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November 02, 2016
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Don’t let the compact form factor fool you. The DJI Mavic Pro may be smaller in stature, but it flies with plenty of horsepower underneath. It has sensors for recognizing obstacles in its path and auto-tracking to stay focused on a moving subject. You also get a nifty controller to pilot it with precision.

Shoot high-quality video in 4K at 30fps or 1080p HD at 96fps. Snap still photos at 12-megapixels, all with the camera that can angle itself on a 3-axis gimbal. Fly up to 65km/h at top speed, and let it move up to 7km away from you, live streaming everything in real-time right back to you. Taking your drone flight to another level just got easier with the DJI Mavic Pro.

The DJI Mavic Pro is capable of live streaming or uploading video and photos directly...


Crafted to collapse to about the size of a larger water bottle, the DJI Mavic Pro travels with a smaller footprint when it’s not flying. The foldable design makes the drone easy to transport and tuck away in between flights or when you want to take it with you on your travels.

The smaller frame doesn’t sacrifice power under the hood because this drone offers high-end flight in a form factor that’s half the size of others.

Even the remote controller has a lower pocket-sized profile, like one you would use to play video games. The small LCD gives you the key telemetry information, while you can have a smartphone or tablet nestled into the clip for seeing a live view of the action through the free DJI GO app for iOS and Android.


DJI’s unique OcuSync transmission technology takes communication further than conventional Wi-Fi can, maintaining a signal from as far as 7km away. With faster response time and less lag, the Mavic Pro will follow commands, leaving you in control.

The onboard camera is always on, showing a live real-time view of what it sees, transmitting it back to the DJI GO app on your smartphone or tablet, letting you record video, snap photos and adjust angle and exposure as you see fit. Switch between 4K, 1080p or even 720p resolution with simple taps.


Keep the DJI Mavic Pro in the skies for up to 27 minutes on one battery charge. That lets you fly higher and faster for a longer time. That need for speed can be quenched in Sport Mode, where it can fly up to 65km/h in a dead heat.

Built with smart sensors up front, the drone is able to recognize objects directly in front and avoid them completely, maintaining an eye in the sky without having to manually maneuver it out of the way from its path.

Get creative with ActiveTrack, a cool way to track subjects with four different modes. Trace follows behind or stays in front. Profile flies alongside the subject. Spotlight maintains tracking while you fly almost anywhere. Circle pans around your subject 360-degrees.