WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra Diskless Network Attached Storage (WDBVBZ0000NCH-NESN)


  • Easy to set up and use
    by Juan

    on November 3, 2019

    Set up is easy and fast. RAID is literally 1 click for the type you want to set up. No voodoo needed to make this thing work!

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  • Couldn't make it work!
    by BBShopper

    on October 27, 2019

    Got this to setup a home cloud but the item I picked did not recognize the ethernet connection. Hopefully its just with this unit

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  • Good NAS
    by SSUARk

    on June 7, 2019

    Good network attached storage for home uses. Little bit confusing is the setup but you can get around after a while

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  • Not complete

    from Edmonton, AB on April 22, 2019

    Very poor description that tells you that you need to purchase additional drives. That should come up as necessary when you order it.

  • Nice Backup Device
    by Doug

    on April 16, 2019

    I purchased the WD - My Cloud EX2 Ultra 0TB version after upgrading to a new desktop PC that didn't have room for two Western Digital high performance disks that I was previously using in a RAID configuration for backups. The fact you can buy the My Cloud EX2 with no disks (e.g. 0TB) is awesome as you can either use existing disks you have or decide which disks make sense for you. The setup was mostly quite easy aside from the fact that the Microsoft Edge browser wasn't supported and I had to download Chrome. This might not be an issue for many but I personally like Edge and the fact it's included with Windows 10 and therefore on hundreds of millions of PC's, would make me think it should be supported by Western Digital. This won't be an issue shortly as Edge is being updated to use the Chromium engine from Google Chrome. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone wanting onsite local backups. If you use OneDrive on your PC you may see warnings in the backups for files on OneDrive that you don't have locally. This is because the Western Digital software cannot back those up. Hopefully they will work with the Microsoft OneDrive team to fix this or imprve the experience.

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  • Very good entry level NAS
    by Yamen

    on January 12, 2019

    This is a very good option if you're looking to have a network-based storage drive or (Network Accessible Storage). This unit allows you to add one or two hard drives to be configured either as total storage for maximum capacity (JBOD) or in RAID configuration where one drive continuously backs up the other for data backup and redundancy. The drives are accessible through your network and, once configured, will show up as network drives. The WD software gives you many configuration options and also allows for remote access to your data from outside your wifi network, similar to what you get with services like Dropbox. Keep in mind this unit cannot be connected straight to your computer through USB. It can only be connected to and accessed through your network. It has a 1 gigabit lan network connection and 2x USB ports for connecting additional USB hard drives to expand storage even further. The connected USB drives will also be accessible through your network and can also be configured to back up the internal drives in this unit. This is however a "diskless" unit, meaning it doesn't come with any drives. You need to purchase compatible drives and install them yourself. Installation is very simple and takes 5 minutes. You only need a Phillips head screw driver to install the included mounting screws and the drives simply slide right in. It is recommended however that the drives be WD Red drives, but it will work with other models. Read/write speeds when connecting through 1-gigabit LAN are 115 MB/s for read and 76 MB/s write. Read/write speeds when connecting through 5GHz Wi-Fi are about 50 MB/s for read and 40 MB/s write. These read/write speeds maybe different for each person depending on network equipment and setup being used. This is a very good starter solution that is of good quality and good performance and is much more affordable than other expensive models.

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  • Great for home office
    by 808Golf

    on December 20, 2018

    I purchased this NAS for use as a mini server for all of the computers in my home. It makes it convenient to access files from any computer connected to my network. Setup was simple and has been easy to use.

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  • Great backup RAID HD
    by Andy

    on December 16, 2018

    Added two additional 7200rpm red hard drives. Recognized both drives and configured with RAID1. Fast!

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  • Smooth Setup
    by BigJeffOnlineInc

    on December 14, 2018

    Bought this for my new business and it works like a charm

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  • Great nas
    by Dnn69

    on November 2, 2018

    I just got my new WD nas . Easy to set up and easy to used. Thank you

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