VTech 5" Safe & Sound Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with Night Vision (VM991) - White


  • Not worth the money

    from Toronto on July 17, 2019

    At first it would constantly freeze or just stop working and everything would need to be reset. Then the touch screen stopped working. Vtech refused to replace it and won’t even let me buy a replacement as they won’t ship to Canada. This unit is not worth the money and vtech customer support was extremely unhelpful. Will not buy another vtech product.

  • Horrible connection

    from Ontario on May 12, 2019

    Bought this yesterday, set it up. Will not connect to a hidden SSID (un-hid it while doing setup to get everything ready, like the instructions request). So my network has to be less secure to use this. Then, when it is actually connected, the video is quite laggy, and definitely not as high of quality as described when purchasing it.

  • Really Wanted to Like It

    from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on May 9, 2019

    Purchased early February 2019 and will let you know to stay away. My only hope is that Best Buy will allow me to exchange for something better in-store even though I am a few days past their 90-day return period. Unit is okay to set up, and operation is easy (albeit some may find there's a lot of settings). I bought it for viewing while we are out via the companion app, which turned out to be complete junk. I was never able to get the remote viewing to work so the wifi functionality was rendered useless from the start. I followed the instructions to the letter and even logged into my router and disabled uPNP like they said. Still nothing. Video lags and had to reduce the resolution to get a decent response time on my network. My house is not huge and the router is working well with all the other streaming and smart devices so why not this one? Why have a wifi functionality if you can't run it at its full advertised potential? The last straw was tonight, May 9, 2019. I started to see really bad issues in the past month with constant reboot and pairing sequences. Now tonight, I can't even get into the video unit to try pairing again. Completely frozen. I won't be buying another V-tech unit again any time soon and Best Buy will be paid a visit tomorrow morning. Pros Good (not great) video quality Fairly simple setup and operation Cons Horrible battery life (less than 1 hour) Freezes often requiring repairing more than it should Completely frozen after three months of use App never worked for me so WiFi is not needed

  • Camera freezes often requires resetting.

    from Canada on April 12, 2019

    Camera freezes up often. Same complaint many others have experienced. Requires going into baby’s room and unplugging camer to reset. Usually happens at worse time.

  • Not horrible, but not great

    from Prince George, BC on March 8, 2019

    It works like it's supposed to, picture is great, app is easy to use. But a few issues. Occasionally it freezes up and resetting the monitor doesn't work, I have to be ninja like and unplug the camera for a few seconds before plugging back in. Doesn't happen often but always at the worse time. After about 5 months of use the battery doesn't hold a charge, must always be plugged in now. And my dog knocked it off the coffee table one day so the screen has partially popped out of the case - not a huge deal but you'd think for the price it would be more durable. We're expecting baby number 2 in a few months so I'm debating buying another one, getting rid of the monitor we have now and using our current camera with a new monitor while gaining a camera. I'm just a little leery now with a toddler and how easy the monitor came apart - if he gets a hold of it who knows what might happen.

  • Horrible do not waste your money

    from Victoria, BC on January 5, 2019

    I bought this to help my wife and I while our son was sleeping in his room. I would like to give it negative 4 stars, but unfortunately that's not a option It is super laggy, always buffering and looking for the camera. Glitchy and problematic. Even with repeatedly resetting the unit back to factory it still has on average ( sometimes a lot more ) a 3 minute delay between what is happening in the room and what is shown on the screen. That's a long time to not know what's happening with your child. The only good thing I will say about it is the range for reception is good.

  • Good monitor but expensive and easy to broke....

    from Matane, QC on August 21, 2018

    Français: Une semaine après l'achat du moniteur, il est tombé et l'écran s'est brisé. Résultat on ne voit plus le bébé et si on utilise l'écran de nos iphones ; l'application gèle souvent ce qui fait que ce n'est pas fiable.... Il y a aussi souvent des buggs avec la caméra et on doit aller dans la chambre la débrancher... pas vraiment pratique quand bébé dort. Par contre, aucun bruit de fond la nuit et bonne vision, bon zoom. Quand le son est au max on entend bébé respirer! English; A week after the purchase, it felt and the screen broked. Result: we don't see the baby anymore on the parental unit. When we use our iphone, the application freeze often so we don't trust it. Also, the camera often bugg and we have to go in the bedroom to unplug it. Not very usuful when the baby is asleep... Otherwise, the sounds is very clear (we can even ear the baby breath when at it maximum) and the image is very clear also.

  • Don’t buy if you have bad wifi

    from Tillsonburg, ON on July 25, 2018

    I did not like this monitor. I was so excited about it and was disappointed the first night using it. The delay was about 10 seconds and the screen kept freezing so I was paranoid at night i wouldn’t hear my baby cry. I returned this monitor for a Motorola and I love that one so much more. I wouldn’t reccomend this if you live in an area that doesn’t have the best wifi. I’ve always thought we had to wifi but apparently not.

  • Horrible!

    from Saskatoon, SK on January 15, 2018

    This monitor is horrible! It will freeze so you will think your baby is sleeping but in fact she's not. There's lag in the sound! The two way communication is extremely slow and delayed. The camera has a flashing light that will scare and keep your baby awake at night. I had to wrap tape around it to minimize the flashing light. I have a very good internet connection 50mbs up speed and 50mbs download so that is not the problem. Also the monitors battery life is brutal! Seriously don't buy this camera there are better one!

  • Useless without wifi

    from Calgary, AB on July 1, 2017

    This monitor requires wifi, it will not work without it which is ridiculous. If you have wifi that drops out or are using wifi for other uses in home, the signal will fade, rendering it useless. This also means if you go further than your wifi signal, it doesn't work, where as other monitors have further range. If you want a wifi only camera there are other less expensive options.