Tiger Electric Rice Cooker - 5.5-Cup


  • Good product

    from Nepean, ON on 6 août 2017

    This cooker makes the rice tast much better than other brand cookers. It's a good product, I recommend it.

  • Bad customer service

    from Coquitlam, BC on 15 mai 2017

    I received my order on March, but one of accessories was missing in the package. I contacted both the seller and the customer service, nobody gave my response. I was really disappointed with Best Buy and will not buy anything from it.

  • This is the rice cooker I long wanted to have!
    by There

    on 5 mars 2017

    It's a good price for a quality rice cooker. My friend had been telling me to buy one. I don't regret that I heeded her advice. The rice is well cooked, fluffy and does not smell spoiled when left in the pot even for the whole day.

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  • Tiger Makes Great Rice Cookers
    by wh0dat

    on 21 janvier 2017

    Great rice cooker. Does not stick, and easy to clean.

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  • great rice cooker
    by jtd060198

    on 7 janvier 2017

    I bought this for a family member and she loves it. It was a good value and it arrived just on time, two days before Christmas.

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  • Nice rice cooker
    by Yimi

    on 11 décembre 2016

    This is a good rice cooker. Easy to use, perfectly cooked rice every time.Little pricey but not too bad.Hope it can last.

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  • Best Rice Cooker

    from Parksville, BC on 11 novembre 2016

    I have purchased and thrown away so many rice cookers over the years because they were very unsatisfactory - always stuck on/burned rice on the bottom of the pan. This rice cooker makes the most beautiful fluffy rice we have ever made at home and none of it sticks to the bottom of the pan. I can't recommend it high enough, except that you have to make 1 full cup of raw rice at a time which is a bit too much for my husband and I. I wish there was a marker on the pan that indicated water level required for 1/2 cup of raw rice.

  • Fabulous rice cooker
    by 3746

    on 29 octobre 2016

    I am very pleased with my rice cooker I have tried other rice cookers in the past and this is the best

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  • Best rice cooker ever had
    by Wwjnk

    on 29 octobre 2016

    Works great so far. Cooks fast and nice. Better than any others I had before. The only con is that it doesn't have a shutoff feature, have to pull off the plug.

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  • Nice rice cooker
    by rich

    on 17 septembre 2016

    Althought this model is made in China and not Japan, it makes nice fluffy rice in 20 minutes. Much better than cheaper brands like Black & Decker, etc.

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