Xbox One X 1TB Console - Black

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  • Release Date: 11-07-2017
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With 6 teraflops of power and support for true 4K gaming, the Xbox One X delivers buttery smooth, razor sharp, and totally immersive gaming experiences. It works with your existing Xbox One games, taps into the online features of Xbox Live, and is compatible with 4K Blu-rays, 4K streaming, and HDR content.

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Premium gaming power

Say hello to the world's most powerful console. With a 6-Teraflop GPU, 2.3GHz 8-core processor, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth, the Xbox One X out-muscles any other gaming console. Add it all up and you'll experience buttery smooth gameplay, immense draw distances, lightning-fast load times, and the ability to play 4K-enabled exclusive games in mesmerizing 4K Ultra HD. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which produces an on-screen colour range that’s as close as possible to what the human eye actually sees.

A world of games

The Xbox One X may be the world's most powerful console, but that doesn't mean you'll be short of games to play. The Xbox One X can play all of your Xbox One game discs and digitally downloaded Xbox One games, including digital Xbox 360 classics. On top of that, you can take advantage of True 4K Xbox One games that have been designed to maximize the power of the Xbox One X. And with a subscription to Xbox Live, you can experience advanced online multiplayer options, and stream or download content from the Xbox Store.

The future of home entertainment

4K ready and HDR ready, the slim and sleek Xbox One X console is tailor-made to become the future-proofed brains of your home entertainment setup. Plug it in, hook it up to your 4K TV, and voila -- you'll be able to play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and stream 4K video from services such as Netflix, enjoying 4 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. If your TV is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible, you'll be able to enjoy the rapidly growing library of HDR-enabled content as well. With HDR technology, you'll get deeper darks and brighter whites on screen at the same time, resulting in stunningly natural and lifelike imagery.

More storage, multitasking, and connectivity

A 1TB hard drive gives you more room to save and download games, movies, apps, and more. Get online via Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi to access instant content from sources like Netflix or YouTube. Want to do two things at once? Go for it. You can snap a game, live TV, movie, or app to view them side-by-side or quickly switch back and forth.

Bluetooth controller

The Xbox One X comes packaged with a completely refined and streamlined Xbox Wireless Controller, which now offers twice the wireless range of its predecessor. Sporting a sleeker design and a textured grip finish on the backside, the controller is more comfortable to hold than ever before. It also features integrated Bluetooth, which allows you to pair the controller with Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

Exclusive games

Xbox One X is the only platform where you'll be able to experience exclusive True 4K titles like Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and Super Lucky's Tale. Xbox is also home to exclusive franchises like Halo, Gears of War, and Sunset Overdrive. With more exclusive games in development to tap the capabilities of the new-gen console, you're sure to discover new favourites and enjoy classic franchises revived on Xbox One.

What's in the Box?

  • Xbox One X Console
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Manuals
  • Controller
  • 1-Month Xbox Game Pass Trial
  • 14-Day Xbox Live Gold Trial


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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  • Compatible Games
    Xbox One
  • Compatible Controller Ports
    Xbox One
  • Included Controllers
  • Controller Type
  • Video Output
    HDMI 2.0b
  • Audio Output
    DTS 5.1; Dolby Digital 5.1 True HD with Atmos
  • Width
    24 cm
  • Height
    6 cm
  • Depth
    30 cm
  • Weight
    3.81 kg
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from St. Catharines

Worth the upgrade from Xbox one s

We kept putting off upgrading from our Xbox one s to this guy, but I’m glad we finally did. The quality difference on our 4K is night and day. Plus it just seems to handle games better than the Xbox one s. Highly recommend.

  • from Edmonton, AB

STOP. Just BUY it. There's nothing left to read or say.

Imagine a PC that doesn't have to have multiple components upgraded all the time to run smoothly and give you the best performance. Not only is the Xbox One X better than anything out there. It delivered the goods. Period. 4K gaming is satisfying. I won mine and after comparing it to my Xbox One... it is far superior. It's not just another Xbox... it's exceptional. Again, stop reading all about it. Get it now. Otherwise 8K will be out by the time you get around to it. Enjoy it NOW!

