with Ok button in the center to ON/OFF and off and 4 arrow buttons for navigating. Left and right arrow buttons are to change preset speeds. To change the attachments, just place the finger on each side of the attachment at the tip of the rotating arm and slightly pull off and replace the desired one. Also, the adjustable /articulating arm can be adjusted into 4 positions and to do that just push the rotating arm button on the underside of the arm and move to the desired angle. This is another improvement from previous generation (G3 PRO) where the placement of button is moved underside of the arm for usability and moving the rotating arm on this new one it’s pretty easy without much force. Quality is top notch and feel good on hands. Comes with 2 year limited warranty for additional peace of mind. This model is a SMART device that uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone. You need to download the Therabody app (new app) on your iOS or android devices. Once downloaded, you need to create a new account (even for existing theragun users) due to new app integration that works with this model. Once the account is created, and verified you are all set. Just turn on your device and select the model from the app and voila it automatically finds your device via Bluetooth and it lets you to select your routine from 10 different options. App also integrates with Apple health for iOS devices and Google Fit or Samsung health for android users. I have iPhone 11 and it immediately asked if I would like to allow access to apple health app. You can choose to grant access depending on privacy preferences. Also, check for new firmware update from the app after initial setup. Like any smart devices, you should be careful by not switching off or disabling the Bluetooth when firmware is in progress. Make sure you have at least 50% battery on your device and you have minimum 10 minutes for firmware update (yes it takes around 10minutes). Software update underway message on the phone app and the display bar on the device will let you know the progress and once done it will display software update complete on the app and the device switches off automatically to let is ready to use. There are 10 options to select your routine in the app. Upper back, Lower back, Wellness, Knots, Carpal tunnel, Walk, Neck, Hamstrings, Feet, Sleep. I selected Neck routine in the app, for my wife and hit the play now button. It has a great animation with time, speed, steps with good details. You can control your device from the app for customized speed, switch off the device if required. Just follow the step by step instructions for effecting massaging like a PRO. My wife was happy with the massage and has been using for past 2 nights to break up the stiffness on her shoulder and neck area due to work from home(software engineer works for over 10 hours in same posture) and not being regular to gym and she absolutely loves this SMART feature device. I did try the lower back option for myself and it was absolutely incredible. I work out a lot at my home gym (due to stay at home order/gym closures) and have worked hard to redo our vegetable raised bed over the weekend. Lot of exercise and sore back. After self percussive message with this new PRO it was an amazing relief. Now I don’t need to request my wife to massage my back after long workouts in garden or heavy lifting. App is very intuitive and self-explanatory with great visuals and videos of the body parts that is selected for massaging. Theragun has greatly improved the quality and usability of this product compared to the previous generation. Overall, if you have a previous generation then it’s not a must upgrade but if you are in a market for a percussive massager then definitely go with this model compared to the previous generation for few extra dollars and you will be happy with it in a longer run. Pros compared to previous generation are lightweight, increased/doubled battery life, new Supersoft attachment, Bluetooth SMART connectivity, lesser noise (quieter compared to G3 PRO), customized speed controls(only 2 settings in G3 PRO), 5 built in preset speeds for quick access, OLED display, wireless charging stand(sold separately as an accessory for $79). I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternative to professional massages at your own convenience without the need of a regular appointments with therapist.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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