Thinkware X700 Full HD 1080p Dash Cam & Rear Camera


  • 000000
    by Takenbythinkware

    on December 21, 2019

    Don’t buy this camera terrible customer service doesn’t work as advertised! Save your money. You have to download upgrades to camera which don’t work. Why should you download an upgrade to a Brand New Camera? No one ever answers the phone at thinkware ever.

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  • Don't Waste Your Money On This Dash Cam

    from Ottawa, ON on November 2, 2019

    After 2 weeks of buying this camera it kept turning on and off by itself. Also I couldn't download the viewer app on my Mac because it wasn't updated. Save your money and get another brand.

  • thinkware X700

    from Salmon Arm, BC on October 26, 2019

    The camera is excellent very clear video can see the details that is needed. Very easy to set up and use. The rear camera is not that good it seems like the part that plugs in to to the power cable is loose inside so it goes off and on. I will be contacting thinkware about it I will see how well they look after me and the rear camera problem, so more to come in my review. I would give this product a five star rating but with the rear camera not working properly I give it a four.

  • Nice product.
    by Kybo

    on October 11, 2019

    I've had this product for a month-and-a-half and I still haven't been able to Tinker with all the sensor parts of the camera.

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  • Great camera
    by JohnnyNYC

    on September 7, 2019

    Works great. Must view video from the screen or take SD card to your computer to view. No streaming to phone. Buy a larger SD card if you can. Video quality looks great. Could be better in rain. Parking mode works well. Gives me red light and speed zone camera alerts that aren’t even on my navigation!

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  • Great dash cam
    by Mr858

    on August 18, 2019

    I wish the cam would be adjustable to turn inside and left, right inside the car. But all in all cam is good. Easy to run the cables in the car. They give a trim tool to use to hid the cables. Which I wasn't expecting.

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  • Bad warranty
    by Electronicengineer

    on August 17, 2019

    The warranty stops covering your dash cam if your car gets too warm. That means you have to take it in with you everywhere you go during the summertime.

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  • Not bad

    from Calgary on July 31, 2019

    These are great to have but theres alot more i would have liked to have seen for this price . First off put a battery in it so u dont need to hardwire to the car . To me this is just them cheaping out . The other feature id have like to see is some integration into my mobile device . Also how about some blue tooth capabilities . The fact is i listen to music so all the noices and advanced warning systems are useless cause their quiet . So unless its tyed into the car audio or you lame and drive in silence . These features are a total loss wich lets face it . Thats why u paid the big bucks . Nope kinda disappointed with thinkware as they were the top notch but they almost refuse to do better . Ohh but their bringing out 4k . Woopty do if theirs no options junior .

  • Works perfectly

    from Ottawa on July 25, 2019

    I love that the parking mode automatically initiates. I had a garmin before which was good until it died. Single view, no audio. This is a massive upgrade for me. Dual view dual 1080P motion detection recording with ultra night vision. With audio. Exceptionally easy to use out of the box. Simple install if you understand electronics for hardwiring. Highly recommended!!

  • It's good.

    from Vancouver on July 24, 2019

    Everything works great. Very happy with the night time video.