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Help your family members live safely at home.

Assured Living is a wellness monitoring solution from Best Buy that supports caregivers by letting them know if something is out of the ordinary. You’ll know if your family member needs support, no matter where you are.

Why Assured Living?

Assured Living helps you support your family members with a solution that’s much more than an emergency button.

Choose a solution that meets your family’s needs

You can choose either of the packages below or combine them to create a complete solution.

Wellcam Package

With this package you can easily check in on your family member, stay connected through voice communication, and get alerts.


  • Smartphone app provides a video feed that lets you zoom in when needed and see daily activity highlights
  • 2-way voice communication directly connects you with your family member
  • Video alerts notify you of unexpected movement
  • 3,000 video clips of storage and 3,000 clips/month bandwidth
  • 180 degree camera with 1080p resolution and 6MP zoom that covers a wide area like a kitchen or living room in high definition

Package includes:

  • Smartphone app
  • 1 Wellcam (expandable to up to 4 Wellcams)
  • Wellcam technical support

Wellness Monitoring Package¹

With sensors placed throughout your family member’s home you can stay updated on unexpected activities while they maintain an independent lifestyle.


  • Discrete sensors in the home
  • Smartphone app gives insight on details like sleeping patterns or activity levels
  • Automatic, real-time alerts triggered by inactivity or unexpected activity patterns
  • Add more devices to personalize the solution
  • Geek Squad support on technology purchased at Best Buy or elsewhere

Package includes:2,3

  • Smartphone app
  • 1 control panel (Wi-Fi and cellular connected)
  • 3 door/window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 bed sensor
  • Technical support for all technology in the home

Which package is right for you?

Use this table to determine which solution is right for your family. You can choose either package or put both solutions together.


Expansion options for the Wellness Monitoring Package

You can purchase additional devices to further personalize the Wellness Monitoring Package. We’ll work with you to figure out which products will meet your needs.

What our clients are saying

"Assured Living has given us a lot of comfort and reassurance that Mom is able to stay in the house a lot longer than possible…If it wasn’t for Assured Living, we would’ve been in the dark.“

- Agatha L, Hamilton ON

Let’s get started

Contact us today and we can discuss the Wellcam and Wellness Monitoring packages to determine the right solution for your family.

If you send us an email we’ll respond within 24 hours (business days only).

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