  • from Vaudreuil, QC


How is this always out of stock online and in store? Get your sh*t together Best Buy

  • from Woodbridge, ON



  • from Toronto, ON

Fantastic console for the money

This is a great console for the money. The performance upgrade and graphical upgrade from the xbox one S is definitely worth it. I own both the PS4 Pro and The Xbox one X and love both consoles for different reasons. Ignore those who trash one over the other. Xbox one X Pros - Best looking graphics of any console, speed, Xbox live, best for cross platform games. Cons - lack of top tier exclusives. internal storage not upgradeable. Most expensive console. PS4 Pro Pros - Amazing exclusive games, excellent graphics, internal storage can be easily upgraded to a larger hard drive or SSD. Cons - Not as powerful as Xbox One X. Things to consider: If you can afford to buy both just do it and you wont regret it. If you have to pick just one then you may be better off buying the PS4 Pro only because the performance is still good for cross platform games and you get access to the Top Tier exclusives as well as upgradeability for the internal hard drive. Now if you currently own a One S with a large library of games and are looking to upgrade, then that changes things and your probably better off buying the One X. Like I said I like I said earlier I like both machines for different reasons. They're both excellent and those know need to trash one over the other.

  • from Mississauga


This new console is very nice, it has more power than my PS PRO. I just want to know when we can expect some actual games to play on it!? PS HAS THE GAMES ... THIS NEW XBOX SITS UNDER MY TV LIKE A BRICK. Whats the point of power without the games?

  • from Grimsby, ON

Fantastic upgrade

I just upgraded from the older Xbox One S... There is a noticeable increase in visuals and also how well the game runs. Even without a 4K TV, it's still a big upgrade. Loading times are vastly improved as well. This console is a BEAST. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  • from Stoney Creek, ON

Truly the best console on the market.

After reading reviews online from other low star reviewers I realized 1 of 2 things, first being most of them cried about things that were not even relevant to the Xbox itself such as their internet being terribly slow, second the rest were Sony fanboys that were butthurt the Xbox one X was superior to the toasters they're currently playing on. There was a guy that complained his game still played at 30FPS... well yeah Dilbert that's cause the game wasn't enhanced yet for the Xbox One X, they're specific games that are going to be optimized for this console and that crap game you were playing was not. Another dummy wrote his games were downloading to slow cause the updates are too big.... really? How stupid are these people that write these reviews? Maybe if you could afford something better than dial-up internet you could download things faster. The list of unintelligent buyers or internet tolls is significant these days. Ender return, the Xbox one X is leaps ahead in the console war and this is a must-have console, clearly, the 99% of 5-star reviews can clearly tell you that.

  • from Vaughan,ON

Quality and power

I can't get over how powerful and nice this machine is. It's so tiny too! Weighs a ton and is very dense but is whisper quiet and takes up little space. Everything looks better on this machine, not just the games - Netflix, Blu-Ray, you name it. Even on a 1080p TV, games are remarkably nicer. A must buy if you can afford it.

  • from Niagara Falls, ON

Simply Awesome!

Best console I have ever owned, hands down! PS4 pro now collects dust.

  • from Sherwood Park, AB

Love it

Bought one not knowing much about consoles coming from PC gaming. Got a 65" Sony 4k to go with it. Games look beautiful on it, and most new games are 4K HDR, and older games are getting patches for it. Also works great as a media device since you can also hook your TV box into it. And to the previous person complaining about how patches take forever to download, that purely comes down to your internet. I DLed Forza 7 (~96GB) within a few hours.

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Beautiful! Love It!

This machines a Beast! You wanna be at the top of the game? Buy it!

