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Get devices and tech support for your employees, wherever they are.

Lease the devices your employees need and get remote support and tech repair services, all for a low monthly fee.

A simple IT solution to keep your business running smoothly.

EverySpace is a lifecycle tech service that can simplify your device management, help keep your costs low, and provide support for your staff wherever they are. 

For a low monthly fee, you can get the latest hardware your employees need, along with Geek Squad Remote Support and Geek Squad Protection+ to help keep their devices up to date and running smoothly.

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Here's what's included

The latest and greatest devices.

Set your employees up for success with the devices they need to stay productive. Choose from a wide selection of laptops, 2-in-1 tablets, or desktops that meet your business's specific needs.

Support when and where you need it.

With Geek Squad Remote Support, our knowledgeable Agents are available 24/7 to help set up your employees' devices or resolve any tech issues. By phone, online chat, or remote access, we can help:

  • Set up monitors and video conferencing
  • Install and repair software
  • Configure virtual connections like Citrix and Windows
  • Connect devices to your router, printer, and other accessories
  • and more

Device protection and repair services.

With Geek Squad Protection+, you’ll get coverage for your device that goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, plus added coverage for physical damage. 

Our Agents will fix your device, covering all parts and labour costs, or replace it if it can’t be fixed.

Add on extra features for a custom IT solution

Tailor each device and service bundle to your specific business needs by adding on extra services and software like:

  • Asset tagging services
  • Console loading and imaging services
  • Pre-loading software services
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard software
  • Bitdefender Antivirus software
  • Google Chrome Enterprise
  • and more
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How EverySpace works

1. Select a main device.

Choose from a selection of laptops, 2-in-1 tablets, and desktops. Each device comes with Geek Squad Remote Support and Geek Squad Protection+.

2. Choose optional add-ons.

Customize your device by adding on software or services like Microsoft 365, asset tagging and imaging, security software, and more.

3. Apply for monthly leasing.

Apply with our financing partner to pay for your devices and services in monthly instalments. Financing available for either 24- or 36-month terms.

4. Order fulfillment.

Best Buy will fulfill your order and deliver the devices right to your employees' doorsteps, or wherever you need them delivered.

What happens at the end of your term?

You can either:

1. Buy out the devices at the end of your lease. If you want continued support for your devices, you can extend your Geek Squad Remote Support.

2. Begin a new term scaling up or down to meet your evolving business needs. We'll refurbish, donate, or recycle your old devices, keeping them in the market and out of landfills for as long as possible.

A few examples of the core devices we offer

Here are just a few of the possible devices you can lease for any need or budget.

For everyday productivity.

Get the right device for everyday productivity, along with Geek Squad Remote Support and Geek Squad Protection+. Starting at $29.99/month*.

For mainstream office work.

Get the right device for mainstream office work, along with Geek Squad Remote Support and Geek Squad Protection+. Starting at $59.99/month*.

For premium power and portability.

Get the right device for power and portability, along with Geek Squad Remote Support and Geek Squad Protection+. Starting at $79.99/month*.

Whatever device or budget you have in mind, we can help.

Our Account Managers will work with you to find a solution that suits your specific needs.

Let's get started

Connect with us and we'll work with you to find the right solution for your business.

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