Introducing the Chromebook

The Chromebook is Google’s spectacular laptop creation. Powered by the Google Chrome operating system, this sleek and lightweight laptop runs all your favourite Google apps at blazingly fast speeds. With dual WiFi, it’s even easier to connect to wireless networks, so you can stream, download, send, and share with less interruption. Google “Chromebook” and you may get a search listing for “awesome.”
Powered by Google

Google apps are built right into the Chromebook so you can start doing, playing and sharing right out of the box. Connect using Gmail or Google+ Hangouts. Access your music and movies from Google Play Music and Google Play Movies or create your own home movies using YouTube Video Editor. And the best part is that apps like Google Docs and Offline Gmail help you stay productive even when you’re not connected to a network.

Clouds Aren’t Just for Looking At

Google Drive doesn’t just help you create documents and spreadsheets; it’s also the Chromebook’s online file storage service. All your data is securely saved to the cloud so you always have access to your files from anywhere in the world. You’ll also never have to worry about losing your documents or photos because everything is stored in Google’s highly secure data centers.

Super Secure and Super Speedy

When it comes to the Chromebook, Google is serious about security. This laptop is built on the principle of defense in depth, so you get multiple layers of protection from viruses, malware and other threats. The Chromebook is also designed to be ultra fast. It boots up in seconds, resumes instantly and won’t slow down over time.

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