  • from Toronto, ON


Absolute trash. These consoles have become utter garbage. DO NOT BUY AN XBOX ONE of any kind unless you enjoy waiting HOURS for 40gb updates to download every time you turn on this piece of garbage. 4 games owned on disk and one of these damn things will play without hours of updates. RESEARCH THIS JUNK BEFORE YOU BUY. DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU HAVE INCREDIBLE INTERNET SPEED or have nothing better to do with your entire day than watch a progress bar.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Was awesome until it turned into a useless brick

Make sure you all keep your receipt close. I bought mine and started playing Skyrim Oblivion since it was X Box One X enhanced. I played for 2 days and it started slowing down. First the load times went from mere seconds, to at least a minute. Then consoles menus where slow to react as well. I tried restarting it, and after a hard reset it worked again. The next day the same thing happened only more pronounced, this time it didn't turn on again. It would light up and did nothing. I tried all the tricks (even unplugging it). Anyway, all by way of saying, be careful to keep your receipts. I will be buying another, because I enjoy the enhancements. Graphics look beautiful, and I'm sure the future is bright for this console. So far I'm optimistic, but wanted to share my negative experience as well.

  • from Stouffville


I had been using the xbox 360 for a long time so i was deciding between the PS4 and the new XBOX ONE X. I decided to go with the new XBOX ONE X. The overall 4k gaming and speed is far better then the PS4. It is such a compact console compared to the PS4. Microsoft really went all out on this console!!

  • from Saint Catharines, ON

True thoughts

I have xbox 1s, xbox 1X and ps4 and a pc. I have to say this console is the next generation for gaming and a system overall. If you have a 4k TV, this is the console to get. Games, loading, system optimization is the best I have seen. Xbox 1s and ps4 were comparable. However, the xbox 1X puts all to shame. I do have to say a good PC obviously blows all consoles away in FPS, smoothness, refresh rate and everything a true gamer looks for. If you are a console gamer, the xbox 1X is the way to go. I still prefer PC for shooting games and sports for consoles.

  • from Langley, BC



  • from Victoria, BC

Microsoft get some good exclusives.

I want to buy this console but what’s the point no good games come on Microsoft put some games out wtf.

  • from Montréal, QC


Ahahaha, I'll pee my pants. Such stupid people around here. Look at that gem "Knect does not work with this XBox" LOLx1000000!!!

  • from Arnprior, ON

Best console ever!!

Been using the system for a week now and it’s been awesome. The games are beautiful on my 4K hdr TV. Runs very quietly and not to hot at all. Compared to a PS4 Pro it is definitely worth the extra cash if you have a 4K tv, if your some one who doesn’t have a 4K tv then maybe a Xbox one s or ps4 pro would be more suitable for your budget and setup. The blu-ray player built into the Xbox one x does it job but is not comparable to a stand alone. Xbox live and the Operating system of the Xbox one x is very user friendly and quick, and looks very sleek. Overall I think this is the best console for gaming and media entertainment when you have a 4K TV to take advantage of all its options!

