Optoma EH503 Projector

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Optoma EH503 Projector


EH503Spectacular image quality, outstanding brightness and ultimate reliability5200 lumens, 1080p ResolutionInstallation flexibility – Lens shift, interchangeable lenses, off-axis short throw optionUltimate Control - Full support for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN commandsPowerful Image Blending Tools - 3-axis color matching system and 10x lamp-power stepsAdvanced features – Wired Remote, Full 3D Support and DICOM simulation

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EH503Spectacular image quality, outstanding brightness and ultimate reliability5200 lumens, 1080p ResolutionInstallation flexibility – Lens shift, interchangeable lenses, off-axis short throw optionUltimate Control - Full support for Crestron, Extron, AMX, PJ-Link and Telnet LAN commandsPowerful Image Blending Tools - 3-axis color matching system and 10x lamp-power stepsAdvanced features – Wired Remote, Full 3D Support and DICOM simulation

The EH503 is a product designed exclusively for demanding professional applications.1080p and 5200 lumens delivers bright crystal clear images with ultimate reliability, while 24/7 operation ensures that this is a projector on whichyou can rely.The dust-sealed, filter free design prevents dust and dirt from affecting the system ensuring optimal image quality with minimal maintenance.Full lens shift combined with the multiple lens options provide installation flexibility for simple, trouble free installations.Image QualitySuperb image quality is at the heart of every ProScene product design. At every step, commencing with the incredibly reliable, highresolution 1080p DLP® chip where the image is initially created, via the UHP lamp pulsing technology that fine tunes the colour toexacting standards, through to the precision optics to focus the image on a screen, accuracy and integrity of the image are paramount.ProScene chose DLP® technology for its image quality and unmatched reliability. The reflective nature of DLP® micro-mirror technologyprovides highly efficient bright images with great contrast whilst maintaining precise colour accuracy and natural, real-world colourreproduction. For demanding professional applications, the proven reliability of DLP® technology makes it the obvious choice.DLP® TechnologyDLP® technology from Texas Instruments® is widely recognized and acclaimed for its unmatched reliability and long lasting imageperformance. When combined with high brightness and native contrast ratios, it becomes the obvious choice for demandingapplications. Independent testing has proven DLP® to be the most reliable of projector technologies. Whilst other technologies mayshow image quality decline after only a few thousand hours, DLP® technology can remain unchanged over hundreds of thousands ofhours.Stunning Image QualityFull HD 1080p technology delivers impeccable image quality associated with the best digital cinema performance around the world.Digital HDMI or DVI signals create a true digital projection system that produces a spectacular High Definition display. Thisunprecedented combination ensures natural, life-like images with crystal clarity.XGA Resolution1080p ResolutionUHP lampsThe 370W UHP lamp provides the highest possible luminance, the essential prerequisite of all highly efficient projectors.These lamps have outstanding brightness, stay brighter for longer, and provide an optimal color spectrum. In addition, the lampdrivers are specifically tuned for the lamps, ensuring not only optimum operating conditions for every situation, but also providesophisticated lamp pulsing modes and the assurance that colour can be fine-tuned according to the application.Clear, focused imagesDarkChip3™ technology from Texas Instruments produces a stunning 2000:1 contrast ratio for pin sharp graphics and crystal cleartext. Crisper whites and ultra-rich blacks make images come alive and text easier to read.2000:1 Contrast RatioAmazing colorsThe EH503 incorporates BrilliantColor™ technology to produce stunningly bright images with perfectly balanced life-like colors.FlexibilityInstallation FlexibilityTo help meet the seemingly limitless challenges of ProAV installations, the EH503 provides multiple lens options with zoom andfocus adjustment to ensure you can get the image size you require, while a wide lens shift range helps you get the image exactlywhere you want it.All 3 optional lenses, including the 0.77:1 short throw lens can use the full lens shift range.Full Lens Shift1080pLens position: centerShift RangeProjectorThrow distance chartEH503 Throw DistanceDiagonal Image Size (16:9)ShortSemi-shortStandardLongExtra-LongFixed (m)Min (m)Max (m)Min (m)Max (m)Min (m)Max (m)Min (m)Max (m)50”0.851.221.441.702.”1.021.461.732.052.562.563.853.986.6470””1.361.952.32.733.423.425.145.318.86100”1.702.442.883.414.274.276.426.6411.07120”2.052.923.454.”2.563.654.325.116.416.419.639.9616.6200”-4.875.766.827.008.5512.8413.2820.00250”-6.097.19--10.6816.0516.620.00300”-7.318.63--12.8219.2619.9220.00FeaturesDICOM simulation modeDesigned specifically for larger meeting rooms and lecture theatres, the EH503 includes a special DICOMsim mode that has beenspecifically tuned for viewing greyscale images, perfect for viewing X-rays and scans during medical training.**The EH503 is not suitable for use in medical diagnosis.3D technologyUsing the inherent speed of DLP® technology, Optoma Full 3D projectors can output video and images at an astonishing rate of 120Hz,allowing you to show full screen, full color, stereoscopic 3D. The 3D effect is generated by splitting this signal into twostandard video streams, one for each eye. Using DLP® Link™ technology, the 3D glasses synchronize with the image on screen tofilter each stream to the correct eye. Your brain then combines the two streams to make them jump into life.The EH503 supports multiple 3D formats from various devices such as PC, Blu-ray 3D™, Sony® PS3, Microsoft® Xbox 360 or 3D TVbroadcast system.Edge Blending ToolsNo two projectors are completely identical. When performing complex, or even simple edge-blend projects using multiple projectors,it can be difficult to achieve good results if the images do not match. The EH503 incorporates the following features to ensurehigh quality and consistent results.Color matchingThe EH503 has a full 3-axis color matching system, which combined with accurate measurements can create seamless blends every time.Brightness matchingThe brightness of a projector will vary throughout its life. To correctly match multiple units, the EH503 has 10x lamp power stepsbetween 80~100% full brightness.WithoutWithWired remoteThe wired remote connection allows all aspects of the projector to be individually controlled without requiring a line-of-sight tothe projector; invaluable when using multiple units during live events.ControlSystem integration controlMultiple EH503 can be monitored over LAN and can also provide the user with an email message alert in case an error occurs or a lampfails or needs to be replaced using Crestron Roomview. The web browser interface and full support for Telnet, Extron’s IP Link, AMXdynamic device discovery and PJ-Link protocols, allow almost all aspects of the EH503 to be controlled across a network, keeping you incontrol, wherever you are.Global monitoring of all AV devicesTrack projector lamp lifeEmail alerts and instant notifications- help desk requests, service reminders, device failure or theftEvent SchedulingUltimate controlCut up to 30% from your energy bills using 24-hour automated power scheduling to ensure that projectors power off when not in use.Download Crestron RoomView® Express for free at www.crestron.com/getroomviewSelected view by rooms, attributes or contactsRoomView Express gives you the ability to simultaneously view more than 250 connected devices from a single screen. CustomizeRoomView to view by room name, locations and group.Display powerCheck on/off status of any projector.Display usageView a bar graph to monitor the percentage of available projector lamp life and set an alert to notify the services department whena replacement lamp should be ordered, before the lamp fails.Schedule eventsRoomView Express makes scheduling of recurring or one-time events easy. Setting RoomView to automatically power down at midnightthroughout the week can save valuable lamp life and ensure security inside the facility.Event logAutomatically generates log files, reports and charts to analyze ROI and budget allocation. Track device usage, call statistics anduser history.GreenWe know that improving our products is the best way to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s why at Optoma, we design ourproducts to have a long u

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