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Fallout 76 (Xbox One)
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  • From Toronto, ON



  • From Stellarton, NS

Entertaining, but still quite broken.

For all its flaws, Fallout 76 is still an entertaining game to play. If you're looking for a very atmospheric setting without too much in the way of story, and interactions with a mostly welcoming and helpful community I would tentatively recommend Fallout 76. However, you must keep in mind this game is far from a complete product. The servers do not have the best instability, so you will encounter disconnects. Some days it may not happen at all, whilst others it may happen repeatedly. There are numerous glitches with the game, such as enemies not having their textures loaded in, and a rather notorious duplication glitch which has seemingly been patched. Enemy scaling can also become an issue, as they scale to the highest level in an area, which may result in lower leveled characters being locked out of areas if someone of a particularly higher level is there. Overall, the game is great to sit down and play as a solo experience, and if you can get a group of friends its as fun as anything else. Bethesda is working hard to fix the issues the game has, and it has noticably improved since release.

  • From Dartmouth, NS

Best Fallout Game in the Series

Despite the consistent crashing on XB1 when things try to load in the crafting menus, which I assume is a result of players on the server who dupe items... Despite the cheats and the duping that continues to this day... Despite the lack of NPC dialogue options (Lots of robots and mutants)... Despite the graphical artifacts... This is the best story never told... you can guess at what is going on while you try to listen to holotape recordings with other players always on mics picking up their screaming siblings. Really fun running around farming mats and caps. Definitely recommend the consistent use of your time.

  • From Montréal, QC


This game is trash

  • From New Westminster, BC

Horrible and broken

Want to waste your time with something that will bug and break. This game will cause even the most diehard fallout fan to give up on the franchise. Bethesda is selling a game that is not finished and is laughing at it's customers for being suckered in by the hype train. Buy something else.

  • From Brantford, ON

Save your money

Buy something else. This game is garbage.

  • From Pierrefonds, QC

Worst Fallout Game Ever

I bought the game straight from the Xbox store. A week later I requested a refund because the game is so bad. They received so many refund request that now they deny all refund request. It's an exceptional damage control measure I guess. The only reply you get is: We reviewed your request for order XXXXXXXXXX on November 13, 2018 and found it’s not eligible for a refund under the Microsoft Terms of Sale. This support request will now be closed.

  • From Kitchener, ON

Good game

The game is fun although it does have a number of bugs that can make the game irritating in some points. The bugs that have a real problem can easily be avoided if you know what causes them but vary few people know about the solution or wont listen to the answer and take the easy route of calling the game bad. I get that there shouldn't be a problem in the first place but it is the first time this developer made a multiplayer game so it was bound to have problems like most developers with their first multiplayer game. The main problem people say is that there is no story or npcs or call on a problem that wasn't really there on release, there is an abundance of story on different point of views but the way they are told is different than other fallout games which makes it hard for people to see since people are often fast and easily overlook what is in front of them. There are npcs just no human ones at the moment and the game does have a reason for that if you explore some of the quest and makes good sense when you look at whats given to you in game. The problem of the game can be an annoyance for people but often the ones that call out the problems are the ones trying work arounds, i played alot so far and have come across bugs, glitches 2 crashes and a few other problems it wasn't anything major or time consuming. Right now there are alot of people talking about how bad it is or what it lacks but most of those people haven't been around the game long enough to understand how to avoid the problems the game have then give more bad info to others which can cause more problems or glitches for those that wouldn't have come across it or give misinformation about the game for the sole point of getting others to try and hate the game since some of them only played the beta and base everything off that experience. 3/5 its a good game and fun although it gets a downed score because of the bug and glitches in the game. It is a fun game to play and sink hours into and if you like fallout and the lore of the franchise this is a game that has a good amount that can answer questions form previous games. it does have a few problems but can be avoided. But if you do want to avoid some of the bugs wait and see what they do in a few months and see how they address the concerns people have about it and don't let others try and persuade you about this game keep an open mind and judge it from your own research.

  • From vancouver

Unfinished product

This game is unfinished and I do not reccommend anybody purchase it.

  • From Airdrie, AB

Customer service something to be desired

Bestbuy customer service is the worst in the industry. Rude incompetent are the only words to describe them.