  • from Lake Country, BC

Xbox One X is the new king

Pay no attention to people that are obviously PS4 fanboy's feeling the need to give the Xbox One X a 1 or 2 star rating/review when they've clearly never used the hardware. I suspect they're just feeling a little bothered by the reality they can no longer claim they have the best console. Personally I'm an equal opportunity gamer. I game on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. I will admit though that as launch day PS4 owner I didn't have any plans to get into the Xbox One echo system. This in spite of the fact that with the previous gen I favored my Xbox 360 over my PS3 largely because of the controller. I eventually did get an Xbox One so I could play games with my friends that stuck with Microsoft even though the PS4 was clearly superior. Last fall I upgraded to a PS4 Pro and was happy with the games that actually took advantage of the extra power. HZD for example was fantastic in every sense of the word.Then in contrast you have a game like Uncharted 4 where the patch was somewhat lackluster offering no clear advantage over the standard PS4. It's unfortunate the uptake on the Pro's extra power has been underwhelming, and almost neglected. For that I put the blame firmly on Sony for not being an advocate for the it. The harsh reality is that games that aren't specifically optimized for it receive zero benefit from the extra power and it's entirely wasted even with boost mode enabled. Now to this past week with my XBO-X: I can tell you that the same doesn't hold true for Microsoft's flagship console. Support for the XBO-X already surpasses the PS4 Pro, and even games I've tried that don't officially have support for it get a boost in the form of 16x Anisotropic Filtering. Older titles that have received updates look amazingly good. Yes, I'm talking about you Halo 3 and Gears 3. I wasn't expecting this to be the case and frankly they're making Sony's support of the Pro look laughable. Kudo's are due for Microsoft for all the effort they've put into their Xbox business since their launch debacle 4 years ago. Their new approach of iterative console updates vs generational releases is a massive win for gamers. Knowing that my old games will continue to run on new hardware is awesome. Not only that but newer games running on my older XBO is awesome too, because I'm not forced to upgrade like I was with the antiquated generational console release cycle. It's a win, win all around and frankly I'll probably buy more digital games as a result. Sony, are you paying attention?? Anyway, suffice it to say I'm firmly back in the Xbox camp for now and every multi-platform title I purchase going forward with be for my XBO-X (or PC). My PS4-Pro will simply gather dust between must play exclusives. TLDR; The bottom line is this: Microsoft's XBO-X is a lot stronger than Sony's PS4-Pro and adding insult to injury is it's a lot quieter too. It offers compatibility that only previously existed in Sony's worst nightmares. If you worried about support for the XBO-X, don't be. Clearly Microsoft intends to ensure it's well supported (already 100 games) because the fact is their iterative release strategy demands that it is.

  • from Montréal, QC


I fired up the witcher, since there was no recent compeling game made for the xbox. guess what? it's only 30fps! and I just paid a premium price! really disapointed!

  • from Ottawa

works well on my old 58" 1080P plasma

I bought this on the hype and already own the original PS4. Also, I picked up Assassins Creed Origins XBOX one, and at least the patch size was not large, and it looks great. The main purpose for this console purchase is State Of Decay 2, so it better be great. Anthem looks good too. I tried the BluRay and it works very well, but I didn't need that. If I go to a QLED or OLED next year, I guess I have a decent console. I would still buy the PS5 if it comes out and retire my PS4. So a gaming PC or console. Personally, I'd buy a new laptop or other with the difference being a casual gamer. Do not load this console on a shared HDMI/DVI or you will have no sound, and if you do, reset to XBOX while plugged in to a HDMI port. It's found in the settings, and you lose nothing and it take a few minutes. Its runs very quiet. sound is great. Can't speak for longterm.

  • from Toronto, ON

all accessories don't work

can't use kinnect

  • from coquitlam, BC


got my scorpio edition. bestbuy delievered it to my house on november 7th at 1pm. i've played the following games so far : fifa 18, hitman, and nba 2k18.. all enhanced versions.. they put my playstation 4 pro to shame.. and i don't play ps exclusive games and only play multi-platform games, i'm just going to sell my ps4 pro on craiglist. i switched from xbox 360 to ps 4 because the original xbox one sucks, but now i'm glad to be back.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Good good job Microsoft!

this is probably the best console I have ever seen. the specs are amazing and how smoothly this console is when using it. :D I honestly can't wait for this console Sincerely Roud

  • from Wetaskiwin, AB

To Peter the softcore gamer

Microsoft is notorious in pushing developers. Of course there isn't many true 4k games out yet for there hasn't been a true 4k console to make them for. Hands down this blows PS4 out of the water. Backwards compatibility, cross platform, play anywhere, stable servers and most important of all, an American company.

  • from Vancouver, BC

5 stars


  • from Barrie, ON

limit 3 Per House Hold

Just wanted to say its a little ridiculous that Best Buy puts on your website limit 3 per house hold but when you call in to clarify on holding product and as about the limit per hold and if you can hold the xbox one x. I can see some what understanding how Best Buy wont hold Newly Released but when your staff says you cant buy three per house hold after it says on the sit.. you guys need to either honour it or get it off the sit. My Boyfriend buys more stuff from you guys than I can imagine and when wanting to buy two or 3 as gifts for family.. I guess business can be brought else where ....

