WD My Passport 3TB 2.5" USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive (WDBYFT0030BBL-WESN) - Blue


  • Lasted a few months

    from  on 5 octobre 2019

    Worked great for a while,then started getting Eject Errors. It would reconnect and work for a while,then throw another error. I will be replacing this with a Seagate. I've been using a 2TB Backup Plus for 3 years and have had no problems. When I get my new drive,I should be able to back this one up,then into the trash it goes!

  • Bought for my PS4

    from Oakville on 3 août 2019

    I bought this hard drive to install all my games. So far it is working great no lag and worst as the normal hard drive

  • Great device

    from Peterborough on 3 août 2019

    Very small and light weight. Quiet as a mouse. Doesn’t need external power source

  • Great Storage device
    by Ocean

    on 13 janvier 2019

    This is great storage device for storing everyday data.

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  • Great
    by bigdog62

    on 29 décembre 2018

    Fast install was not hard at all to set up. I would buy again and recommend to my friends for sure, Plenty of room for anything you might need it for.

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  • PS4 backup
    by dpwac

    on 28 décembre 2018

    I got the drive to increase the storage on my PS4 deck. Just had to connect it, run a quick utility and it was ready to use.

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  • tiny item, big storage
    by InsuranceAgent77584

    on 29 août 2018

    love how compact and light the drive is, and the cover is very durable fabric. the cover has straps that keep it from opening all the way after unzipping, so the contents don't come tumbling out, and there is a pocket that's big enough for the cable and a thumb drive. the drive itself is the size of two decks of playing cards side by side. it comes in different colors - I got blue so i could find it on my desk. i love my purchase. highly recommend.

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  • Good drive, not durable

    from Edmonton, AB on 2 juillet 2018

    The size, cost, convenience and USB3.0 support is great. I bought two. They are quiet and well-sized. However, they are not durable; in the process of backing one up it just died. About 10 minutes before it fell off the couch, and disconnected; I reconnected it and all seemed well, and then the entire Windows Explorer froze out. I rebooted my computer and then the drive would not show up in MyComputer, device manager, or in command prompt diskpart. So while it worked great for two years, one minor bump lost about 500gb+ of data. Luckily most of it was redundant.

  • Very fast and effecient
    by Markaytuhnaze

    on 13 mars 2018

    Works perfectly, I have no complaints at all. WD never disappoints.

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  • Misleading advertising - No password or encryption

    from North Vancouver, BC on 14 janvier 2018

    The included "security" features for passwords and 256 encryption does not work with windows 10. I thought this must be just my system, but it's right there on the product info file included in the software. Good thing you made something in 2017 that's compatible with Windows Vista though... So no encryption or password protection at all. Piece of garbage.