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To go to the end of the world or for a weekend trip nearby, it is important to have the right suitcase. Recent suitcases make traveling easier, and many models can even be expanded to meet your needs. There are also many models of hand luggage that can not only contain your belongings, but also enhance your style. Best Buy offers a wide variety of well-known suitcases such as Swiss Gear, TUMI, Via Rail Canada, Samsonite, Mancini and IT Luggage.

Making a suitcase made to travel

It is true that appearance is important when choosing a suitcase that will stand out in the crowd (after all, finding the suitcase that stands out in a sea of ​​dark colors can be a nightmare). However, these suitcases are more than attractive containers; they must endure being abused and be very durable. Suitcases are generally classified into two categories: rigid or flexible. Rigid cases, made of premium plastics such as ABS or polycarbonate, carbon fiber or aluminum provide excellent protection and stack easily. The fabric lining of soft cases is more malleable so they can be compressed into smaller spaces, and adjust to the shape of their contents to provide extra storage space.

Size and utility go hand in hand

Air transport authorities do not have a universal standard for cabin baggage. Generally, bags that are less than 22 inches can pass, but it is best to consult the airport and regulations of the airline to make sure. Points to remember: if you have trouble lifting your luggage, its place is probably in the hold. The tote bags , sports bags , backpacks , messenger bags and briefcases are perfect to be carried in the cabin, whether in the compartment above your head or under the seat in front of you. Upright luggage from 23 to 27 inches is perfect for frequent travel, business or pleasure trips for a few days. They offer enough space for several clothes, shoes, toiletries and other accessories. Large suitcases larger than 28 "are perfect for families or long trips, as they offer ample storage space thanks to several interior and exterior pockets, as well as space for hangers in the main compartment.

Factors to consider when buying luggage

Planifier un voyage peut être une expérience troublante et chaotique, mais il y a une chose que vous ne devez pas négliger : la franchise des bagages de cabine et des bagages enregistrés. Sachez que les tailles et les poids permis peuvent varier selon la destination finale, les vols en correspondance et les classes de vol, alors vérifiez bien les règlements de votre compagnie aérienne. Les roulettes, souvent 2 ou 4 roulettes multidirectionnelles, sont pratiques lorsque vous courez d’un bout à l’autre d’un aéroport ou lorsque vous manœuvrez dans une file d’attente compacte. Plusieurs accessoires de voyagecan make your life easier, like a clothes bag to protect your clothes or dresses from creases. For added protection and convenience, use a TSA certified lock, which allows airport security personnel to examine your luggage without damaging the lock or luggage. Padded laptop compartments and pockets for electronics accessories and gadgets protect these valuable items from shocks of movement.