  • from BC

Peter is wrong

Don't listen to Peter, PS fanboy all the way. Pretty much everything he spewed out of his mouth is false. Do your research first folks. Google is your friend.

  • from Brampton, ON

Not pleased

They said theyd charge my card mon get me the console wed or thurs...they charged on fri morn an theyre telling me it wont arrive till next fri...smh

  • from Coquitlam, BC

over priced and only 3rd party game support

First this is insane how a system can have no games and yet be so strong , first if your buying only one system this would be crazy because this true 4 k is no different then ps4 pro at way cheaper price and the important thing is gaming .Xbox has cancelled 80% of there first party games and delayed crackdown and they have lost a lot of 3rd party support and all big games like call of duty and GTA are signed on with ps4 so map packs are all on ps4 month ahead of Xbox . ps4 now has over 220 3rd party console exclusives , so games you can not play on xbox only ps4 and unlike xbox Sony has stacks of first party games and so many more coming . please don't fall for this true 4k please go look into it more you will see its same as the other system just bit stronger. i guess it comes down to what do you want a system that plays some 3rd party games a tad bit better looking then ps4 or do you want a system that has over 220 console exclusives and another 40 plus first party games that has a library that is 5 times the size . PS4 =tons of games and fun ---xbox one x = few 3rd party games and some fun for over priced price tag .Remember Xbox has only 4 ip s left and none are exclusive anymore all are on PC and worse deadrsing 4 left and is on ps4 now also on dec5th . The system plays fine as they all do but the price tag and lack of games compared to the competition and the fact how they are trying to blur facts with this true 4k when pro and the x do the same , not all games will be 4k and older ones like pro will need a 4k patch on Xbox x and you need a 4k TV. Just go to research and you will see if you want huge library and huge community for MP games then ps4 but if you want those 20 games to look a nudge better then pro and you are willing to have a tiny library of only big 3rd party games and high price then go a head . I own them all i have my x already and its great system and strong but not worth price when all games will be same on the xbox s

  • from Toronto, ON

Best XBOX One Yet

The Best System Ever Made Bester Then The Ps4

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Not even released yet but 5 Stars!

Nobody should be allowed to review this before it even comes out. Totally meaningless.

  • from St-Mathias , QC


Quite simple , this console will be the new benchmark in Gaming. I know PS4 Pro is a good console but I am geared towards XBOX. I can't wait to play in true 4K

  • from Toronto, ON

Salt in the wound

Ouch! Looks like Bryan is a little salty he didn't get to pre order one. Stop trolling FanBoy.. X gon give it to ya...

  • from Toronto, ON

Salt in the wound

Ouch! Looks like Bryan is a little salty he didn't get to pre order one. Stop trolling FanBoy.. X gon give it ya...

  • from Chatham, ON


Disregard the Sony fan boys words ... It will be a great console I'm sure.

  • from montreal


What the heck is this Bryan guy talking about lol ^^^

  • from Calgary, AB

Not copy cats

I was mistaken in my other review, after doing research this is the best console that will be out there. But I can't afford it so in my tantrum I called them copy cats. once I get enough allowance this will be the one to buy. 5 stars!

  • from Halifax, NS

Excellent value

The Xbox One X is everything a console gamer could ask for. Highest spec of any console to date, VR Support, 4K support, plays all Xbox One games and all of Microsoft's added value features like Game Pass. Definitely worth the money for any Xbox fan or new players alike.

  • from Ottawa, ON

to tha PS4 fan

Really man, putting 1* because you are a PS4 fan... Like it or not, this console will put PS to shame so stop being so jealous and just buy one lol

  • from Calgary, AB

copy cats

ps4 did vr first you guys are copy cats and hate that 0 stars

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