Titanfall 2 (Xbox One)


  • Fantastic FPS Game

    from London, ON on September 15, 2017

    I've had this game since it released in 2016 and still play it. The single player campaign is excellent with a good story as well as a good mix of shooter and platforming elements. It also has some very inventive and engaging missions. The multiplayer part of the game is also very well put together. There is always something to do for everyone. If you like PVP action, play Attrition, Pilot vs Pilot or Last Titan Standing among others. If you are more of a PVE player, Frontier Defense is for you. The multiplayer offers a lot of customization options, satisfying weapons and abilities for pilots and Titans. The controls are very tight and smooth and the game looks good as well. Best part is that Respawn Entertainment still keeps releasing additional content free of charge as long as you own a copy of the game. This awesome package just keeps on giving. If you like FPS games, you owe it to yourself not to miss out on a little gem like Titanfall 2.

  • Fun GAME

    from Oakville, ON on January 11, 2017

    Awesome game. I love it

  • titianfall

    from Richmond Hill, ON on December 30, 2016

    really fun really good multiplayer you should get the game.

  • Best FPS of the year

    from Toronto, ON on December 26, 2016

    This is easily the best shooter of the year. Puts Call of Duty to shame, and since this came out Battlefield 1 has been collecting dust. The single player campaign is highly inventive and fun to play. Only complaint is that it's short. I rarely play the campaign mode on shooters, but this one is well worth it. If you're a fan of Portal or Half Life, you'll like this. Multiplayer wise, it's awesome. Just get this game. Highly addictive, super smooth controls and a ton of fun. BUY IT!

  • What a FUN game!!!

    from Calgary, AB on November 11, 2016

    I can't stop playing this game!! Even when I finished the campaign the first time, I've jumped back into it again. The multiplayer is an absolute blast as well!!! I will never get tired of watching my Titan come crashing into the earth & jumping straight into my mech & blasting pilots or other mechs! PICK UP THIS GAME!!!!