Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale - Black


  • Broken

    from Montreal on June 30, 2019

    After a few months it wouldn't measure accurately anymore, would fluctuate 100 pounds up and down, totally crazy. Garbage.

  • Accuracy Questionable at Best for Body Fat %

    from MontrĂŠal, QC on December 17, 2018

    1st off The app and scale are very nice with lots of features. It was easy to set up and captured my data. The quality looks solid The issue I have is other than measuring your body weight accurately is that the algorithms and technology for body fat% are suspect! I took many measurement in the last two days in 'Regular mode' and 'Athlete mode' -This past same week I went to my nutritionist who uses calipers and a tape measure, I'm around 163lbs with 15% body fat. - This scale in Athlete mode measured 8.9% (impossible as I'm not a ripped body builder) - In regular mode it has fluctuated from 17% up to 20% depending my hydration levels which this scale is very dependent on. In one day these are large discrepancies and to be honest useless data capturing. It's a fancy Wi-Fi scale, I'm thinking about returning it and will go with a regular scale, calipers and a measuring tape!

  • hard to setup & doesn't work well

    from Markham, ON on August 12, 2018

    took me 5 hours to setup (I'm an IT professional)! Problems: 1. WIFI: it doesn't support 5G, and you have to disable password in router for 2.4G; even after this, it not easy to connect to it. 2. unless you add a person in the App, it measures only weight, nothing else; 3. The bone & muscle meatures are way off (I'm 130 pound; it says my bone mass is 5.8 pound, and muscle mass is 108 pounds! (may be I'm a big bird???)

  • Works well - difficulty Setting up with phone

    from Grey Bruce, ON on March 17, 2018

    I was on the fence about spending this much money on a scale but I am happy that I did so. The display is clear and once connected to your wi-fi, the information can be synced to the Health Mate app or other tracking apps which is very handy. Scale is attractive and is easy to use for multiple family members. I found it a bit challenging to get the scale to set up in the Health Mate app. It seemed to work better when I added the scale through the Bluetooth settings on my phone instead of letting the Health Mate app find it. This was a troubleshooting suggestion in the online manual. Once it did find it, it prompted to finish the setup in the Health mate app. Updating of the scale and completing the setup then proceeded as expected.

  • Pleased

    from Port Perry, ON on January 16, 2018

    Easy to set up, Now a week old and works fine. No issues Five star product would recommend

  • Great scale married to horrible software

    from Calgary, AB on October 7, 2017

    If you, like I did, do a lot of research on scales before buying, you'll find this is no longer a praiseworthy Withings. Nokia bought the company and proceeded to marry these scales to their own horrible apps. There are a multitude of Nokia dissatisfied customer reviews on other shopping sites. I could have saved a few bucks by buying a Nokia, but got a discontinued Withings instead and sourced the excellent and full-featured legacy Android app. There are many scales that will provide excellent measurement, but buyers of units with WiFi and tracking want more. The scale is pretty much the same unit mechanically and electronically as the vaunted Withings, but the new under-featured and unreliable apps take a formerly excellent product and seriously hobbles it. I paid a little more, but am happier by doing so.

  • All around great smart scale.

    from Ajax, ON on July 18, 2017

    Does a good job measuring weight and other weight-related data like muscle mass and fat percentage. It syncs all the data with the Nokia Health App on your phone, and allows you to really dig into it. Some of the best features are yet to come, such as pulling weight data for targeted weight loss programs through the health app. Only real complaint is that the glass surface of the scale is a foot-print magnet, but hardly a deal-break in my eyes.