Quantum Break (Xbox One)

Model Number: U5T-00002
Web Code: 10255630


Straddle the boundaries of time and convention in the action-packed blockbuster time-travel game Quantum Break for Xbox One. The choices you make in-game directly impact what happens in a live action TV show of the same name. As the threads of reality skip and rewind, Jack Joyce must fight to put things right before it's too late.
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Time undone

  • Play as Jack Joyce in a narrative blockbuster revolving around a secretive time-travel experiment
  • Unravel the threads of a fractured storyline that skips and rewinds with time-amplified gameplay
  • Fight the secretive group Monarch Solutions in an effort to put things right before it's too late

Game meets live action TV show

  • Watch as the choices you make in the game impact the action in an upcoming live action TV show
  • Enjoy as a stellar cast of top actors bring the action to life both in the game and on the TV show

Bonus content: Alan Wake

  • Also includes a full game download of Alan Wake, the renowned Xbox 360 game now playable on Xbox One, plus Alan Wake bonus content The Signal and The Writer

Number of Players

Console Enhanced
Xbox One X Enhanced

  • Game of the year...

    from Saint-léonard, QC on 20 avril 2016

    Best game of 2016... I have so much fun playing this game... Best graphics on any platform up to this date and amazing story to lore you in the dynamic game play... Quantum Break is one of the reason why to own a Xbox One... :)

  • Great game but not as good as I was hoping for.

    from Vancouver, BC on 19 avril 2016

    I am a big fan of Alan Wake and played the crap out of that game multiple times and was really hoping that Quantum Break was going to surpass every element in Alan Wake. I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong as Remedy put a lot of love and work into this game but it just doesn't have the story, the characters, nor the storyline to engage and excite me like Alan Wake did. Great game still and worth playing for sure!

  • Quantum Break Review

    from Scarborough, ON on 17 avril 2016

    Pros: Great game-play. Hard to play other games without the cool powers from this game. Live-action bits during the game were also interesting. Great visuals, acting, and animations. Interesting story. Comes with Alan Wake and its bonus content (great survival horror game). Cons: Ending does not tie everything up, especially Martin's character (sequel bait). This is an issue with most games and movies these days...everyone is trying to build a franchise and in that process individual products tend to not get proper closure. Ghosting when moving camera during game. Texture pop-in when zooming into things. Colour filter is a bit annoying at times (I understand it was a style choice). Final boss fight is not that great (so were Halo 5's and Arkham Knight's boss fights, this gen of games have a hard time with making memorable boss fights). Points to note: default settings have the aim assist on high....turn it down to low for better game-play. Reduce aim sensitivity to preference (40% was good for me). Making different choices at certain points does not impact overall experience as much as I thought. Live-action bits are streamed automatically (recommended) or can be downloaded beforehand, but the file size is hugeee. Game is made for those who enjoy campaign modes in video games (like myself). Overall experience was great! Loved the Alan Wake teasers!

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