Traxxas Rustler 2WD 1/10 Scale RC Truck - Red


  • Rustlers are about the best...

    from North Vancouver, BC on 17 février 2019

    This is for Anna:) Rustlers are about the best...My wife and I both have one and it's a great way to spend 20-45 minutes of driving time when you want a break form a screen (both being designers,). You need to bring the car back or get Traxxas to warranty it. There is no scam, ask anyone in the industry, try a hobby store proper if you want honest service. We have upgraded ours over the years and only now did my ESC catch fire;) There are a lot of options out there but I still think the rustler line up is pretty good. Can't wait to try the 4x4 model with mud/ paddle tires in the snow! Now, if only this esc would fix itself. For all things rc, go to a proper hobby shop. It's a privately owned business and they will work with you to keep your business. After all, would you buy a pizza from a car mechanic? No, so why would you buy an rc form someone who sell dishwashers?

  • The worst Rc truck ever

    from Richmond, BC on 7 juillet 2018

    Do not buy this truck guys it is a scam. I bought this Traxxas Ruslter for my 12 yr old son on Christmas, he was pretty excited. but right out of the box the truck's charger doesn't work. It charges the battery for 45 min and showed it can't take any more charge, but when my son takes it out to play the battery only lasted for 5 mins. After, we charged it again still 5 mins. we can't even return it because it was charged. Do not buy guys, worst Rc ever!

  • Love this truck

    from Ingersoll on 19 janvier 2018

    Great performance right out of the box, durable and high quality made produc, wish that it would have came with a better charger than the wall pulg charger it has, as i have already ordered a ez peak 4-amp due to the long charge times with the charger provided. The rustler performs amazing and had no trouble even in the snow, fast and fun at a decent price, looking forward to all the possible upgrades especially trying lipo in it

  • Fun

    from Nanaimo, BC on 27 octobre 2017

    Would be 5 star but on second run the motor mounting screws came loose and the gears came slightly out of mesh to the point where it ruined the gears. Probably just me being unlucky haha, luckily parts are inexpensive and a quick gear change put it back on the road.

  • Kid proof!

    from Cobourg, ON on 5 août 2017

    Bought this for my 10yr old girl. Love it. It has hit curbs, rolled over, jumped and keeps going! Nice that I can set it at "beginner" mode for her to keep the speed down a bit. I tried it out in high speed, wow this truck moves!

  • Amazing product

    from Calgary on 29 juillet 2017

    This product is very durable and great for a first good RC car this might b the best RC you can get for your money

  • awesome

    from Windsor, ON on 23 juin 2017

    You can hit jumps 20 feet in the air without damage goes 35 mph crazy fast.

  • The best of the best and affordable!

    from Surrey on 18 mai 2017

    Fun, solid, fast, reliable & stable! Worth every penny, replacement parts are cheap, very easy to work on, look sick without the cover. 1/10 scale is just perfect size that you can play almost everywhere. One piece of advice, get a wheelie bar to have more fun and to protect the gear box from scratches as this beast is very easy to wheelie..,

  • Battery life shorter than anticipated

    from Port Moody, BC on 30 avril 2017

    We purchased this RC for our 8 year old son and were disappointed that at half-power the battery life is a maximum of only 20 minutes. Perhaps this is typical of these machines - at this level - but we were surprised and disappointed none-the-less. While the battery lasts, this product is fun and easy to maneuver; our 8 year old enjoys using it.


    from Cranbrook, BC on 22 avril 2017

    It's a awesome durable truck but the front do by mount on mine broke 😢 LUCKLY they sell replacement parts for every part on the truck I am happy and impressed (5 star(it wasn't letting me rate))